Saturday, February 4, 2012

A disconcerting moment

While I was enjoying this beautiful latte this morning, after a thoroughly wonderful walk in the sunshine here in Bellingham, I didn't know that I would be coming home to a really disconcerting moment. When I walked in the door, Smart Guy was huddled over his laptop with a look of concentration that I know better than to interrupt. I tiptoed in and put the groceries on the table. He said, "I'll be with you in a moment." Well, that all seemed normal. But then he said, "I don't want you to freak out, but your blog is gone, it's been removed by Blogspot."

Now this might have bothered me WAY more if it hadn't already happened to a couple of bloggers whom I follow, and it wasn't a terribly difficult fix. That pesky button on the top of blogs that allows you to report blogs as objectionable must be irresistible to some people who want to gum up the works, or perhaps someone who works against the Preserve Galbraith group (which I linked to on my last post) might have decided to do it, who knows?

I logged into Blogspot and had to give them my phone number to receive a text message with a code in it, typed it in, and everything came back to normal. Now we all know that a free service such as Blogspot or Wordpress can make whatever changes or modifications it desires to our sites, and I have already given up on the thought that my four years of blogging material will be archived for the ages. Not gonna happen. I use my blog as a method of keeping track of changes in my life, communicating with my followers, and basically see it as a wonderful tool for keeping my writing chops in good working order.

Some of my blogging friends have moved over to Wordpress because they feel the interface is more stable, but I looked into it and don't think it's any better than Blogspot, just different. And quite a bit more powerful and complicated, which I don't need. My question to you is, does everything seem to be back to normal? A comment will tell me, or an email if you wish (which should be available to you on my profile).

On another matter, the weather here in the Pacific Northwest is simply stunning. I see that my old stomping grounds of Boulder are in the middle of a big snowstorm, the likes of which I remember well. I loved those days, but I am happy as I can be right here in my little corner of the universe.


  1. Everything seems to be working on this end.

  2. Everything seems to be working on this end.

  3. i think you are good to go...there is nothing out of the ordinary to me...cept you are not on a mountain somewhere...smiles...

  4. I had some problems a few weeks ago, but it seems to be working okay now.

  5. I am very happy to say that you are here too. I would be more than disconcerted to lose you. The only real difficulties I have had with blogger lately is trying to comment on blogs which have the new 'reply to individual comments' enabled. Then I often get stuck into a loop and may have to go back to a blog four or five times before I can leave a comment. Speaking of which this one is v long. Sorry.

  6. You are looking good. Kind of scary having all your work disappear. Good thing you got it restored without problem. P.S. I left a reply to your question on my blog.

  7. Glad you didn't panic! And the latte is beautiful.

  8. I'm glad it's back and to know what to do should mine ever disappear.

    Your latte has a white feather ....

  9. I'm so glad to learn of this problem before it happens to me.I'll be the first to call on you when it does.

    I can see you are as amazed by this weather as I am. What gives?

  10. I was visiting here this morning and it was gone..I figured it was a glitch..glad you got it all straightened out:)

  11. Everything looks normal on this end !
    A bit of a bother at someone's foolishness, I'm glad the fix was easy enough.
    I was beginning to think about the snow-storms we used to experience in Colorado Springs...quite magical :)
    Glad you are back !

  12. We had the same problem with Mum's hotmail account. They blocked it so she couldn't send any email and wanted her mobile number to unblock it. After several carefully worded messages to their customer support and my refusal to hand over her mobile number, they finally relented; however, I believe we're going to see more of these kinds of things as information (such as mobile numbers) becoming increasily valuable.

  13. I love the fact that smart guy looks out for your blog. My husband knows I have one, but doesn't know or care to read it. Too busy getting all teh work done, he's say - and he's probably right.
    Glad you're not really gone. Everything looks good to me.

  14. S.c.a.r.y. I would freak out if my blog suddenly disappeared. I had a hard time reading my blog list today. Thanks for the warning, and how to handle the problem. Everything seems fine on this end.

    I also worry about blogspot. I don't know how stable it is either, but I don't want to change over.

  15. All seems fine. I was even able to read and comment on older blogs. The security all over has changed and like you I think I'll just carry on. I enjoy visiting your blog. Thanks for your loyalty too:)

  16. Dear DJan,
    As others have commented, all seems fine. I know now who to e-mail if this ever happens to me.

    When I was reading your posting, I could feel my stomach clutch as you repeated your husband's words. At Christmas you experienced loss. I didn't want you to have more. I'm glad that all has worked out well.


  17. What a delicately beautiful latte!
    I'm glad it was easy enough to fix. Me--I'll never remember so maybe I should copy and past your post into a document so I will know what to do. My entire life there have always been some people who find me objectionable--LOL! ;)
    Looks great from here. Perfect. :)

  18. Everything seems fine to me. Good that you got your blog back. Blogspot has many good features that WordPress lacks, so stick with it.

  19. Reporting in from the land of snow and frozen ice. We had 25 cm of snow in Moncton and its their first major snow storm this year. Other than that, its been mild, shirt sleeve weather, almost shorts n sandals and I have just hung my Valentines Flag. My goodness DJan, glad you got it all back. If I lose mine you will hear from me via mail. OK Very interesting - I had a friend of mine that lost everything and silly girl did not have a back up of anything she wrote. Now she has moved to WordPress, also which I looked into, however am happy with Blogger for now.
    Be good, take care and you have a honey there with smart guy. :)

  20. What a terrible discovery to make! You do have things in perspective as to the way your blog fits into the scheme of things.
    Everything looks the same. They didn't mess with your picture.
    did you find out why your blog was blocked?

  21. That would be a little disconcerting to discover your blog missing. Nothing looks different to me, it looks the same as last I saw it.

    I've looked at Wordpress too but I don't see enough pros to make the change worthwhile.

    Glad to hear your side of the Cascades is sunny and beautiful. We are finishing our second day of fog and ice fog with more to come. Maybe eventually the sun will come our way.

  22. You seem to be as normal as ever. ;-)
    I'm lovin' the weather too! And Corey made it out of Denver this morning to get here to celebrate his birthday with his wife and kids.

  23. Hi DJan! I haven't even checked blogs for a couple days, so I'm glad all seems to be in order now. I would have been upset if you were missing . . . or if I was missing :)

    As my regular time to read and respond has traditionally been prior to bed, (and I've been cutting back on computer time before bed!) I haven't found time to read as I usually do.

    Thanks for the warning, just in case!

  24. Yes, everything looks absolutely fine, DJan. Thank goodness! Do you think it's really that abuse button that's causing the problem? I use Wordpress as a back-up. I know it's a bother to keep posting the same thing on both blog sites, but it's just reassuring for me.

  25. It all seems normal to me, but you should probably consider the source...

  26. We do get attached to our blogs, don't we?
    Glad things were restored with a minimum of fuss on your part. It is also nice to have a partner who is a helpmate as Smart Guy is for you.

    I have been watching weather conditions in Boulder too and our little bit of snow here is nothing compared to what is going on in Colorado.
    My brother in Montana is getting weary and back sore from all their snow.

  27. everything seems fine
    I have all sorts of odd problems
    not all with blogger
    I think google is making so many changes and the internet is losing its mind
    the other day all of my photo edits disappeared, then reappeared, then the photos wouldn't save
    told me my hard drive was read only
    now it's fine
    and I sometimes can't comment on a blog and then I can

    computers make life so simple ;)

    I looked into wordpress and agree with you 100%

  28. I'm glad they restored your site and I think it should be much harder to "report abuse". The protestor should have to put out more effort than the accused who just wants their stuff restored. Sometimes "progress" gets in the way of common sense. Thanks for the info and I hope I won't need the "how to".

  29. Looks fine to me! That would have freaked me out, good thing you already knew about the possibility and what to do about it!

  30. That latte looks delicious, Djan!

    The exact same thing happened with my blog about two months ago. Like you, I had to verify with my phone number and a code was sent to me by text. Instant fix! I've been blogging with Blogger for six years and that has been the only hiccup to date so I can't complain.

    I love the Blogger platform although I have considered switching to Wordpress from time to time just for a change. I do find Blogger to be very flexible in allowing me to alter codes etc. I'm not sure how much I could that in Wordpress. To be honest, I don't really see a lot of difference between the two platforms. Blogspot/Blogger is backed by Google so I'm not overly worried and they have a great Spam filter in place now too.

    I know Wordpress bloggers who have migrated to Blogger so it's much of muchness really.

    Have a great day! xo

  31. I have (had) a Wordpress blog first and came to Blogger last.

    So far (knock wood) no problems. Good to know it's not a total disaster if it does happen.

    (It all looks fine to me).

    Beautiful weather here too.

  32. Yikes! I would sure miss my blogging friend DJan. But luckily after a few clicks you were back in business. Hope that doesn't happen to my paws.

  33. I didn't see you for a day or two, but I wasn't here myself either (ha ha) so can't say I noticed much and all seems back to normal now. You are having a gremlin filled winter this year, but don't give up. It will pass as all things pass.

  34. I would get very upset if my blog disappeared. We had an old desktop computer that crashed and we lost all our emails, so my husband insisted that I have my blog printed. I get it printed every 6 months and now have 5 books that are just like my blog. We bought a new desktop 6 months ago and it is starting to constantly crash - don't know why.

    We saw Hugo in 3D, The Descendants and The Artist. I liked them all. I wish Dujardin would win as I think he was excellent – I’d like to hear him accept the Oscar to see if he has a French accent…

  35. That would indeed be disconcerting but yes, everything looks good to me. And I hope it stays that way.

    I'm in catchup mode... reading all your posts but just not commenting on all of them.

  36. Looks normal to me...

    So glad I read this post. I would FREAK OUT if that happened to me. Please send the phone number to Blogspot to me so I can write it down just in case...

    I would miss both your blogs are in my heart FOREVER!

  37. It happened to me this morning as well. It is more than disconcerting. I think all is well now, but it was not nice. I was told it was due to 'unusual activity', but not what the activity was.

  38. DJan I no longer remember via whose blog I came to yours, but I'm awfully pleased I did. I am having a wonderful visit and I am enjoying your writings immensely.
    What happened to you with your blog disappearing? happened to me just recently and mine too was reinstated the same way as yours.
    Best wishes.


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