Sunday, January 15, 2012

My new iPad

There is something to be said for ordering items a bit later than for the holidays or when an item first comes out. I found on Tuesday that my Social Security deposit would be coming to my new checking account as hoped, so I got on the internet and ordered myself a new iPad. On Friday it arrived!! Using the "ask an expert" chat feature on Apple, I asked how to restore my new iPad to have all the apps and pictures I had on my stolen one. It was easy, since I had backed it up on iTunes just two days before the theft. All I lost was the "Kindle for iPad" app I had loaded the evening before, so all I needed to do was reload it and all my books were there in the Archives folder. It was seamless. When you plug in a new iPad, it asks you if it is to be treated as new, restore from iCloud, or restore from iTunes. I was impressed.

The flowers are from Smart Guy. When I ordered the new iPad, he was happy for me, and when I came home from my workout, these pretty mums greeted me. I've been burning that candle to light up the darkness in the evenings, as I wrote about here. I'm amazed to realize that we are almost a third of the way through winter. And we are gaining more than two minutes a day to the length of each day.

Yesterday my friend Judy and I went to see The Iron Lady. Although the reviews are not stellar, it's certainly not because of Meryl Streep's performance. She is simply outstanding as Margaret Thatcher. The critics apparently are not fond of the fact that the movie concentrates too much on her later years, but I thought that was expecting the movie to have been more inclusive of her accomplishments, rather than a look at what happens to us all: no matter how famous and accomplished a person might be, by the time we get into our eighties (she's 86), we all become a shadow of our former selves. I thought the movie was wonderfully done and entertaining. I immediately got on Wikipedia (link provided above) and learned a bit more about Thatcherism. The depiction of her husband Denis in the movie (played brilliantly by Jim Broadbent) showed how a couple becomes dependent upon one another, even when one of them has passed on. The makeup artists who made Meryl age so perfectly deserve an Oscar, too. I'd love to know what you think of this one, but if she doesn't win THIS time, there's no justice. I thought she deserved it for portraying Julia Childs so brilliantly, but this portrayal is unbelievably perfect, IMHO.
I just peeked outside and saw that it's snowing! You can see the snowflakes falling in the upper left against the dark leaves. I don't know how much will actually accumulate, but right now the view from my front porch is lovely. We have been expecting this snow, and the temperature should plummet in the next couple of days before warming up just in time for our Thursday hike. I know I am being optimistic, but since I get to choose my state of mind, why not?


  1. Congrats on the newly replaced and easily reprogrammed iPad...and the flowers! ;)

    I thought Meryl did an astonishing job as Julia Child. I'm looking forward to seeing this one, too.

    Snow! I'm jealous! ;) Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. Meryl Streep is always spot-on in her portrayals of famous people. I loved her in Julia-Julia! Those mums are so pretty. How nice of Smart Guy to buy them for you! That must have been a great mood booster! You are in a good place right now, DJan. Stay there!

  3. I'm so excited you have your new iPad and it was so seamless in sitting it up.

    Smart Guy did good with the flowers. Be nice to him and maybe he'll do it again sometime.

    I would love to burn candles but Bob is paranoid about such things and would never sit down if I had one burning. That's not a hill worth dying for so I don't burn candles. You have to pick your battles in marriage.

    Bob just told me a few minutes ago that the days actually are getting longer.

    Your weather looks much worse than ours. It's currently raining. A few minutes ago it was snowing.

  4. Oh you got some beautiful snow..lovely for you.. I am so glad you got your iPad and the update was smooth..Smart Guy is so sweet bringing you flowers. We don't burn candles unless the electricity goes off:)

  5. So pleased you have your new Ipad and was able to get back your stuff from the ICloud! The flowers look so pretty and mean so much, don't they!
    I want to see the film you mention. I'm sure it's good. No need to believe everything the critics say. Do go and see 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' when you can. It's brilliant!

  6. snow here you could restore you ipad...just a bit jealous here...smiles...

  7. New iPad? Yay!!! I'm not surprised at how easy it was to reinstall everything, that's Apple for you! :o)

    I've been meaning to go see the Iron Lady ever since I discovered that a movie theatre in town is finally showing a few films in VOS (so not dubbed) and the Iron Lady is one of them! Meryl Streep is one of those actress that I just hate having to watch while listening to someone else's voice! Her performance is usually so complete, not getting her voice means missing so much! Hopefully I'll be able to go next weekend. It's only in VOS once per day, so it's not easy getting the timing right.

  8. So many people have been raving about their i-phones and i-pads that I actually dreamed I had an i-phone last night. However, that's the closest I'll probably ever come to having either. :)

    I thought Meryl was good as Julia but didn't see it as an Oscar performance. I haven't seen her as Thatcher but saw a clip the other day and didn't see a trace of Streep in the Thatcher character. To me, this is great acting. In Julia, you still saw Meryl Streep. I hope she gets the Oscar for this one. Thatcher that is.

  9. I'm so happy that you're able to get your new iPad configured easily. We have snow today too. It is pretty!

  10. That's so cool that you backed up your iPad to iTunes and could just transfer it to the new one!
    I want to see "The Iron Lady". Meryl Streep just won a Golden Globe for her role.

  11. Yay on the new ipad. Your smart guy, djan, sounds like a truly good guy. I mean, really. He gets you.

  12. Life is good for you! New ipad and nothing lost, Flowers and a good movie!
    I certainly like Meryl Streep as Julia child.

  13. I am really happy that you could reprogam your new iPad so easily. I haven't yet got one, but you have got me thinking.
    The mums were glorious. Every room is improved with fresh flowers.
    And I loved the snow - good luck for your next hike. I hope it does warm up for you.

  14. So happy you got your to schedule us some "face time".

    Maybe you can tell me, or ask Smart Guy whether I should do the update with iCloud. I have not googled it and checked out exactly what it is.... I guess I was concerned my entire iPhoto library would disappear and go into iCloud... I need to learn about it...

    What did you mean you backed up your entire iPad into iTunes? I thought it was just for music...or is that where iCloud is? (I really need to research this...but am being lazy asking you...because I know how Smart Guy keeps up on these things...)

  15. Hi DJan, glad to hear the iPad arrived and is up and running. Having info stored in the Cloud would have made it easier to restore. Hope you are having fun.

    After your experience the first thing I did when I got my new phone was to sign it up for HTC Sense so if it is stolen I can go online and lock it and erase the information.

    Just before I came over to Blogger I noticed a news story that Meryl Streep won the Golden Globe for her performance. I haven't seen it yet but will catch it in the future.

    The snow finally got over to us this evening. It's about time we got some white stuff.

  16. Wow! What a great recommendation for the iPad. They should pay you for such a great review. It sounds like something I need and want. I never thought I needed one. Maybe I do. Backups sound so easy. Can you stream movies through it?

  17. We have actors n actresses and wannabeeze. Meryl Streep is an ACTRESS. When she plays a part, she becomes the part and is dead on in portraying the individuals she plays. Haven't seen the movie yet, but WILL.
    Great your iPad came and how sweet to have flowers to celebrate. I would say you are most fortunate to have love and warmth surround you every day.
    How easy it is today to get back programs and info today - remembering way back.....when you lost it completely if you did not back up. OMGoodness, I would back up my floor plans, etc every five minutes, because back then we did not have automatic backup?
    As I have said before, I love technology.
    Happiness to you DJan

  18. Loved your last sentence - "since I choose my state of mind..." I'm taking that thought with me today.

  19. Congratulations on your "new baby"! Lucky you! And I loved the snow picture!

  20. Yes, I was able to set up my new iPad just like my old one. Gonna use iCloud so that everything I put on the iPad or iPhone also goes onto the other could do that with your iPod if you wanted to. But my favorite line in your post is the one about choosing your state of mind. So true! I wish I had learned that years ago!

  21. Very purrrty. And so are the flowers! :)

  22. i Pad, I just got used to the Kindle. I have asked around just what does an i Pad do and most of say it plays music. It must do something more. I will just have to ask a nerdie friend, I actually have one. Of course I still only have a phone plugged in the wall. Would you say I am a little behind the times?
    Jan, I am happy you got everything straighten out and your bow gave you the lovely flowers.

  23. Meryl did win the Golden Globes and I guess I wasn't surprised. I haven't seen the movie, but she is an amazing actor. I will definitely put this movie on my list of Must-See movies.

  24. I agree with Nancy-that last sentence jumped out at me!
    I know you're excited about the iPad.
    I'm a little jealous of the snow. Jordan keeps asking when it's going to snow here. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 60 and raining. I guess I'll take the kids out to dance in the rain. Maybe we can incorporate some soap and just skip the whole tub portion of bath day.

  25. Dear DJan,
    Thanks for the thumbs up for Streep's performance. I try never to miss her. She was outstanding as Julia Child, I can't begin to imagine her doing any better. So I'm eager to see this movie.

    I read several blogs that are posted in England and its been interesting to learn their take on this film. I know so little about Margaret Thatcher, that, like you, I'll have to do some reading before going to the film.

    So glad you have a new iPad and that programming it was a breeze.


  26. Congrats on the new iPad and its seemless update. I've not been to see a movie in a long time.. I usually wait for an electronic version. We have a bit of white stuff on the ground too.. that last image is just lovely.

  27. We have not been to a movie for months – since we saw Midnight in Paris – so this will be what we’ll see this week. I do not have an iPad and I am not sure what it does but I am pleased that you are happy. I am so un-technical that the cell phone I bought last July to replace my broken one is still in the box. My daughter had told me to buy a smart phone …. I use a cell phone rarely so I still use my husband’s basic cell phone.

  28. Don't you just LOVE Apple! They are so efficient with their technology. Also, so glad you are back in operation. I envy your iPad and hope to have one some day. I must upgrade my iPhone soon so that will be my next major purchase.

    As for retirement, you are ahead of me in years, and seem to be settled in well. I was much more so when living for 15 months in San Francisco where I could go somewhere every day. It's not that way now that we are back in Fresno where there is little to see and where one must drive every where. I too like a schedule.


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