Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No I'm not tall

Al took this picture of me last week on the Welcome Pass hike. I like it because I think I look really tall, but you know, I'll never know what it feels like to be tall (I'm barely 5'3"). One of the things my partner likes to say to me when I land my parachute a little shy of the intended landing area is that I'll always land a little short.  Do you think some day I might land tall? (smile)

I realize how deeply ingrained my usual routine has become: ride the bus to the Y for my 9:00 class every weekday except Thursday (when I go hiking with the Senior Trailblazers). During the summer months if the weather is fine, I go down to Snohomish to jump out of airplanes one of the two weekend days, whichever one has my friend Linny to organize the jumps.  I prefer Sundays because on Saturday I can go out with the Fairhaven walking group and then have a nice long swim at the pool. Additionally, I can visit the Farmers' Market as it is only open that day. On Sunday, the Y doesn't even open until noon and the lanes are crowded.

Adding an additional hike on Mondays, as we are doing during the summer months, has disrupted my usual routine. When I showed up this morning for class, several people asked where I was on Monday. (One class is M-W-F and the other is T-Th, although I am usually elsewhere on Thursdays.) I carried my iPad to class today so I could brag about recent hikes and show pictures.

As I sit here at my iMac, I can see the nuthatches and chickadees stocking up on black oil sunflower seeds and the goldfinches at the finch feeders. Just now a Northern Flicker hopped up onto the porch and had a quick snack at the suet feeder. I love my birdies, but I am not overly fond of the house sparrows, who tend to arrive in rather dense flocks onto my porch. The flurry of wings when they leave has become an unmistakable summer background noise. They pick up and eat the finch food that falls onto the porch, since they cannot perch upside down. I've watched them try.
Nuthatch, siskins, goldfinch, chestnut-backed & black-capped chickadee
(click to enlarge)
Although the birds take a bit of time, effort and money to make sure they are never without food and clean water, they bring me an amazing amount of pleasure. All of these pictures were taken through my front porch window. It's what I see from my desk. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. For all you do, enjoy and get out of life, you're a very tall person in my eyes.

    Sparrows are such sloppy eaters too. When they can, they just perch as some seed and then essentially sweep their heads back and forth, emptying a feeder in no time. Thank goodness for ground feeders who help clean up.

  2. Maybe short in stature, but huge in personality !
    I am forever amazed at how much you can fit into one week, your energy is boundless...

    You have a lovely view of all your visitors from the window, they keep us entertained don't they !

  3. I'm so jealous of your bird watching. I bought a shepherd's crook hanger today and will soon hang a humming bird feeder on it. One kind of humming bird lives here the entire year.

    I also called the Backyard Bird Store today. They told me to come in and see the feeders they carry that are for bird feeding in the Pacific Northwest. She said they would also give me some tips.

    I was 5'10" for most of my life. now I'm 5'8".

  4. I have been both short and tall. I was five foot when I was fifteen - and grew eight inches that year. And continued albeit more slowly for a few more years.

    And I have to echo Hilary - you stand tall in all the ways that matter.

  5. you look taller than mountains to me...smiles...or maybe able to tackle large mountains in a single bound...the birds are cool to watch...

  6. I was surprised at your petite stature when I met you. You seemed much taller in your blog!

  7. Hey! We're tall on the inside--LOL!

    You have a great routine. The extra hiking day is just a wonderful bonus glitch in your week.

    I love watching the wild birds and am envious of your porch. Love to see more bird porch pics any time! ;)

    Enjoy-enjoy-enjoy your gracious life! :):)

  8. Since my windows have screens and glass slats, I could never take the photos of birds that you take. The results would be grainy, to say the least. You certainly are an active senior citizen!

  9. Seems like your whole week is pretty cool! You do mention one thing and that is routine. Routines are both good and bad. Routine can keep us going. I didn't feel like a bike ride after supper as it was late but I went anyway and I'm glad I did.

  10. I think the perspective of that photo is great! Be tall! Your schedule wears me out just thinking about it! And, you are quite fortunate to have such wonderful views from your desk!

    I'm glad your back problems were short lived and you are able to get done all you choose to do!

  11. We're pretty close in height, I'm all of 5'4". When my tall hubby makes a comment that I will need a ladder to reach something I just tell him that's what I have him for (of course I probably already have the ladder set up and I'm half way up it). :)

    I love the view from your desk, that would be a great way to start the day.

  12. I am constantly amazed at how much you do, and yes, you are a very tall personality. I've been noticing that the birds here are getting more active, too. Enjoy them, DJan!

  13. If I ever just think about slowing down, I think about you and get going again. You are amazing! And your birds are wonderful!

    I get a similar assortment here at our feeders, but not the gold finches.

  14. I love the photo of you! You just look like you own that mountain. I didn't know you were short, but you are still taller than I by an inch.

    You truly are an inspiration.

  15. I would never have guessed that you WEREN'T tall. Isn't it amazing how the words we write paint and the things we do paint their very own pictures?

  16. Very cool view!!

    I have bird feeders and bird baths all around my property. I love them. Watching their dance of community amazes me every time...

    Alas...I am vertically challenged as well. The Irishman says I love the new doggie because she has stubby little legs like

  17. This is a beautiful picture of you my friend, I love how you hike and enjoy nature as you do.....:-)Hugs

  18. Good photo, I would not have guessed your height. You seem bigger than life in outlook and activities. Keeping up with you would be a tall order.

  19. We have height, walking and birds in common, DJan...although you are slightly taller and I don't have mountains to climb!

  20. you always look statuesque to me :)

    the birds outside your windows are wonderful

    my reward for feeding the back yard squirrels is that they sit under the big middle window and torment Siren
    I keep tellig him not to look at them but he's stubborn

  21. You look six feet tall here! From the way you write and all the hiking and physical activities you do - and the skydiving! - I always figured you for about six feet. The inner DJan is six feet, for sure!

  22. Tall must be overrated! You look perfect to are pretty hard on yourself. I love the shows a strong determined happy woman..who cares if she is short or tall:)


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