Sunday, August 14, 2011

Browsers and blogging

Someone on my Google+ friends put up a picture of this guy who decided to be an advertisement for Chrome. The first picture is the favicon for the Chrome browser. I use it all the time for posting, commenting, and reading stuff on line. I find that it's much less buggy than some of the other browsers, and things load a whole lot faster, too. I wish there was a way to find out what makes my posts hang, and I suspect that if I spent the time to learn more about browsers, I could.

I also use Safari occasionally, and Firefox. When I got my iPad, which comes with Safari, I downloaded something called "Atomic" hoping that it would give me better results for the platform, but no such luck. I've found that posting anything, if using my iPad, must be done in HTML mode because it doesn't support anything else. Atomic is the same. And any little window that is supposed to scroll doesn't work, which must be a function of iPad not liking Flash. Again, I could probably find all this out, but it's a really big black hole that I'm not interested in getting caught up in.

Ever since that three-day crash of Blogspot, I notice that several of my regular commenters must use the "Anonymous" button in order to comment. Since Blogspot has a really good spam filter, it usually only catches real spam, but if you do need to use Anonymous, remember to sign your name; it must look for that, since spammers always put in a live link and don't sign their comments. Frankly, when I think of all the social networks coming on line, like Google+, I wonder where we are headed in this Brave New World.

I am on Facebook and now use Google+, but I haven't ventured into Twitter or other networking sites. My brother thinks Google+ is pretty neat, and every day another person invites me to become a "friend" on there. My Facebook friend list is now over 300, but it includes skydiving friends and acquaintances, people I once worked with, family, and now people I meet in Bellingham. Oh yes, I also have quite a few friends on Facebook from the blogosphere. I really like being able to see pictures of people I no longer see in person; it reminds me that we are all changing (and aging), not just me.


  1. I just returned to FB after leaving last fall. I'm not sure why, but I think I needed to reach out a bit more. I know nothing of Goggle+, except for mentions on blogs. I don't tweet...yet. Never say never.

  2. I have the hardest time commenting and reading some of my favorite blogs, they take forever to load, and I finally click the 'x' window.
    It's usually blogs with HUGE pictures and any kind of advertising on the sidebar.
    I should try Google Chrome browser, I might have better luck.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. You are WAY ahead of me girl. I don't even know what you are talking about. I use my MacBook Pro and Safari to post to my blog. I like using this browser and don't have any problems.

    I am on facebook, and have a never used twitter account. I've not looked into Google+.

  4. did not like chrome when it first came out...may give it another try...

    on the anonymous issue...if they dump the cookies in their browser it clears it up...i periodically have to do it...but mostly with IE....

  5. That is quite a hair cut, I wonder what it will look like as it grows out?

    I have downloaded Google Chrome but rarely use it, my browser of choice is Firefox. It gives me less problems than any of the rest. Firefox rarely hangs except on a couple of blogs, it has to be something in the blog itself. If mine ever hang with you please let me know DJan.

    I have a FB regular page and a Fan page, I'm sort of on and off. I might go a month or two without even looking at it. I have been looking into Google+ but haven't signed on yet. FB and Blog Frog keep me busy enough. Maybe if I had more time I could be more 'social'.

  6. I haven't tried Chrome yet.. I figure Google already knows enough about me. I'm not at all keen on the invasive factor with networking devices like Google+ and Facebook and so I spend as little time on FB as possible. I'm totally happy with sticking to blogging as my means of connecting. :)

  7. I use IE-8 as my browser and love the Favorites list feature.

    I don't have any interest in Facebook, Twitter, or any other networking site. Blogging is how I make new friends, whom I have actually met in person.

  8. I only caught about half of what you said--LOL! For over a year now I have had a MacBookPro and Safari is on there. I haven't had any real issues--knock on wood!

    My TV computer set up that Dagan and Leah did for me has Microsoft stuff and I use outlook on there to get to Netflix--hehe! But I usually only use that one for TV and movies and Pandora. ;)

    I finally deleted myself from Facebook and Twitter and Flickr several months ago. Just sucked away too much of my time. Plus I was getting a bit leery of how much info they are collecting on all the users on Facebook.

    You are way ahead of me on speaking and understanding and implementing computer-speak. LOL! I mostly blog, email, and occasionally use youtube...and I still don't understand half of what I am doing--ROFL! ;)

  9. Chrome has become my go-to browser.

    Sometimes, on the iPad, if a small "window" appears in the middle of your browser, such as a long list of somebody's friends or whatever, you will need to use two fingers to make the list scroll within the smaller window. If you just use one finger, the entire browser page will scroll.

  10. Here's a new one: Puffin. It enables the iPad (and probably the other iThings) to use Flash. I've only used it to watch the eagle cam while we were at the lake, via wifi, so I don't know how it performs overall, but it definitely gives you access to sites that use Flash. (I love Firefox for my PC, and haven't yet tried Chrome.)

  11. Way, way ahead of me. I am not on Facebook, and haven't played with Twitter. Blogging uses enough of my time as it is. Browser is Firefox, which is mostly OK.

    I too am curious about how that haircut will look as it grows out. My guess is bizarre.

  12. You're sounding quite knowledgeable to me, girl. More so than I am, for sure. I have no desire to get into the technical aspects either. I just want things to work.
    since my son-in-law changed my browser to Chrome, I have had no trouble posting comments of Blogger, and all of my tools work again.
    As you know, I'm on Facebook, because that's where my kids are. that's enough for me.

  13. I have been tempted to try some other browsers ,but since I'm somewhat lacking in skills I chicken out. I do have a twitter account and I admit there's much more to learn to take full advantage of it. I am on face book but don't go out fishing for friends . If they find me okay.

  14. Looks like I need to check into Chrome.

    I love Twitter for following people and organizations but never tweet mysel. Guess that makes me a follower not a tweeter.

    All this tech moves too fast for me to keep up with the latest.

  15. Y'all are all so far ahead of me! I just use my Macbook Pro with Safari...And I have no idea what you're talking about with Google+.

    Oh well, I'll worry about that another day:)

  16. Hi DJan! I mostly use Chrome, too. I like it except I have trouble with bookmarking. I haven't figured out why yet. I have accidentally made a couple of folders, with names, but then I have a slew of unname "new" folders that I can't figure out how to name them! Then when I want to bookmark something, it doesn't even show all of the options, just a few. Anyway, I need a lesson from one of my daughters I think! I don't know a thing about Google+. My Mac came with Safari, but now when I try to use it, it reverts automatically to Chrome. I'm pretty confused!
    Thanks for your wonderful comments. I am always encouraged!

  17. Oh, I know. I'm not able to comment on some blogs now. 300 and counting. Way to go!

  18. just popping by to say congrats on winning the photo contest, your hummingbird is wonderful and beautiful. I am on FB but rarely go there, to public for me, but i keep it to see family/friends photos.

  19. Google Chrome rocks it works the best for me and what I do on the net. Blogger and Chrome work well together.
    I am not sure how too may be beyond me.
    I do play a game with the grandboys on Facebook. It is a strange network if you ask me.:)

  20. I'm having a lot of luck with Firefox and use it exclusively for Blogger. It's been working wonderfully. I love it that the comment box has spell check with Firefox.


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