Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another photo safari

Yesterday morning on our walk twice around Lake Padden, the lake was as still as I've ever seen it. (Don't forget that you can enlarge these pictures to get the full effect.) And you can see that it wasn't raining, although it rained all the previous night and started up again just as we finished our walk. Whatever the reason that I've been so fortunate to be catching only a few raindrops, I'll take it! You can also see that there is no sunshine, but I'm used to that. One person was grumbling about the fact that it was the last day of March and here we were, all bundled up, hats and gloves and rain gear, with no end to the gloomy weather in sight.
Towards the end of our walk, we spied this cute little face that someone had created (affixing the eyes above the "nose"), and we added a bit of hair to complete the whimsical creature that will cause a few people who walk around the lake to smile, I'm sure. You had to be looking up at just the right moment to see it; we missed it the first time around. A few of us decided to head to the Avenue Bread coffee shop in Fairhaven to warm up a bit after the walk, and we had to walk around this determined but very lovely dog who wouldn't take his eyes off the door.
I learned from a nearby patron that the dog (and his owner) are regulars at the coffee shop. This is a familiar scene to many Fairhaven coffee drinkers. He's awfully pretty, too. (He might be a she, I didn't actually take note, but the devotion is unmistakeable.) And, of course I have to add in the photo safari a picture taken at MY local coffee shop (Avellino's in downtown Bellingham) of Leo and his dad Robert. It's interesting to see that their expression is exactly the same; only a few decades separate one from the other.
When Leo looks at pictures of himself, he tells me the story of each t-shirt he's wearing. I am always happy to get to spend time with him, since our visits are now interrupted by preschool. Dad brings him most mornings to the coffee shop to give Mom a break and for Leo to have breakfast. His current project is to move away from diapers. Now that he is in preschool it's not much fun (according to Leo) to wear them and he's anxious to be a big boy now.

Last week when I began these photo safaris, I was surprised by how many of my readers seem to enjoy them as much as I do, so it might become a weekly or biweekly event. I took this picture last Thursday and I couldn't work it into my post about the hike. It was so nice to hear the crashing of the waves on the beach as we walked close by; we planned to walk along the beach on the way back, but it was raining too hard by then to be very inviting.
I was a little morose this morning as I wrote my morning's blog post for Eye on the Edge, so this post gives me a chance to be more upbeat, talking about my pictures and my beautiful home town. It's true that I do get a little depressed by current events, but the beauty that surrounds me is always uplifting. One person sent me a private email and relayed to me that she wakes up and names five things to be thankful for. I think it's a great idea and if I had done that, my post would have taken on a much different flavor. I'll start tomorrow morning, right when I wake up. Thank you, PK!


  1. that reflection shot is gorgeous! and i love the devotion in that sweet pup's face! i couldn't stand to leave him waiting outside...

  2. Yes, yes, you must keep doing these.

    I was interested in Leo & his potty training. These days it seems parents are letting the child decide when it's time to give up diapers. That's what our kids did with Caleb. I began to wonder if he would be wearing diapers in high school, & then one day he decided no more diapers and that was the end of that. Something to be said for not having to go through the struggles of potty training.

  3. smiles...the stories of the t shirts...that is awesome...smiles...and love that face too on the tree...

  4. We walked around that Lake Padden a lot when our daughter attended and lived in B--ham as she always refers to that beautiful town and outstanding university..we loved the town, but to be truthful the rain would depress me to much..I am not like you getting out each day in rain, snow and ice..Here in the 'couv Vancouver it has rained so much in March it broke all records and we are considering retiring to Colorado a state that to me is dry and has little moisture and wonderful people and places to hike, bike and walk each day of the year..but we found out it is more expensive than here and we don't want to start over in our middle sixties at all. So when they tell on the tv of wildfires in Jefferson county we just sigh and think of the times we hiked and biked and walked all over Jefferson county and all over colorful colorado and call it a day..Keep your spirits up with light and get out and see that sweet little fellow and his daddy and be uplifted! I read your blog daily and you certainly uplift me a lot..take and be so happy, B--ham is a unique unusual place to live just as we are sure in our home Boulder was for you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Awesome first photo for your safari. It looks like the Safari will be a hit. It's good that you can develop a relationship with people in places like coffee shops.

  6. A regular photo safari is a good idea. It's wonderful to see what you do, beyond your hikes. I love the reflection with its lovely foggy mist. That dog is gorgeous and wee Leo just adorable. And I'd love to happen upon that character face in the tree like you did. I'm just glad you shared it. Fun post, DJan.

  7. Glad you went on your photo safari, DJan! I really love that first shot, and it reminded me of a shot of Round Lake that I took last summer. Then it made me miss my hiking/walking buddy, Kailyn!

    I think I might have hiked around Padden lake a couple summers ago . . . is it on the other side of the freeway from WWU? Maybe I'm thinking of somewhere else. It was very pretty.

    I've been waiting for sun to take a few shots of my daffodils, but maybe I'll just go do that right now!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Wonderful weather for a hike...wish I had your stamina. PK

  9. That photo of the reflection with the mist is gorgeous--even more amazing enlarged. :)

    The dog devotion is priceless. And son and father--yes--so similar. I love your photo safaris! Please continue them. Traveling anywhere with you is always fun. I love that you added hair to tree google-eyes. ;)

  10. You should have that reflection photo enlarged and hang it on your wall. Such beautiful art! I don't think I have ever seen such a reflection on a body of water in Hawaii.

  11. I haven't read Eye yet today. I'm behind and have to catch up! But I got out for a walk this afternoon when the rain stopped and the sun came out. The sun does wonders for me, but so does just getting outside and moving and looking around at whats blooming and growing. I like your camera safaris. It gives me something different to look at! And that first photo is wonderful!

  12. Good Morning -
    That first reflection shot is spectacular and I did enlarge it to take in the true beauty.
    Aah, I am taken with the faithful dog looking through the glass door in your coffee shop.
    Your posts go from fresh air n nature's beauty to faces on trees, to loyal pets, kiddies, Dads and rain on beach. The 5 thankful things sound like a nice wakeup. I am going to try that tomorrow morning.
    Have a great day DJan and take care, eh :)

  13. That's my philosophy...being positive...thing is I'm positive sometimes that the world needs help and positive that it won't be fixed overnight if ever.

    Now I must say that dog at the door is bittersweet. I think the coffeeshop owners should allow it indoors. But that's my opinion.

    And the art work on the tree is hysterical and fun.

    Oh that lake...beautiful. Picture post card beautiful.

    And yep...I see the same resemblance in their expressions.

  14. March 31 is always a sad day for me. It was supposed to be my Wedding day. But now it marks the anniversary of my Mom's funeral. 12 years ago. Now I'm being morose. Sorry! Yes, I suppose my last post is a kind of neighborhood photo safari.

  15. There is beauty in everything, isn't there?? Loved these pictures--you sure know your way around a lens, my friend!!

    Another warm day here...90 before it's over, then a little cool down that is (hopefully) going to include some rain...

    Hiking alongside you is so much fun--even if it's only in dreams...

  16. I love these photos!
    you're a really good photographer, I've told you so on many a hike post

    Leo is adorable, so his Dad actually
    Hope is potty training as well and has finally stopped resisting since she now likes "real underwear" better than diapers

  17. Oh my gosh! I love that first shot- it is just gorgeous!!!

  18. Loved your have no idea how much pleasure I get from them. The lake looks smooth as glass...absolutely gorgeous. If I didn't have all of my family here I would love to live out there in pretty. Thanks for the safari!

  19. Great variety of photos..all interesting tidbits. The scenery is beautiful even though it is a bit dreary. You have captured faithfulness, and two smiles..three counting the tree art..and a great beach photo..great safari!:)

  20. I love these photos, especially the first one, and that yearning dog. I can tell how much fun you're having taking these pictures.

  21. Interesting post. Especially enjoyed the dog photo. And have heard the little boy and little girl stories many times as our kids made the transition from "cloth" diapers to regular underpants.

  22. I personally love your picture tours girl any the photography is excellent.

    Loved the same expression on father and son's face and that shirt story is just priceless.

    God bless ya and have a super great day sweetie!!! :o)


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