Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Looking for distractions

Big red tomato, more to come soon
I am trying to distract myself from the news, which just continues to upset me whenever I turn it on, or get a notice on my iPhone. It's hard for me to disconnect, but for my own sanity I need to. So, let's turn instead to the wonderful things happening in my neck of the woods, shall we?

First of all, I'm beginning to get fabulous tomatoes out of my garden. As I've said before, my little cherry tomatoes don't get much of a chance to even get all the way ripe, because I munch on them while watering and weeding. But look at that pretty red tomato! I just picked it yesterday and put it in the window so it might get a little riper, but it's not going to last long. Like tonight for dinner, even. I can hardly wait to bite into it, knowing I have plenty more to come.

And our air is finally clear again, with perfect temperatures and a delightful hike in the future, although I don't know where we will go or who will lead it. Al is bowing out for at least another week, and I'm not willing to step up, hoping that someone else will. I'll be there on Thursday, though, since the temperatures should be around 70°F (20C) with partly cloudy skies. We are back to our normally scheduled weather, and it sure feels good to me!

It's easy to concentrate on bad news, but it's also not necessary. I've got plenty of good books to read (right now I'm reading three, all of which make me smile), lots to watch on Netflix or Amazon (which also don't have commercials or politics unless I choose to, which I don't). Here's where SG was yesterday, admiring the view from our front porch.

A cup of tea with a view


  1. Positive distractions are sometimes an essential. I love yours and hope that Thursday's hike is WONDERFUL. Cyber hugs dear friend.

  2. A beautiful view it is!
    I should stop watching CNN as well, my favorite tv channel for the last 6, 7 months.

    I should be paying attention to what is happening in my own country. Less stressful.
    : )

  3. I agree that distractions are necessary. We do tend to watch the news, mainly for the weather and the local traffic.

    Your tomatoes look wonderful. Enjoy them! (and your cool weather)

  4. What superb tomatoes, your garden is a real credit to you !
    A lovely view I might add, the news not so much ....
    I'm choosing to ignore.

  5. I have not been watching the news for about 2 weeks too busy. Your tomatoes look great!! You are one heck of a gardener! Good to see SG :)

  6. Yummy! My tomatoes are a ways from ripe yet. Enjoy!

    Sending hugs your way, Jan!

  7. Hi DJan, I just can't stop thinking about what I want to do in response. One answer is to re-start my blog in the hope I can be part of the solution. So glad to be back in the blogosphere.

  8. After a week off from the news, we are back into following it, but not too intensely. My opinion of our president was formed months ago, and he just keeps reinforcing it. We will over come this.
    Our tomatoes are ripening too! We're had vine ripened tomatoes in our salads for several days now.

  9. Right now we need powerful distractions to be distracted. Just when you think something couldn't be worse it gets worse.

  10. Yes, it's beyond unbelievable north of the border here!

  11. I keep myself basically informed, but them move on quickly and keep busy. Your harvest will be a good one. Nice to see Smart Guy! :)

  12. Djan,
    I need a distraction but can't seem to pull away. Maybe I should have planted tomatoes this year. Those cherry ones are just made for snacking. So glad at least you are getting clean air. Maybe a leader by committee?

  13. What a beautiful tomato! Just looking at it made my mouth water and now I'm craving a BLT with a homegrown tomato.

    The news is so utterly insane that I just peek in and out while online. And I'm cherry-picking (yes, pun intended) what I read in the morning paper.

  14. I am not into raw tomatoes but David is. I like mine cooked. Lol

  15. Oh, you're making me regret not planting any tomatoes this year ...

  16. Oh yum....I prefer my tomatoes on the 'green' side of ripening. Give me a salt shaker [I know, bad for me], and I'm all juice from the chin down the front of my blouse.

    You say your air is clear now...from the fires in Canada I assume? This has been a horrendous year.

    I too am very disappointed in the violence and toppling of the Civil War Statues....but, I take a bit of solace in knowing that our country's history can't be erased, even if someone decides to start burning books. Y'know? I think I can read between the lines here...it's not just the VA violence you're disheartened with, right?

    Enjoy your hike today D J


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