Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hannegan Pass 2017

Senior Trailblazers on Hannegan Pass
Twelve of us went up to Hannegan Pass today, and we started toward the summit, Hannegan Peak. It was the right kind of day for a hike that makes you spend much of it in full sun: cloudy and cool, with promises of more sun to come. I have suffered on this hike more than once because of heat and lots of uphill, but today it seemed perfect at the start. We were full of vim and vigor.
Trail in a shaded section, heading upward
There are many rocky segments on this hike, which we just romped over on the way up, and grumbled about on the way back down, much later. This pretty section was just delightful, however.
Maple leaves beginning to turn already
As we climbed higher, we saw the clouds beginning to leave the mountain tops, with some signs of fall's ascent with the turning leaves and many of the flowers already spent. But there were still many flowers to enjoy.
Still wonderful flowers, and some blue skies, too
As we climbed higher, some of us had not even stopped for lunch, but the rest of us followed after a quick snack, and the views just kept getting better and better. Although we were spread out, Bob, our erstwhile leader, kept track of everybody, and we simply enjoyed the day to the max.
Ruth Mountain almost out from behind the clouds
The clouds came and went, but basically we had some of the best views of the surrounding mountains, partly because the clouds gave them lots of interest, not to mention keeping us cool and still enjoying one of the finest places on earth.
Bob snacking on some blueberries
The wild blueberries were incredible today, and we did spend some time stopping to eat them. I am amazed at how different they taste from cultivated ones: a little like a tiny shot of delight, each one more flavorful than the last (which makes it hard to stop).
Turning around and starting back
Isn't it beautiful? Although we didn't make it to the summit today, three of our group did go farther than the rest of us because they skipped lunch. While we were heading a little farther up, they finally sat down and enjoyed a quick lunch.
Frank, Halina, and Rick having a little lunch
Here they are, with the summit in full view behind them. It's the little hump in the middle of that cloud bank. They made it up much higher than the rest of us, but they finally had to turn around because of the time limits we had set. In any event, all of us got home much later than usual because of the long hike and the fine day.
Heading back down the valley
As you can see, the clouds never really cleared off completely, but I didn't mind a bit. I was tired and sore as we made our way back to the trailhead. We covered ten miles, maybe a bit more, and 2,800 feet of elevation gain and loss. That's a very complete day, wouldn't you say? I am now finishing my glass of wine and enjoying immensely the feeling of being so well exercised, having spent time with some of the best people in the whole world!


  1. It sounds and it looks like an incredible day. How about wild animals? Have you seen any?

  2. Wow. What a day you had. 10 miles is a lot of hiking for one day. You should sleep very well tonight.

  3. Incredible views! What a wonderful place to live! No wonder you chose that area, Jan. It offers such beautiful trails for those who have the adventurous spirit! You must have been tired but basking in the natural glow of such an adventure!

  4. What a beautiful mountain landscape! You would feel well-exercised after a hike like that.

  5. What gorgeous views, I couldn't possibly negotiate those slopes :)
    Yes, fall colors are being to appear, I see the changes daily.
    Thank you for taking us on your wonderful journey, you certainly are a wonder woman !

  6. What a pretty hike! I really enjoyed seeing the Fireweed and that one photo is just perfect. flowers trees mountains and cloud...just perfect! :)

  7. Ten miles and 2800 elevation is a tough hike. Very few people could walk ten miles a day let alone up hill. so you know you are in great health and condition to achieve this.

  8. Gorgeous pics! Especially loved #4 and #6! When I enlarged them, I felt like I was there... thanks, DJan.

    1. counted wrong, #5 and #7 were my favorites although all were wonderful.

  9. That picture at your turn around point is just stunning. Well done. Glad the bears are leaving you some of the blue berries. What a delightful day you had.

  10. A beautiful hike! And ten miles and that much elevation gain is a LOT for an "elderly" lady! Well done, again!

  11. Nothing better than being in the mountains on a summer's day. Glad you had some cool weather for your hike.


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