Thursday, May 23, 2024

Memorial Day hike and party

Lovely trail today

 Well, I am not having the best day so far: although we had a great hike in the Lake Padden area, and then a wonderful potluck, my pictures have still not downloaded from the cloud, so I found three, imported them to my desktop, and those will have to do for now.

At the Gorge

There were four different groups of hikers, and I joined this one, which started around the lake and took a side trip to the Gorge, so we could make a new pattern with rocks to commemorate the day. You can see it right in front of us, a six-pointed star. Then we continued our journey around the lake, with a stop at the bathrooms for you-know-who (me).

Some of our large group

When  we returned to our designated shelter, we began  to pile the food onto tables, and we all enjoyed a massive amount of salads, fruits and veggies, and of course desserts. It was truly a magnificent spread, and I saw some hikers I haven't seen in years. It was a great time, and we actually ended up hiking somewhere between four and seven miles, depending on which group you were with.

I just checked again, and my photos are still not there, so I'll leave this post a bit on the short side. Not as short as Tuesdays, because I didn't ever get around to posting one. It poured all day long, our hike was canceled, and I didn't ever get outdoors. That is my excuse for not posting one. 

If you don't read my other blog, you might know that I have been mourning the loss of my central vision on my right eye. My left eye is pretty good, but this awful progression of geographic atrophy is continuing to destroy what vision I have left. You can read about it here, if you're wondering. In any event, I had a great time today, and now it's time for me to drive to Fairhaven for my monthly needle visit (acupuncture). I have an appointment at the retina specialist in a week, and maybe I'll be getting even more needles!



  1. I am glad that the hike and the lunch were good. Sigh on and at the frustrating elements of the day.
    And lots of lots of luck for your visit to the retinal specialist. As always, hugs, love and hope.

  2. So glad you don't have to wait months to see the retina specialist! Do what you can do and what makes you happy in the mean time:)

  3. Groups that get together for a pot luck have a blast. Hikers are a fun bunch.

  4. We were happy to have a break in the rain to get some more yard work done. We're been busy in the yard and taking care of car business.
    I finally got back out for a mile walk wearing my new brace. Tomorrow I will have a professional fitting to see if I am wearing it right.

  5. I'm reading this late as I am hearing thunder cracking as a storm is rolling in. Your pictures may have been taking forever to load but it sounds and looks like you had such a nice day and good food. I hope the specialist can help you stop the progression on your eyes. *hugs*

  6. Yes, I read about your eye going blind in your other blog. So sad, DJan. My mother also was blind in one eye, due to glaucoma. But, her other eye was still sharp and clear.

  7. Hope all the needles help what ails you. The vision piece must be quite unsettling.

  8. I always enjoy your photos. Since you mention images not downloading from the cloud, I'm guessing you are using your phone for the photos. I hope your appointment with the retina specialists goes well. If you are accepting topic requests, especially for EYE, I hope you'll tell us how you are liking your new iPad. Have a good weekend ahead. John

  9. It sounds like a lovely time with the hikers…not the needles! But if they help…

  10. This is amazing. I have to literally beg people to go with me on hikes and generally no one my age can go, even on short hikes.
    I am going on a longer-ish hike next week and I may have some young folks from our gym go with me.
    My father lost his vision for reading but he got books on tape and listened to a lot of radio and music.

  11. Sounds like a great hike and potluck to me! Sorry you've got that eye problem. My mom had macular degeneration, and I had two cornea transplants, but we both survived.

  12. Oh gosh... DJan... I'm so sorry for your loss of vision. My brother is now struggling with his vision also. He's unable to drive now.


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