Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How times have changed

Snagged from InStyle
After I watched the Oscars, I was happy that Meryl won, finally, and I really enjoyed all the dresses and jewels that dripped from all those celebrities. But then I wondered if Jane Fonda had attended, since I didn't see any pictures of her, so I googled "Jane Fonda Oscars 2012" and the link from InStyle (under the picture) came up. Here are Jane and Gwyneth Paltrow at the Vanity Fair after party.

Just look at Jane! Did you know she is 74? And in love, it seems. I used to follow her blog but gave up on it, since I think she began to let someone else write it for her. It took a distinct change in tone one day and I realized I wasn't really all that interested in hearing what she (or whoever) had to say any longer. Nevertheless, she's a very fascinating person, and I read every word on her Wikipedia page. Since I will turn 70 this year, I'm look for mentors. Many of the blogs that I currently follow are written by women who are around my age or older, and I love thinking about what might be next in my own life.

The title of this post was born out of an event that happened to me this morning. I was walking to the coffee shop after my morning workout (my schedule on Tuesdays has me getting a bun workout that would make Jane proud) when I saw a man coming toward me, obviously engaged in a conversation. But there was nobody around him and at first I thought perhaps he had an invisible friend. He was gesticulating wildly, shadowboxing with the air, and I decided to give him a wide berth. It wasn't until I saw the bluetooth in his ear that I relaxed. Oh: he's having a conversation on the phone, with no visible phone OR recipient in sight. How times have changed.

In days gone by, someone acting like he was would have been hauled off to the loony bin. That made me wonder about people who are actually a bit on the unhinged side: do people see them on the street and assume they are talking on the phone? Yep, our assumptions can no longer be so cut and dried.

Another way that times have changed is that a hundred years ago, or even fifty, nobody who is the age that Jane Fonda is could have looked like that. I read that she has had plastic surgery on her chin, neck and eyes. Since she just wrote a book about aging, she didn't feel she could deny that she's had "work" done. And she continues to work out, but with an artificial knee AND hip, she probably isn't doing a lot of the stuff that's in her old exercise videos. That new book came out last year, called "Prime Time" about many aspects of getting older. I read her 2005 autobiography and enjoyed it, so I will give this book a chance once it comes out in paperback.

Another way that my own personal times have changed is that as I grow older and notice that the signs of aging are taking a distinct turn towards letting gravity have its way with me. Bags under my eyes, sagging skin in places I didn't even realize COULD sag, and a need to get more sleep at night... all these things make me realize that the trajectory is only heading one way. It's normal, I tell myself as I flap the skin under my arms around, or try to find a more flattering way to cover my neck. Just as an aside, I read a wonderful book a few years ago by Nora Ephron, "I Feel Bad About My Neck," which is available on that link from Amazon. A very good read. Maybe I should go back and read it again. As I remember, I laughed repeatedly at some of her observations.

I just remembered that I need to get some bird seed for my wild birdies before the storm hits that is heading our way. I'll go ahead and wrap this up now so that those little cuties will have something to nibble on in the morning.


  1. that photo of jane makes her look fake. too perfect. too tight. bring on some real... flappy arm wings and all...

  2. Ages ago I had the Jane Fonda workout and actually did it a few times...Loved Nora Ephron's book. Did you read another one of her treasures - I Remember Nothing.

  3. it is pretty crazy what some do to stay looking young...i hope that i grow older gracefully and accept those changes as they come...it is pretty funny to watch someone on blue tooth at times...lol

  4. It has started to rain in the last hour or so. I think they're predicting 2inches of snow. Wait and see I guess. I've just fed my feathered babies and have humming bird nectar cooling to freshen their their feeder.

    Carol Burnett & Joan Rivers look awful. Carl Burnet's had so many surgeries she can barely stretch her mouth to smile.

  5. 74? No way! That is just amazing! Wow! Even with work done, she looks fantastic.

    I actually really dislike it when people talk loudly with that Blue tooth on out in public. Sometimes, I think they're talking to me and it throws me for a loop.

  6. This was my favorite Oscars show ever! I really enjoyed it. The humor was a little more sophisticated than usual and the featured stars were all my favorites. And, I too, am happy that Meryl won.

    However, I was unhappy that "The Artist" took away so many awards. Here, I was not sophisticated. I love the movies and I get lost in the good ones, and this can't happen for me without sound.

    I'm also a big Jane Fonda fan. Remember when there was no such thing as jogging? I used to do her early workouts religiously when I was young. For someone who is so totally against plastic surgery, me, I somehow find it acceptable for those in the industry. I mean, after all, that is how they make their living -- on their looks. And I love having them on pedestals as someone to look up to much as a fairy princess. Inside, I know this is wrong but regardless I love the glamour and sophistication just as I love the movies!

  7. I bet if you saw Jane in person, she'd be scary looking.
    No matter what Wallis Simpson said, it is possible to be too thin.

  8. Hi DJan - Interesting how you wrote such a great article about Jane. Yes, I think she looks tooooo great for her age, and yes, she has had MAJOR plastic surgery done. I think you flatter her a little too much. Now, I compare Jane to DJan and personally, I would pick the latter myself. You are the real deal kiddo. You are the one that deserves flattery - you're the real thing and Jane should be flattering you. Not saying anything bad here, but like TexWisGirl stated "too perfect", "look fake". I took a photo of my Mom at age 89 and brushed it to perfection with my cute tools on digital studio and I gotta tell you, she looked even greater than dear Jane for her age; so, my tools brushed away all the wrinkles, turkey throat, age spots n all - haha
    I am really happy that Meryl did well - she's quite an actress and it sure felt great to see her win.
    I was at the grocery store one day and this lady is walking towards me flapping her arms and talking excitedly and I kinda look around and think "Is she talking to me??" No, she was having a grand conversation with someone with her BT attached to her ear. Sure is funny to watch people in conversation sometimes - like they are oblivious to everyone around them, except the person they are talking to :)
    Have a great day and cwys :)

  9. We do seem to be on the same wave length today! I too read & enjoyed Nora Ephrons book. Take care - Kimberly

  10. I cannot stand Jane Fonda after Vietnam and what she did there...she is a hag..and she would look like one without all the surgeries. I saw her on TV recently..I turned the channel:)

  11. Jane helped to end Vietnam. That alone puts her high on my list.

  12. Jane has had a lot of work done to look good and younger. I guess I have forgiven her for your youthful remarks. I don't think she realized they were leading her around by the nose for publicity. We all do dumb things when we are young, just not so publicly. I feel badly for her because her mother was locked away in the looney bin and killed herself when she was like 12. That has to have effected her.

    Anyways, Meryl is really good and hasn't won for 29 years, so I was okay with her getting the oscar. Like I said, I haven't seen many of the movies that were nominated. I enjoyed the funny skits with Billy and the interview remarks they did this year. Was pretty good. The women had a lot of the old hollywood type glamour I thought...more understated, sleek, jeweled tastefully, no crazy hairstyles.

    I still can't get used to people striking up conversations behind you in the store like they do. Startles me every time. Of course, I don't get out much--LOL! Times have changed. :):)

  13. Well, I have super advice for you! There's an old Jewish proverb which says, "Hang around the rich when you can." I change one word in this proverb. change rich to young and it makes all the difference. We can get too preoccupied with aging. I know that we have to be realistic but young people are good examples to keep us going. as for Jane Fonda , she has given very helpful advice for a long time.

  14. I will be eighty this year and if I had lots of money I would love to get a few changes, specially round my eyes. I've heard your sight is better when you've had a tuck there.

  15. Great post. I read Jane Fonda's "Prime Time" and loved it. I have not read her autobiography. I need to find it and read it. I was criticized for reading her book and quoting from it by someone I didn't even know. We were at a social gathering, and this woman was sitting with friends at a table I dropped by to visit. Apparently, most at the table will never forgive her being "Hanoi Jane." I personally also see her as someone who has lived through much and suffered greatly, most from low self image.

    I loved, loved, loved Nora Ephron's book. I think I gave it to my daughter Keicha. I need to get that back. I need a good laugh.

  16. Your post reminded me of a cute joke and I had to find it for you:

    Bathroom Humor

    I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other stall saying: "Hi, how are you?"

    I'm not the type to start a conversation in the men's restrooms at a rest stop but, I don't know what got into me, so I answered, somewhat embarrassed, "Doin' just fine!"

    And the other guy says: "So what are you up to?"

    What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this is too bizarre so I say: "Uhhh I'm like you, just traveling east!"

    At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I hear another question.

    "Can I come over to your place for a while?"

    Ok, this question is just wacky but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation.

    I tell him, "Well, I have company over, so today is a bad day for me!"

    Then I hear the guy say nervously...

    "Listen, I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all my questions!"


  17. DJan: Haven't you realised that you are acting as an inspiration for me, and I am sure lots of other people. You are out there enjoying life and being as fit and healthy as you can. While having fun. Whats not to love about that.

  18. While I love Jan Fonda I think she looks a little too good in this photo. I would imagine when she's home she more closely resembles the rest of us. You are far more inspiring that any celebrity DJan.

  19. I know what you mean - times sure have changed. I am reminded every time I spend time with my grandkids. They don't have a clue what I am talking about when I mention stuff from my childhood. Sure makes me feel old.

  20. Jane Fonda is a good role model for all of us who want to extend and enjoy life. My MIL is recovering from heart surgery and will be 93 next week. It's not over, 'til it's over.

  21. Thanks for the reminder!! I too need to get a new 50# bag of birdseed! I think I have about two more scoops left before I run out completely.

    Oh, aging isn't all that bad. At least for me. I don't fret over getting older or flabby skin. I take it with stride and realize we only have one life, and to obsess over the trivial things like wrinkles [which my face has deep ones 'cause of all the suntanning did when younger] and scars and skimpy eyelashes...heck, it comes with age, gives us more character and we all should be proud to be healthy and active. Period.

    Enjoyed reading you post. I always admired Jane Fonda [in fact the whole Fonda family]

  22. As I love non-fiction and autobiographies, I'll order those 2 books on my Kindle. Thanks for the heads up on them.

    DJan, you lead such a healthy lifestyle. I don't think you need worry about the outside so much, because your inside is in excellent shape. Who cares about a few sags and wrinkles here and there. You are beautiful!!!

  23. If Jane has the resources to keep looking like that and an industry that expects it- why not? As for me, I'm going the natural route of really looking my age- I've earned it!

  24. I have found it striking in seeing the differences between Oprah with, and without, makeup... she looks like an entirely different person.

    Of course a lot of these celebrities can write-off the costs of their cosmetic surgery as part of their show biz business expenses. And again, they appear on camera after having spent hours in professional makeup. Then there is the Photoshop aspect which we haven't touched on.

  25. What a great post, including the wonderful comments! I faithfully did the Jane Fonda workout (on a record player!!) when I was a young mom and couldn't get out! I think she looks pretty good, and so what if she's had a little help.

    As others have said, you are truly an inspiration, DJan, and I think of your lifestyle and the example you lead, often.

    Hope it isn't too nasty up there, We had a bit of snow, but it got rained away quickly!

  26. I am not surprised to hear that she has had work done. She has always been body conscious, or so I have read... Whatever happened to "aging gracefully?"

    I have greying hair that touches my buttock (which is not hard as I shrink now, and my buttock seems to be creeping upward, while other parts creep downwards. I have thought on occasion of dyeing it, but so far have resisted.

    I sure would not mind having a slimmer physique, however.

  27. Now there's a coincidence because yesterday I was walking along when a man came towards me doing exactly the same thing, i.e. talking on his Blue Tooth. I, like you, decided to give him a wide berth. Then I saw the Blue Tooth stuck in his ear.
    I am undergoing a transformation too D-Jan. I have had my hair cut and I am letting it go grey. I'm not saying that's it. I can change my mind, but for now I want to look my age (60). I would rather look good for 60 than bad for 40 if you see what I mean. Jane Fonda looks great, but it is now beginning to show that she is trying, perhaps too hard?

  28. I know what you mean about the sagging and aging part...it seems like one day I looked in the mirror and looked completely different and old. LOL But I remind myself that many of my friends didn't get the opportunity to grow old...and it puts everything back in perspective. I have earned every wrinkle and sag with pride.

  29. She does look amazing... but I'll bet she's not climbing up a mountain every week like you are! ;o)

  30. Dear DJan,
    Your observation about the man gesticulating while on a phone and about someone who has mental/emotional problems made me realize anew how strongly we must avoid judging and pidgeon-holing others.

    And yes, the arm flaps are a part of this aging process. What about the skin growths!!!!!



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