Thursday, February 22, 2024

Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve

The Six (and me who took the picture)

Seven Senior Trailblazers with Group 2 went to the Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve this morning to hike the Rufus Creek trail, mostly. Our leader, Beth, is at the map in this picture, pointing out our options. 

"We'll go this way up and another way down"

But first, we took a short side trail to the Waterfall, which is quite full at the moment, and very pretty indeed. This is not far from the parking lot where we started, and it was worth a look before starting our uphill climb.

A mile-long loop from the main trail

It had plenty of water in it, and after we gazed at it for awhile, we returned to the Rufus trail to head up to the Overlook. The weather was better than forecast, with just a few sprinkles and then a little sunshine.

Plenty of good signage

I have to say that it felt a lot longer going up the trail for around a thousand feet of elevation gain. I'm not sure whether knowing it's "only" another mile and a half is a good thing, because it seemed twice as far to me. But it was probably right; knowing the distance always makes me pay closer attention to how I'm feeling. 

Sunshine peeking through the trees

Although it wasn't all that hard of a hike, I did struggle a bit until we got to the viewpoint, which was 3.5 miles from the start of our hike. It seemed like more, but maybe that is because I didn't go out much last week and at my age, it takes hardly any time at all to lose momentum. 

Not much of a view any more

We got to the bench and made ourselves comfy for a nice lunch. We had an interesting conversation about the best way to make a PB&J sandwich. I learned several new techniques and learned that every method has an upside. And then we went back down to the parking lot, taking the Laila June trail instead of the Rufus to return. I think it might be a bit shorter, but we ended up showing around eight miles on our trackers. And we did have fun, too. Another great day with the Trailblazers!

Oh, and I apologize to anyone who was anxiously awaiting my Tuesday post. I forgot, pure and simple. There'll be more of these oopsies in my future, I think. Once to get to a certain age, it's expected!



  1. Would love to learn your newly acquired PB&J techniques!

  2. Sounds like this hike was a bit more work than you expected, but it was still a good day. I like seeing the many new friends you have made. :)

  3. I wonder if you can hear the waterfall? If so, it must sound magical there among the trees. Well done, Jan.

  4. I agree with Honolulu Aunty and it's funny, my favorite photo was the last one. Glad you are doing good, DJan.

  5. I like the waterfall as seen between the trees.

  6. I'd like to know more PB & J techniques too! The only one I know is 'covered' or 'uncovered'... although I used to add potato chips inside the sandwich. And personally prefer chocolate milk to go with it.

  7. DJan, I've often been wanting to comment on your blog, so I'm glad I've figured this out. You go on so many interesting hikes!

  8. Darn! I could swear I wrote a comment here, but I must have goofed. Sheesh! 8 miles?!? Wow! And uphill to boot! Yikes! I'm not sure my knees could take that. And then I'd need the bathroom at the 4 mile mark.


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