Thursday, May 9, 2024

Lookout Mountain

On the trail

 Today, ten Senior Trailblazers with the Happy Wanderers group met at the Senior Center to arrange carpools to the Sudden Valley trailhead. It turns out that the other Group 1, the Half Fast Senior Trailblazers, were also scheduled to do the same hike today. Well, it is a big mountain, and our two leaders, Beth and Al, decided to hike somewhat the same trails in opposite directions, and it was just fine. 

Mt Baker from the viewpoint

We also negotiated that we would take the viewpoint for our lunch spot, while the other group would have their break in another spot, just as beautiful, but giving us a chance to enjoy a nice repast after climbing around four miles to here. I was ready to rest a little, but the clear day and warm temperatures were such a treat for us that it was hard to get going again.

Trailblazers in stereo

But we did get going again and decided to hike to the terminus of the trail, another short mile, and when we did we ran into the other group going in the opposite direction. Here you see Beth and Al discussing the rest of the day's journey. It was fun to run into them.

End of the trail and beginning of another one

We turned around here. I've never been on this trail, and it doesn't look like I will be doing it any time soon. I found this on the Washington Trails Association website:
Cougar Ridge Trail had been closed for maintenance but is now open only to downhill mountain biking. It departs from Rufus Creek Trail at its terminus after 4.3 miles or after taking the Baneberry Trail shortcut before the Overlook.
Vanilla leaf plant

We saw lots and lots of these plants, as well as trillium and bleeding hearts everywhere. It's that time of the year when you cannot help but stop and look at the beauty everywhere.

Best trillium bunch

We ended up covering around eight miles and somewhere around a couple thousand feet of elevation. It was steep in places, but mostly we had perfect conditions. It was almost a little too warm for some Pacific Northwesterners like me, who don't do well when it gets too warm. Today was just on the edge, but I sure did have fun, and I look forward to many more delightful days like this!



  1. That first photo is a showstopper DJan. Wow, 8 miles! I truly envy you.

  2. This trek sounds quite challenging, Jan. Well done! It is beautiful too!

  3. As usual, a fine DJan-ity. I am so curious. I wonder if any of the Happy Wanderers or Half Fasters are bloggers? I mean, if I was along for the hike, I couldn’t wait to get home to see what you posted about it. 😊 Neat photos. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

  4. It appears your weather is getting warm like ours. I see some hikers wearing shorts! I've not even gotten shorts out yet, but soon. We have 90 degree forecasts for the weekend.

  5. Another gorgeous shot of Mt Baker.
    I heard it is expected to be warmer than usual this summer here. I hope you don't get it, too. :)

  6. Well done. Again. I really, really hope you have many more such happy days too.

  7. 8 miles? That's a long walk. Good for you.

  8. Were they two-toned trilliums, or was it a trick of the light? I do hope it was the former.

  9. So glad you are able to hike at your age. Good for you.

  10. It is such a beautiful time in the forest, with all of the spring ephemerals covering the ground and blooming.

  11. That's a good distance you covered. The flowers are a joy. I would be forever stopping to photograph them.

  12. I had hoped to get out for a long ride today, but got a fair distance and saw dark clouds approaching. That wasn't in the forecast! But I made it home just before the rain started.


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