Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days I remember experiencing for months now. It was cool in the morning, and I scraped frost off the car windshield as I headed down to see opening day of the Bellingham Farmers' Market, celebrating twenty years in existence. The old favorite stalls were gearing up for the annual Cabbage Toss to open the season, and this year we were also treated to a parade.
A bluegrass band was on a tractor-drawn buggy and, not far behind, you can see a young lady carrying the Ceremonial Cabbage. Each year the town mayor throws a cabbage to a youngster to herald the beginning of our Saturday market. It starts on the first Saturday in April and ends on the last Saturday before Christmas. This gives the vendors a three-month break, which I am pretty sure they all need by the time the chilly winter season rolls around.
I had never before seen the cabbage brought in on a pillow like this, but it added a fair amount of whimsy to the festivities. This past election season, Bellingham voted in its first woman mayor, and I wanted to be sure to get a picture of her throwing the cabbage. I ALMOST got it perfectly; you can't tell it from here, but the cabbage has left her hands and was being tossed into the waiting hands of the young lady. My camera didn't give me another chance, because by the time it was ready to take another picture, the moment was gone.
Mayor Linville successfully underhanded her throw to the girl, and the Market bell began to ring enthusiastically. At that point I could buy some veggies and dash into our car so that Smart Guy and I could make the 75-mile drive south to Snohomish. I made my first skydives of 2012 yesterday, too, and although I packed after the first jump, I asked him if he would pack after the second one.
Here I am getting geared up for my first jump of the day with Kevin, one of my fellow skydivers in the air with me yesterday. Although I was pretty nervous after a five-month-long layoff, everything went perfectly before we headed home around 4:00pm. My friend Linny intended to stay until sunset, but that's her style. In the summertime she has made as many as seven in one day, whereas I only did that when I was much younger.

I wrote about about the skydiving part of the day on my other blog this morning, where there's a picture of me landing after this jump. It was cold, but not brutally so, and the sunshine warmed us and lifted our spirits as the day wore on. Today I'm a bit tired, but the sunshine is calling me to go outside and take pictures of the incredible profusion of flowers blooming everywhere.

This wonderful day of renewal and reflection is already very satisfying, and we will have a salmon dinner compliments of my fisherman friend Gene, as well as a nice walk in the sunshine. One thing I've noticed about having such a rainy March, every little bit of sunshine makes me smile. I am wishing that all of my dear blogging friends will have a day that fills you with hope for the future and joy for the opportunity to be sharing our lives.


  1. booyah...nice jump djan...glad that went well...and a royal cabbage, interesting...smiles...sounds fun though...happy easter to you!

  2. There's a Farmer's Market about a block from where I live. It started in January (every Monday afternoon), I think, but I have never been to it. One of these days, I'll make the trek... after Maria picks up Rylan, and before I fix dinner!

  3. I want to move to Bellingham. Seriously. You've got a nice Farmer's Market, Blue Grass, beautiful country, and a woman mayor. Who could ask for anything more.
    Oh yes, and sensible politics.

    btw, you look so cute in your jump suit.

  4. What a refreshing post. Just delightful. I wish for you another wonderful season of skydiving.

  5. Awesome way to start a farmer's market season.
    You are a perfect example of what all seniors should try to do. Keep active and challenge yourself.
    Have a grat and wonderful day.

  6. glad you had a great return to skydiving! and the cabbage toss sounds absolutely fun!

  7. Cabbage toss and skydiving, looks like all sorts of aerial activity yesterday. You have made me a little jealous DJan, our Farmers' Market doesn't open until May 1st. I can hardly wait for some truly fresh veggies.

  8. What an amazing mixture. Going from cabbage tossing, to Farmer's Markets to sky dives. I am so happy that you had a day full of magic.

  9. What a great tradition with the cabbage. And that market: I'm on my way. Now I have to read about your jump.

    Happy Easter!!

  10. Happy Easter DJan! I know how you love the Farmers Market for your I am glad it I like seeing all the flowers they have! And just had a perfect day!!:)

  11. I love the cabbage tossing!
    Today was an even warmer and more beautiful day here in the PNW. What an amazing day for Easter Sunday!

  12. I still can't get over the fact that you do jump from a plane! never cease to amaze me with your full life!!! And the farmer's market [other than scraping ice off a windshield...ewww, parish the thought!] ---I was just talking to Bud about OUR farmer's market here, wondering when it will open for the season. Now you reminded me to go online to check OUR opening date.

    A cabbage on a purple pillow...a ceremonial cabbage at that....well, wonders never cease.

  13. Gee, you can go buy fresh veggies and most of this area is once again covered with a fress mass of snow - however it's April and will melt quickly.
    OK - so a Royal Cabbage Toss carried on a pillow is so neat and nice to hear about the Mayor - if she is even a tad like you Bellingham will flourish under her reign.
    Nice pic ltl skydiver. Gotta go take a peek at your landing. Happy skydiving season DJan n take care.

  14. What a great way to spend the day (though I'd prefer to keep both feet on the ground, myself). I love the idea of the tossed cabbage and yes, it's clear that it has indeed left her hands. Fine shot.

  15. I love the idea of a ceremonial cabbage. What a great idea. I bet you're like me and love when the familiar things, like the street market, start up again. All these little rituals come together to make life perfect, don't they and if the sun shines too, well that makes for a big smile.
    Unfortunately, our weather has turned rainy so we've had wind, rain and cold all over the holiday. Today is Easter Monday and a Bank Holiday in England so the workers don't go back til tomorrow.
    I'm glad you survived your first sky dive of 2012.

  16. what a wonderful day you had!
    I love the cabbage on its purple pillow and the toss from the mayor

    and then you jumped into the sky!!

  17. To come here is always a pleasure. You write so well, and I feel the happiness in your "voice" as I read this blog. Such a treat, Jan.
    I am glad that you had such a beautiful day, and I thank you for sharing the joy of it with us.
    Hugs and smiles to you, my friend.

  18. I have just seen your photo in the March comp on something 'Green'. It reminded me so much of the Summer Palace in Beijing that I had to get in touch to see if I was right as I have a photo that looks almost identical and almost submitted it to the competition!

  19. What an active life you have chosen. If only I had better vision!
    Everything you describe is so full of colour and action.


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