Thursday, May 30, 2024

Ebey's Landing

The Ebey's Landing Nine

 A passerby took this picture of the nine of us beginning to take this trip on the Ebey's Landing hike. It's not a long hike, but it's a long drive to get there, on Whidbey Island, but on an almost on a pretty perfect day, we set out to enjoy the beautiful place and enjoy the sunshine.

From this spot, we walked along a gentle path to get us to the Prairie Overlook trail, which took us along a beautiful wide open area filled with wildflowers before we got to the junction that took us along the ridge, before we descended to the beach.

Looking at the beach from the high trail

The weather could not have been more beautiful. Although a cool breeze blew most of the day, it was sunny and delightful, needing now and then to don a jacket.

A gorgeous day

We walked along this area from this point down to the beach, after oohing and ahhing at all the wonderful sites along the way. This ridge is one I remember from previous visits to the park. By this time we were beginning to pay attention to the rumbling from our stomachs, so we headed down to the beach to find a place to have lunch.

From here we started down to the beach

Once we descended to the beautiful beach, we walked through the sand and rocks to make our way to a place where we might be a bit sheltered from the wind in order to have lunch. We saw lots and lots of eagles and other birds, and we found one on the beach who was already enjoying his lunch.

We felt like paparazzi disturbing this eagle

One person got a good closeup of this eagle, whose beak was rather bloody from digging into his meal, but we moved along and he went back to finish. It was so wonderful to see all the beauty around us, and to be reminded that nature's way is not always gentle and bloodless.

Climbing back to the ridge

After having enjoyed the beach, we walked back to the ridge and made our way back to our cars. It was a simply wonderful day, and I am not sure how much distance we covered, but it was enough to get me to 15,000 steps, so I was happy with our day's exertions. I don't always have to feel it's necessary to push myself to my limits in order to have a great day!



  1. It looks and sounds wonderful. Again.

  2. Another delightful walk. Different from your usual walks but no less spectacular.

  3. Neat post! I wanted to say thanks again for your mention of The Seeing Bellingham Group on Facebook. Rich Marcus just posted some great pics ... sky and nature. You will enjoy :-)

  4. Looks like a beautiful hike. Seeing an eagle would be a highlight! :)

  5. My gosh DJan, it just looks beautiful. I loved all your pics.

  6. It looks like an agricultural area or is a just a place on the coast with out trees. You had a bright sunny day with awesome views of the sea.

  7. I'd say 15,000 steps is pushing it to the limit for me! How do you keep getting such gorgeous days for your hikes?

  8. I love it there at Ebeys Landing, and there is so much history in the cemetery and at the blockhouse too.

  9. I do good if I get in 2000 steps, so you're 15,000 sounds fantastic!


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