Friday, July 2, 2010

If a tree falls

I took this picture of myself with my trusty self-timer, sitting in my favorite chair (as you can see, a simple reclining lawn chair), a glass of wine (just below the purple water bottle), and the red Super Soaker on the floor behind me.  As you can see, I've started reading Biocentrism. And I have already learned, just on Chapter 3, that if a tree falls in a forest and there's nobody around to hear it, it does not make a sound!

Yes, you heard that right: no sound. You will have to take my word on that, until you yourself read the book and discover the incontrovertible truth. So far, the book is absorbing on many levels, not the least of which is that the theory it presents, well, it just feels right. I am nowhere near finished with it, and I'll write a real book review when I'm done, but I did want to write down something that has been percolating within me for a few days now.

I'm going to write fewer posts in the near future, and here's why. First, I find myself casting about for blog fodder all the time, looking at my life events through that lens. I think I actually need to change my focus to discover why I wanted to start blogging in the first place. Second, I really function well when I have a framework within which to work. My other blog only has one post a week, and I spend the week thinking about what I'll address. The desire to be honest with myself, to look at who I used to be and how I got here is the main focus, not some urge to get interesting posts up whether I feel like it or not.

No, I will put one up for sure every Thursday that I go hiking with the Trailblazers, because all of them, including me, like to share it after the fact. Everyone who has internet access visits my post to see what the day looked like according to me (and my camera). I'd also like to have another weekly post that I would label introspective, for now anyway, and one other post to be determined by desire. It would be great if I got to a place where I actually couldn't wait to write it, rather than looking for pictures, ideas, something that would be of interest to my friends.

If I want to, there's nothing to keep me from breaking my new rules, but I'm wondering about other bloggers who have gotten to this juncture. Is there some maturing process that has been at work within me? Smart Guy said it's like when you're a young skydiver, everything is a certain way, but you can't have a hundred jumps forever: you mature as you spend increasing time in the environment. Maybe it's like that. What do you think?


  1. Yes...I think you may be right...but whatever the reason, I personally like posting just once a week...I enjoy it more that way...less pressure! Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! You deserve a wonderful holiday!!! I'm so very glad we're friends!! You bring me such smiles!! Love you, Janine XO

  2. What do I think?
    I think:
    -that it depends on what the definition of sound is. Is it the waves created by the tree falling, or the vibrations made in the ear when the waves hit an ear drum???
    -I think that I will enjoy reading whatever you post, whenever you post it. No one should be a slave to blogging.
    -I think we probably blog to fill a need, and that need may different for each of us. As time goes by that need may change or be filled some other way.
    -I think you are very self-analytical. Just don't analyze yourself to the point that we don't get to hear from you any more.

  3. So does the tree even fall if you're not there to see it fall?

    You sure do remind me of mom in that picture. In a very good way.

  4. Intriguing post. It's the ole Zen koan, right? I(f a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? I'll have to get this book.

  5. Delighted to see your lawn chair. I'm always looking for a comfortable chair for my bedroom that doesn't take up much room. I'll have to look at this type.

    You're intellectually too deep for me. I have though been thinking I need to make a blogging change, at least temporarily.

    I am in a blathering time right now because I don't have a lot to say. I very much need to divert my attention to some family history work that keeps getting pushed aside for blogging.

    Perhaps I'll go to fewer blog posts in a week until I'm finished with my family history work. Perhaps every other day, or maybe 3 or 4 times a week would work instead of every day.

  6. Oh... I remember making the announcement that I was going to be posting less...and that lasted all of a week. Now, however, I do not feel the urgency to post daily as I once did. I post when I have something to say. I DO miss my blogging friends at times.

    I am sure that when our summer is done, there will be more time to play. Don't disappear DJan...

  7. Hi DJan...missed you for a bit because I also have been feeling just like you. When I first started blogging I had more time to enjoy my books and activities that gave me the so called "fodder" to actually write about. Soon blog visiting became so interesting to me that I found myself spending too much of my time involved in that. I needed to diversify. So I took a blog break and have also been reading Biocentrism. We must be kindred spirits.
    I thought Buz gave an interesting point to think about in his comment.
    Also...I am grateful for your posts however you decide to add them. You are inspiring, and just the fact that you chose to take a pause makes me like stopping here even more.
    I love the things you surround yourself with especially your maps.
    Hope your holiday weekend is pleasurable. I hope to be back to my blog after the holiday...but will post only as the spirit moves me.
    Be well my friend,

  8. Awww, I am sorry that you will be blogging less. For me, blogging is never a chore, because I have just one blog in which to express myself.

    Sometimes, I post twice in one day and then skip the next day. When that happens, David asks me why I didn't blog the 2nd day. Haha. He is so rigid in that way.

    But, hey, different strokes for different folks! Just be happy.

  9. It is a personal choice, and just depends on how much you enjoy blogging. I find I have way to much to say and have to edit..edit all the time. I make time for writing late at night..when it is quiet instead of watching TV. You have to do what feels right for you:)

  10. If you consider the physics of sound then the tree does not make a noise.

    You have probably already noticed I have been posting less. Summer is such a busy time and there is so much to be done around the house and yard that I have had to curtail my postings. I also have felt my posts were getting a little stale, I need to step back and see where I want the blogs to go.

    Have a great weekend DJan!

  11. Hello DJ, good to see you busy reading than blogging LOL! Well I am not saying I'd prefer to see you read more and blog less! I will miss your daily blogs, which I always expect to see everyday.

    Anyway, I blog only when I have the time, but not obligated to do so. I often spend my time with Dawn or sometimes do some other chores. There are times that I feel like I am addicted to blog like these past few weeks and there are times that I am lazy to do so ho hum.


  12. Hi Djan,
    1. What if a squirrel hears the tree fall? (This is only partly tongue-in cheek).
    2. I understand how you feel about moving through life with an eye to the blog vs. just moving through life. I've been struggling to figure out how to just be "me" on my blog, and how to be content with blogging sporadically.
    Will I lose my precious followers? (P.S. Welcome and thank-you!)

  13. Maybe one thing to look at is trying to keep up with two blogs. I could not do two blogs. I know your reasons for blogging are much deeper than my reasons. For me, if it isn't fun to write a post or if it doesn't feel right I don't do it. You are so active and interested in so many things and still such a vital young woman. Sharing some of the activities in your life with your readers in a blog is a lot of fun for us. You just need to decide how much you get out of it, and how it fits into your life. Hugs to you and hope you and your husband have a terrific fourth of July weekend.

  14. I totally agree with TechnoBabe. My own reason for blogging is to share my photos.. and thoughts. I used to blog approximately every 5 days but since doing the Wednesday Posts of the Week, I decided to do my photos posts on Sundays and Thursdays. So far that works out for me but I'm not going to sweat it if I don't adhere to that for some reason.

    I love your self portrait.. particularly that you have a glass of red wine at hand. ;)

  15. I know what you mean about searching for blog fodder. For the most part, I try to limit myself to only stuff that I just *need* to get out and try not to force it. I figure if I'm forcing it - then every one else will notice and figure it's not genuine. Then what's the point? I realize I am a horrible commenter...but know that whenever you post I will read it and enjoy every minute of it.

  16. LOVE the Super Soaker. :-)

    Yes, my blogging has fallen off a bit too, but I find I have less time to visit other blogs than I used to have. So people wonder where I have gone, when really it's just that, now that summer is here, I have so many more things to do. So if folks see me less, it's not because I don't love ya'll. It's just a time thing...

    So, yes, blogging does settle down after a while.

    Your blog posts are always fun to read. You're my hero. :-)

  17. I think you should write when you feel like it and not because other people expect a post every day. I know Bloggers who only post once a week and I look for their post with excitement, pleased when I see it, but content to only get one a week.
    Do what you will. You still have your followers.
    Blessings, Star

  18. I find everything you write about interesting and always look forward to your posts. I find it ironic that you once questioned how best to collect followers and now feel like you are posting just to post. I think the idea of questioning why you blog at all is a good one. I know that your other blog has a clear cut purpose that it meets. Perhaps defining the purpose of this blog to yourself will help you decide what you want to post. Whatever you may choose to do you have my support!

  19. Patty and I both began blogging at the same time in before the year 2000 AD. There was a lot of blogging talk about Armageddon coming. And some bloggers went off to eternity then and never came back. We stuck it out all these years. Patty is more active on Facebook than me but I am there too.

    Blogging started for me as a place to say or write things, like does the tree make any sound when it falls if there are not eardrums to hear it? Amazing that the circle is around again today on your blog. I always said, no, it falls in silence. But some flat Earthers disagree and say sure it makes noise.

    I got to writing the stuff that filled up file cabinets and that I never got published in one of my books. People seemed to like to read it and I built up a following and then I started to include photos and that was interesting for years.

    I no longer care much. I can miss a day or two and not wonder why. I like to control me and what I do and not have some nerd build a program I get hooked on controlling me.

    I gave up just going to a list and visiting everyone on it. I still do visit those who visit me. Sometimes not the same day.

    I think we are all in the same kind of boat you are in and we are there all the time. I just noticed on your labels that nearly every one appears one (1) time. You wrote about habits (1) time. Surely, in addition to the habit you wrote about, you pick your nose and that is a habit, or you put your left foot in your pants before the right one. Another habit. LOL Its crazy stuff I think about most of the time.

    I will come here no matter what you do. Anybody who can hike around the mountains like you do and jump out of airplanes is crazy like me so we are kin spirits. LOL Now I got to read that book. The author must think the same way as I do.

    Have a firecracker day!

  20. I personally like the self discipline of posting almost every day. I try to be quite focused and brief so as not to make it too difficult for me or time consuming for my readers. Other bloggers may post several times a week and I will be there to read those I like.

  21. After downloading an update on my laptop I could not even open my blog for the last two days. My daughter removed the update and now I am back online. I started posting every 5 days or so, but my posts became lengthy so now I leave them on my blog for at least a week. I read and comment, not every time because I just could not, on 70 blogs. Then I read another 45 blocks on and off where I do not comment. This takes a considerable amount of time – which I truly enjoy but if I had to post twice a week or more I could not read as many other blogs, so I feel that I post enough. Last year if I knew that I was going away I prepared a couple of posts to be published while I was away, but sometimes I don’t have time to do that either. I made a list of posts I could write about and it is very long – mostly about my trips and my family history, but then I add some more as I think about them. I feel you should blog as much or as little as you wish – blogging should be a pleasure. I also feel that if you run out of ideas it is OK to just have your blog take a rest, or a pause, then start it again when you feel like it.

  22. I agree with Buz...that picture reminds me of Mom, too. Sometimes I look in the mirror and...there she is. We got such a love of learning from both our parents, but Mom lived it every day.

  23. You strike a fine pose in that chair D-Jan!Came by to say hello and find you reading such heavy stuff.Maybe,I'll check out the book.

    Blogging is very tiring,really.But enjoyable and we learn so much from each other daily.It's a good way to socialise with people who have the same interests or are open to learning new things.

    I read posts via G.reader,and visit as many as I can & comment.I'm posting less now-only when I can,but the funny thing is,I've got a heap to post,since I visit many art fairs...but for lack of time or some chore ...Well, I lag behind.But I'm hoping to put in at least 4 posts a week on both my blogs...oh,yes,I've got to update the 3th blog as well.

    It depends on what you want for the blog I guess.


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