Thursday, October 21, 2021

Another Fragrance Lake attempt

Samish Bay from Fragrance Lake overlook

 Today I tried once again to hike up to Fragrance Lake, after having decided, as Melanie put it, to "take a trip" two weeks ago today: face planting and earning myself an enormous black eye. Fortunately, today there was no repeat of the desire to get up close and personal with the ground. My first shot was of the bay from the overlook on the way to the lake, with gorgeous golden trees in the foreground.

Sue, Melanie, and Kirk

The rest of the Senior Trailblazers decided to take one last trip up the Mt. Baker Highway to enjoy the lovely weather forecast for the day. Sue and Kirk didn't want to make the drive, so they joined us for a trip to Fragrance Lake and beyond, where we headed back down the Two Dollar trail on the far side of the lake. It is actually just to make the hike a bit longer than it would be if we only went up to the lake.

Far side of the lake

We walked to the other side of the lake from where the previous picture was taken. You can see the opening directly opposite. The lack of any wind at all made the lake smooth as glass. Although you can't see it in this picture, there were little water striders in the foreground water seeming to be having a really good time.

Another painted rock

We saw this pretty rock in the same vicinity as the other one we found last time we were here. It's a little different, but it looks like it was painted by the same artist.

Me taking the picture

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Kirk was taking a picture of me as I was snapping the rock portrait above. I never knew my pink scalp is so visible through my white hair, but it's too good a picture not to share it anyway. Now I know what everybody else already did!

The lake is visible through the trees

Then we hiked up to a place quite a bit higher than the lake to have a quick bite to eat. The weather was almost eerily warm, way more than would be normal at this time of the year, so we enjoyed sitting in this lovely spot longer than we would have otherwise.

Packing up to head back down

But soon we gathered up our belongings and made our way back down to Fragrance Lake, enjoying the mild weather and the relatively few other people we saw during the day. 

Sun and a little wind on the lake

I noticed that the sun had emerged from the clouds to light up the trees as we passed by the lake again. The breeze was very light, but still it created a few ripples to add to the scene. 

Magnificent trees and golden leaves

As we usually do, we walked back to the trailhead via the service road, after having ascended to the lake along the trail. This gives us a chance to make a loop rather than an out-and-back hike. We covered 6.5 miles and 1,400 feet up and down, so we had a pretty good workout while taking our time and enjoying the beauty all around us. 

I sure hope the rest of the Trailblazers are having as good a day. I know they must have had to deal with some snow, but the incredibly mild weather and the possibility of a nice view likely assured them of a good day, too. However, I am feeling great and glad we did Fragrance today!



  1. Gorgeous photos!! I love the ripples from the breeze on the lake.
    Great walk (hike) and I enjoyed it all.

    Funny play on words..."take a trip".

  2. Glad you managed without injury this time!

  3. October is giving us some beautiful fall weather. You're taking good advantage of it.

  4. Another lovely hike on a lovely day.
    No hiking for me but we did take advantage of the weather forecast for today to be up early -for us- and get all of the tulip bulbs planted. Actually Tom finished that job while I went off to the dentist at 11:30. At 4:00 we were at Irene's soccer match, and were happy to have a balmy, early game before the rain arrived. Now we can be happy to be inside tomorrow.

  5. I am very glad that you did Fragrance today too - and that you shared its beauty with us.
    Thank you.

  6. I would much more enjoy a bit more liesurely hike where I could relax and take pictures and stop and enjoy the scenery. Was just lovely! :)

  7. I'm curious about the painted rock. Just last week, on my walk, I spotted painted rocks beside the waterfront trail. Is this a new "thing" or just my first time to notice it? Sure enjoyed the pictures of your walk. Neat post!

  8. The trees all lit up, surrounding that lake sure look beautiful and you have a nice head of hair DJan! I envy you. :^)

  9. Think I have that pink scalp thing also. It is the white hair that makes it noticeable. Don't think any pictures of the back side should be allowed:)
    So glad you were trip free and had such a lovely day.

  10. No accidents! Sounds like a good day hiking! I like the painted rocks, I have seen a few in town:)

  11. Haha. I wish someone would take a photo of the back of my head. What does it look like?

  12. It just struck me as such an odd juxtaposition that you had a stinkiin fall at fragrant lake. I know there's a word for what I am trying to say, but I can't think of it now. :)

  13. I really wish the phase of leaving painted rocks in the wild places would go away. It’s just graffiti. We have enough graffiti everywhere now.

  14. That "back of your head" picture made me decide to have Terry take a picture of my head so as to get an idea what others see. I have a makeup mirror attached to my bathroom wall that gives me some idea, but the photo is even better.

  15. Very glad you had a nice outdoor play day doing what you love to do.

  16. 6 and a half miles UP and down? Oh MY GOSH! You are amazing! They should call that lake Reflection Lake. It's gorgeous. Finding those beautiful painted rocks must be like a treasure hunt.

  17. So serene and calming vistas. We could all do with a few more views in our days such as these. Thank you for sharing DJan


  18. Glad you had the mild weather ... and the injury-free hike!


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