Thursday, September 3, 2020

Maple Grove and more

Where we began today's journey
Today, Melanie and I made the long journey south to Baker Lake to begin our hike to Maple Grove. The weather was astoundingly good, clear skies and cool temperatures to begin, at least. We started early, since we had to drive an hour and a half to reach this spot.
The trail
It is a magical place, feeling much like I imagine a fairyland would, with huge trees festooned with moss, lots of green ferns along the sides, a quiet hush on the trail as we made our way towards Maple Grove, about four miles from the start.
Sturdy bridge
We crossed this bridge, which is usually accompanied by a roaring torrent of water, but at this time of year, it was actually quite mild. I never cross these bridges without being very careful and holding on to the railing for dear life. Melanie almost skipped across!
Mt. Baker reflected in Baker Lake
At Anderson Point we have our first view of Mt. Baker. The water in the lake was quite still and made for a perfect reflection. A few boats rippled the water, but otherwise it was perfectly calm.
More beauty
Looking to the left of Baker, this view caught my eye, with the perfect symmetry of the trees, with those on the right showing the first signs of fall. It was sublime.
Red maple leaves turning
Melanie walked out towards the water to get a couple more shots, and I saw her framed in this delightful scene like a forest sprite, with the dramatic color of the lake behind and the red leaves in front.
Maidenhair ferns
All along the trail, I saw my favorite ferns in large clumps. The maidenhair fern usually grows near water, but several times I saw them just looking pretty without any obvious water source.
Mel with giant tree
Towards the end our day's journey, I asked Mel to stand next to this tree, so that its size can be truly appreciated. Dappled sunlight completes the picture. We went out and back, covering more than eight miles and a mere 800 feet up and down. But it was enough to make my feet hurt and pointed out my lack of fitness. I always thought of this hike as being easy, but it was anything but for me today. However, once we were back at the car and on our way home, I felt nothing but gratitude for such a fabulous day. My aches and pains melted away. Pretty much, anyway.


  1. We can get out of shape much faster that we can get in shape. Keep at it . You're having fun.

  2. What a beauty of a view of your Mt Baker! How wonderful for you to get out and hike!

  3. Oh how beautiful - and what a spectacular reflection.
    Sadly, and unfairly, Red is right. We lose condition MUCH faster than we gain it.

  4. That view of Mt. Baker is breathtaking! Lovely photos--all of them. :)

  5. My goodness. This would be an area I'd go to often!! Stunning scenes, little elevation increase (my heart pumping can't take high altitude any more), and great company! An eight mile hike & only sore feet? Not out of shape at all!

  6. Mossy trees are great, as is the little footbridge.

  7. Absolutely loved that Mt. Baker reflection. What a pretty place to enjoy. Red is so right about getting out of and into shape. Glad you recouped quickly.

  8. Your view of Mt. Baker is my favourite.

  9. The trail through those woods is balm for the soul. Just beautiful! I can imagine being tired physically but invigorated spiritually!

  10. Some of these photos could be made into postcards. Very beautiful shots.

  11. Perfect. Calm, blue sky, a beautiful, flat trail, mountain views.

  12. Beautiful shot of Baker and of the maples turning. That looks like a gorgeous hike.


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