Thursday, December 15, 2022

Cold but lovely

Wintry scene, sans snow

Melanie and I decided to make our holiday hike up to Lily Lake, just the two of us. It was supposed to be sunny and cold, but it was mostly cloudy when we started out. Although the forecast was for partly sunny skies, it wasn't that way at first. However, later on the sun did make an appearance. Everything is definitely looking wintry.

Me in front of the decision spot

By the time we climbed up most of the elevation to this spot, we had a decision to make: go to Lizard Lake and make our hike longer, or head to Lily Lake and then return the way we had come. Until we got here, the trail was mostly free of snow, and then it all changed.

Does it look slippery? Yep, it was indeed

This is the first place where we thought that our spikes might be useful to strap onto the bottom of our boots. Unfortunately, I couldn't find mine this morning, but Mel had spares. I thought maybe I could make it to the lake without them.

Lily Lake

We did finally make it to the lake, only to find it frozen solid, and a brisk wind had picked up by this time. We huddled under a tree, while Mel put on her spikes with frozen fingers. I decided to try to make it back myself without falling, which I did, but it was with a lot of careful stepping and caution. The distance where it was icy and snowy was brief. Mel was happy to have put on her spikes, and I'll find mine before we go out next week.

Brief spots of sun broke through the clouds

As we headed back the way we had come, we saw that the sun was definitely beginning to show through all those clouds. And by the time we had returned to the car, having covered seven miles and 1,500 elevation gain and loss, there was more sun in the sky than clouds. Before we hit the freeway, it was full-on sunshine.

Happy holidays from Mel!

We went to the Evolve Cafe for a wonderful late lunch. Although it's been quite awhile since we finished, I am still full and happily so. Mel had a peppermint schnapps hot chocolate with hers, and I enjoyed some cheesy biscuits. It all went very delightfully together with a polenta dish that we both ordered.

As the sun set today at 4:13pm, we were both ensconced in our respective homes, me with my partner, and she with Torquil, her cat. And both feeling pretty good about our choice for the day. I do hope that everyone had a great day, filled with lots of good cheer!



  1. That was a great day at Lily Lake. Such fun with a great friend. Happy holidays to both you and Mel.

  2. All the snow looked a bit hazardous and glad it was a fun hike with no problems.
    Happy Holidays right back at you both. And thank you Mel for being such a great friend to our friend Djan.

  3. That looked lovely - but also dangerous. I am so very glad you stayed upright.

  4. Sometimes the trails are iffy. You navigated the challenge today.

  5. You are brave! I carry L.L. Bean's rubbery pull-on full-foot cleats in my trunk, just in case, around K.C. weather. They really helped me navigate icy sidewalks when I did hospice home care. Linda in Kansas

  6. You are doing so well with your walking. Seven miles is no mean feat in those icy conditions. We have had snow and below freezing temperatures all week. The pavements have got compacted ice on them making walking treacherous. I haven'tbeen able to do much walking lately so enjoyed coming along with you today.

  7. A lunch like that must be especially satisfying after a hike like that.

  8. Sounds like a good hike and a good day all around. Glad no one fell on the icy parts. And having lunch with a friend is always a treat.

  9. I am glad you didn't slip and fall in the snow. And the lunch afterwards sounds divine.

  10. You are a hiker supreme - even in the snow and cold! We are currently in the low 70°s here and I feel rather cold today.

  11. I'll say it again. You and Mel are in amazing shape! That is quite a hike... in the snow and cold no less. I went for a walk with my friend, Diane today. It's so much fun to walk with a friend.

  12. After my fall over a week ago, I'm not much on losing my balance these days ...just glad you two had no mishaps!!!

  13. That hike was a good work out. You'll need those spikes when you walk this coming week!

  14. You are very brave to go out in that unpredictable weather. I am always afraid of falling in the winter months.


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