Saturday, August 19, 2017

Delightful Saturday morning

Roslyn of Rabbit Fields Farm
This lovely Saturday morning, Lily and I met the ladies for our usual walk, this time around five-ish miles at our usual brisk pace. Afterwards, Lily and I went to the Farmers' Market and I saw Roslyn of Rabbit Fields Farm wearing a dress, for a change. I saw her tattoo and asked if I could take a picture of it. She told me it goes all the way down to her waist, but I was fascinating by the part of it I could see. What an interesting design to choose to wear for the rest of your life, especially if you are a dedicated certified organic farmer. I've been buying produce from her for ages.
Atelier Soo creations
And for something completely different, take a look at this beautiful buttercream decorated cake! Who could possibly bring themselves to eat a piece of it? And the artist has created several others, which are available for you to admire here. There are a total of ten for you to enjoy at the link.

The sun is out, the clouds are gone, and the tomatoes in my garden are basking in the glorious warmth. I'm inside now, after a fine morning with some of my favorite pastimes and people. I'm hosting a wine party this afternoon on my front porch, so I'd better get out there and sweep it clean of flower petals. I hope your day is as delightful as mine is shaping up to be!


  1. That cake is gorgeous. Have a fine party today.

  2. That has been a wonderful Saturday! Enjoy your party.

  3. A thistle is a thing of beauty too. Love the cakes, particularly the cup cakes. Have a wonderful weekend - and enjoy wine o'clock with your friends.

  4. What an incredible tattoo. It must have taken several sessions to complete?

    Wow! What gorgeous cakes! Too pretty to cut! Works of art!

  5. That cake is AMAZING! Way too pretty to eat. Enjoy your wine party and know that I'm lifting a glass in your honor as I type.

  6. What incredible cakes! Hope they're as good to eat as they look!

  7. I'll be posting later about our trip to the Puyallup farmers market, followed by walking a few miles on the
    Soos Creek trail. Our days sound similar, except I had beer with my dinner instead of throwing a wine party. :-)

  8. It seems Farmer's markets bring out some of the most creative people.

  9. Thistle, it must have some significance for her. I winced at how painful it must have been :(
    That cake is ever so beautiful and so were the other ones on the link! They are real floral artists!! I would love to watch them work! :)

  10. That cake is so pretty! I wouldn't want to eat it either.

  11. If that cake only tastes half as good as it looks----.
    Wine party sounds like a great way to wind down a day.

  12. A thistle tattoo--perfect.
    That cake--OMG! How could you cut it--let alone bite into it! Gorgeous!
    Enjoy your wine party!! :)

  13. I have a small tattoo that I had done for my 50th birthday. I would NEVER do a whole 'body' one tho. My goodness.

    That cake? Wow!!!!!


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