Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A wonderful Valentine's Day

Closeup of a beautiful arrangement
I took this picture last Friday at the Flower Show. It's a closeup of one of the arrangements I put on Friday's post. The roses, the colors, everything makes me think of today's romantic theme. Do you know about the history of St. Valentine? Well, it turns out there is more than one of them. I found the Wikipedia entry quite illuminating. Even if it is a made-up holiday or commemoration, it's important to have at least ONE holiday that celebrates romantic love. My thoughts anyway.

I just walked in the door from seeing a movie with my faithful movie companion Judy. We have attempted to see as many of the nominated performances as possible of the Oscar competition, and today we went to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, a remake of a John LeCarré novel set in the 1970s, at the height of the Cold War. Gary Oldman has been nominated for Best Actor for his performance. The only performance we haven't seen is Demián Bichir for A Better Life (it hasn't been around for us to see anyway), and we chose not to see Rooney Mara in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, because we loved the original Swedish version so much. I think we are all set for the Oscars now.

My favorites for winning are simply what I enjoyed so much: I think The Artist deserves Best Picture, or a second best would be Moneyball with Brad Pitt. He was so good in that movie! And Meryl Streep deserves Best Actress, and Brad Pitt Best Actor. But I think it's really a tossup between Meryl and Viola Davis, and between George Clooney and Jean Dujardin for Best Actor. We'll see how well my prognostications hold up in a few weeks!

 I do hope you have a very chocolate Valentine's Day. I know I did!


  1. Coming from "St. Valentines" there is also a religious aspect. I've forgotten it so you've given me some homework.
    Hope you had a great and wonderful day!

  2. I haven't seen any of those movies, so I am completely out of the loop. Lol. I didn't get any chocolates today, as hubby and I don't exchange gifts on Valentine's Day. Sounds like you had a nice one.

  3. Thanks for the reviews..we will wait til they are on DVD or maybe on the TV. I saw interviews with Glenn Close and Meryl Streep..both ladies are wonderful.
    I watched the Grammys mostly in between naps on Sunday night..I do not know many of the artists although I enjoyed the Beach Boys..but Sir Paul not so much:(

  4. Your pictures from the flower show are just gorgeous. Your new camera really does a great job. Of course I think you also have a great eye.
    I am not much on movies, love to read and my Kindle is just the greatest for that.

  5. hmmm you are better than i have seen few of the movies...i did see red tails this weekend which is good story telling, more like old war movies brought forward....and happy valentines day djan

  6. As you might already know, I have different favorites in the nominated movies. I haven't seen them all yet. I might skip War Horse, but I do want to see Iron Lady with Meryl.
    I saw The Help quite a while ago, On Comcast TV. but I liked that it stayed so true to the book, which I loved. Dragon Tattoo also was very true to the book, and we really liked it too.
    It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but The Help, Incredibly Loud, and Hugo are right up there. Of course they won't win, but it was nice to have lots of good movies this year.
    And yes, it was quite chocolaty, thank you.

  7. I haven't seen any of the movies so will take your word for it. I am really happy that you had a love and chocolate filled Valentine's Day.

  8. As usual we've seen almost none of the movies, but we did see The Help and the American Dragon Tattoo. I loved Rooney Mara as Lisbeth; the rest was a tossup with the Swedish version, I thought. But I think Streep is the favorite, with a possible challenge from Davis. I really just watch the Oscars to see the gowns anyway! Cheap shallow entertainment!

  9. Good luck with the Oscars. I think you made some very good choices. I haven't seen the Artist yet, but I have seen clips and it looks excellent. I watched the Baftas the other night and enjoyed the show and the results. I was disappointed that Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy didn't get many awards, but it was eclipsed by The Artist. That sort of thing does happen. It's a shame, but there can only be one winner.

  10. I haven't seen any of them either except for the Help and that's cause it is already on DVD. It is so much more fun to watch the Oscars when you've seen all the movies, but what usually happens with me is that I decide from the Oscars which movies to go see for sure.

  11. Isn't that movie, the one with Tom Hanks and the subject 911 up for movie of the year? Maybe not as I've seen none of them at all this year [so sad that I haven't as I consider myself a movie buff]-----oh well.

    Anyway, if it is I predict that to be movie of the year.

    I would love to have seen Tinker. Tailor Spy....I bet it was excellent. I've tried to find that particular book the movie was based on at the used book store, but yet to find it. I'll keep looking.

    [It was only here for one week!]

  12. Dear DJan,
    I haven't seen any of the nominated films or actors yet. But I hope to remedy that lack. I'm always rooting for Meryl Streep! Thanks for sharing with us how you'd vote.


  13. The flowers are beautiful and do look very romantic. :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing all these movies when they come out on DVD. You and Judy are lucky to be able to see them...and in a real movie theater, too!
    Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

  14. I would be a terrible judge since I've only seen the Descendents and I happen to love George Clooney. Looks like The Artist is a favorite though.

    Those are certainly lovely flowers! Happy belated Valentines, DJan!

  15. I've only seen The Help out of all the movies mentioned...I did enjoy it. I'd read the book and loved that too.

    Meryl Streep is an amazing actress!

    Btw, lovely photo!

  16. I only remembered it was Valentine's Day in time to prepare something on that theme for my English students (who don't get what the big deal is, V-Day isn't much in Spain!)! :p

    I haven't seen Tinker, Tailor... yet, its schedule makes it hard to pin down but I definitely intent to this week because I too try to catch as many of the nominated performances before the Oscars! Hugo comes out here on Friday, so I'll also be rushing to see it before Sunday night! ;o)

    From what I've seen so far my money is on The Artist for Movie, Director and Actor, but I would be just as happy to see Moneyball and Brad Pitt winning. Ditto Clooney, but not The Descendants for movie please (I enjoyed it, but don't think it's "best").


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