Saturday, August 27, 2011

A great place to live

Taken off of Al Heezen's Flickr site
As most of you know who follow my blog, we've been having fabulous weather lately. Al took this picture last Thursday of me snapping a summit shot of Diane. What a totally exceptional shot this is: the view, the perfect weather, me in my hiking gear doing what I love, and a victorious Diane. I couldn't resist sharing it.

This morning I went out with my usual Fairhaven walking group. We walked in Whatcom Falls Park,  which has some great views of the falls and lots of shaded trails. Although this morning was sunny, almost all of our six-mile hike was in the shade. And I got this great shot of the falls.
While we rested for a few minutes, someone pointed out the shaft of light coming through the trees, which was visible because of the mist from the falls. It turned out to be quite an amazing picture, kind of the other side of the first one, taken on top of the Church Mountain summit. It occurred to me that this place that I have chosen to call my home is a really wonderful place to live. If you can take the many cloudy and/or rainy days during the long winters, it is an ideal location. I'm pretty sure that many of you who have suffered through the past summer heat in the midwest might agree right about now.

I also received a letter from my new chiropractor, Russ Maxwell. Not only did he do a great job on my back, he welcomed me to his office and sent me a FAN LETTER! He said,
Thank you for the wonderful review on your blog. I was truly humbled. Also thanks for not bringing a camera; I would have frozen up.  :-)  Your blog is very interesting and it is amazing all you have been through. You have a strong constitution!! Thank you again!  --Russ
How many of us can say we have received fan mail from any of our doctors? He's pretty special, and although I am happy to wait to see him again until I actually need him, it's a comfort to know I have someone like him standing by, just in case. And a big thank you to Joy (from my exercise class) for referring me to Russ.

It just goes to show that if you find the right place for yourself, things will fall into place. Tomorrow I'll head down to Snohomish to jump out of perfectly good planes for the day, and if all goes as planned, there's yet another hike in the works for Monday. The weather looks fair and sunny as far as the eye can see. Where are my picturesque and fluffy white clouds? We are in danger of hitting 75 degrees F today!


  1. what a cool pic...lovely capture on the falls and the shaft of light as looks a great place to live...and hey now you have at least grateful hands cracking that back...smiles. dont want to mess up the good press eh? smiles.

  2. Now for some people tomorrow will be awful as they sway in the gusts of Irene in their sky high condos. You are in a better place at the moment.

  3. 75 degrees is the perfect high temp for me. Perfect morning temp is 54 degrees.

    Here on the west coast our weather is wonderful compared to the east coast.

    The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is something people can not begin to imagine unless they've been here. It's truly awsome.

    I'm totally fascinated by the many kinds of lichen that surround us. Beautiful they are.

  4. Your photos, and your life are full of beauty. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. It is so true DJan, you live in a most beautiful area, the photos prove it. Both are very special.

  6. Now you've got to be kidding! I thought everybody knew that Alberta was the greatest place to live!
    Your walk in the shade today sounded like a winner. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Both of these photos are marvelous! You do live is an amazing place. You have lush greenery, mountain tops, snow, rainbows (you must get rainbows with all that rain), mild weather, have an awesome farmer's market, places to swim & jump out of planes, and friends to hike high and laugh with over meals afterwards. Sounds like the perfect spot for you. Absolute perfection! And you even share it with us!! :):)

  8. Dare I complain that it has been just a bit too hot for me here lately with temps reaching into the mid eighties? I really feel guilty for not loving it, but heat and I are not friends, and I have not had the luxury lately of being lazy. By the time I'm able to be self indulgent, the weather will be too much cooler. Oh well, I'll take each day as it comes, and love at least part of each one.

  9. It's too bad it can't be summer all year over there, as I think your winters are much too harsh for my taste.

  10. That first picture shows you both on the roof of the world. For those of us who would rather not climb onto rooves (roofs?)I think you are very brave. I hope you didn't step back and fall over those - watch look like walking sticks? I guess you didn't or you wouldn't be writing this afterwards. Lovely pictures as always. Keep walking...

  11. You are right to rejoice in the weather and the picture of you taking the picture of Diane is so fun. When the gray skies start to get you down you can look at pictures of your hikes and relive the high of the accomplishments.

    Your chiropractor sounds like a kind human being. It is a blessing for you to have found just the right person to help you when you need it.

  12. You got fan mail? How about that...

    Nice shots again. And I am happy to report that it is coolish here in Ohio this morning. 59º degrees at 7:09 AM. The squirrels are eating the peanuts in the shells I tossed out for them. Now many birds here yet as the sun is just coming up good.

  13. great forest/waterfall shot DJan! as usual ;o) (congrats by the way on winning the prize for your amazing bird shot!)

    I sometimes envy you summer weather that lets you go hiking (it's way too hot here!), but whenever I dip my toes (and head and the rest of me) in the Mediterranean then I'm not sure I'd trade it! :p

    Receiving fan mail from your chiropracter?! Fabulous!!!

    I hope you've been having a wonderful summer! Mine's been really busy with work and some travelling... still busy but am trying to MAKE the time to play catch up in the blogging world. :p


  14. Fan deserve it! He sounds like an Okay kinda guy.

    Love, love that first is like you are on top of the world!!
    I have to tell you the knees went a little week and I wondered about the and your bunch are very brave:)

  15. What amazing photos! Those edges look a little close on the first one. I love how you captured the light in the one of the falls. Absolutely gorgeous. I need to find out where that is, and take my daughter there when I come visit her!

    I appreciate your wonderful posts. One day, I'll be hiking those trails, too!

  16. Wow! A fan letter from your chiropractor. This guy is a keeper!
    Beautiful photos, too, as always.

  17. 61 here this morning and wonderful. It seems to have quieted things down a lot. lol

    Love the PNW...the pics you post make me yearn to come back there...probably won't happen, but it might be fodder for my next NaNoWriMo...

    Hope you have a grand day jumping out of planes dear one!!!

  18. You certainly do live in a beautiful place...and the scenery makes up for all the cloudy rainy days. Loved the picture of the captured the light perfectly. Now that looks like heaven. I always knew it was somewhere here on earth. It's in Bellingham! I think it helps that you are in such good health. Makes it much easier to enjoy the hikes that produce all the heavenly photos. And it sounds like you have the perfect chiropractor to help keep you ready for those hikes...and jumps.
    Hope your week is off to a great start. Wishing you more of that wonderful weather. xo

  19. Oh yes, we are so lucky to call this beautiful place our home! Whatcom Falls Park was always "my" park-- I grew up right down the street from it!

  20. Al's shot of you and Diane is fantastic, the view is amazing. I love your photo of the falls.

    You do live in an incredibly beautiful place. While I do miss the lush greens I don't miss all that rain. Fortunately it's a relatively short drive down the Columbia Gorge to visit.

  21. The view at the top of a mountain is spectacular and so is the photo. Enjoy that great weather!

  22. That picture is incredible!
    How sweet of your doctor, too.


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