Thursday, October 14, 2021

Stimpson Nature Reserve

Trees and trail

I've hiked this nature reserve a few times in the past, and I've always found it a good place to be in the rain. The trees, the lush forests of cedar and pine, it never fails to leave me in a good mood when we're done. For some information on this site, you can visit the Whatcom County website. Here's an excerpt:
The forest is largely undisturbed and displays characteristics of an old-growth forest, including Douglas Fir trees over 400 years old, a wide diversity of tree species, snags and decaying logs, and a complex architecture of canopy, understory, shrub layer, and tapestry of the forest floor.
Maidenhair ferns

I also saw a few stands of my favorite fern, the maidenhair, and was so pleased to get a good picture during the light rain that fell much of the time we were out. It was just Melanie and me, again, as the others decided to hike another local favorite, but we were looking forward to experiencing this one alone, or mostly so.

Solitary mushroom

It's the time of the year when the dormant mushrooms again sprout out of the ground, and seem to appear instantaneously, although I do think they take a day or two or three.

Quite the crowd

I don't know how long these have been here, but I suspect they are pretty recently sprouted. Looking at them, you can almost imagine them to be a gathering called together for a  'shroom convention. They crept quite a ways up the tree as well. 

Golden leaves

Although for most of the time we were out, there was a light mist and even a little bit of rain, occasionally the golden leaves would light up when the sun filtered through the forest and gave us an enchanted view. 

Geneva Pond

And then we were at the pond, where we could see the changing leaves around it, and if you were to look very closely, you can see tiny little raindrops falling lightly. The stillness of the pond's reflection, under a cloudy sky, completed the atmosphere of peace and contentment.

The trail back from Geneva Pond

And then we made our way back along the footpath to the trailhead, having enjoyed a wonderful morning in the nature reserve. We covered 5.5 miles in total, with an elevation gain and loss around 600 feet. Not our usual distance or elevation, but we were both so happy to be out here, together, enjoying this natural forest treasure.



  1. A perfect outing!! All of it. Beauty surrounds you DJ

  2. A wonderful place to hike. In spite of the very different forests and trails we have, in some ways they're identical, like your favourite Maidenhair Fern, also a favourite of mine.

  3. It looks and sounds wonderful. I love the shroom convention.

  4. It sounds like the reserve is an old friend with plants and views that you like and are familiar with.

  5. Nice hike! Those ferns are very pretty!

  6. Ilove ferns.
    That pond is beautifully serene.

  7. Firs and ferns. Looks like a lovely place to walk!

  8. I love the pond photo with the reflection. The ferns are still looking very vibrant and green.

  9. Those mushrooms and the ferns are so beautiful. I am glad that you had an enjoyable hike through the forest. Always nice to get some fresh air and exercise.

  10. What a delightful place to hike. Nice trials, light rain, just enough exercise and a lovely pond to ease the mind. Sounds like wonderful therapy for mind and body to me.

  11. I visited the website and it said that cougar also inhabit the area. Have you ever seen one, DJan? I can handle coyotes and bobcats, don't know about cougars... although I imagine they avoid us as much as we avoid them. Beautiful hiking area.

  12. Your pond photo is wonderful. Makes me think of On Golden Pond, the idea, not necessarily the movie.

  13. Your interest in David Michie’s writings tells me you are interested in expanding your awareness of the spiritual aspects of life. I believe we are both on that path. Lately I’ve become aware of how nature can help humans in many ways … IF we will let it. (Big IF) Your walk in this forest is a perfect example. Get out there, let go of worries, enjoy the beauty without needing to put labels on things. Excellent post. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos, DJan. But wow! You’re walking out there in the woods again with all the uneven surfaces. I’m just envious! That is a much prettier place to walk than where we walk on mornings when it doesn’t rain.


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