Saturday, January 5, 2019

Wonderful walk, this time without wind

Our Saturday walking group
Look at all the people who showed up for our Saturday walk this morning. I cannot say "the ladies" because of Gordon, who has now joined us four times. He did warn us, however, that he will soon be returning to his home in Arizona and won't be with us for awhile. He hopes to return sometimes in March, however.

It was wonderful to wake up to no wind for a change. The skies were cloudy but no rain yet, so we happily walked almost seven miles around Whatcom Falls Park. I just saw that we have another major windstorm on the way for tonight, with lots of rain, so we lucked out today.

Most of these ladies have been friends for many years, and I look forward to the socializing we carry on along the trail and, often, afterwards over coffee. We discussed movies, books, and even a little bit of politics. Then I headed home to have a nice lunch and get ready for the movies with my friend Judy. Pretty much a perfect Saturday.
Whatcom Falls
And the water was roaring over the falls this morning. I took a picture last fall, at the end of our dry summer, and there was barely a trickle. Very different today!


  1. Those falls are truly impressive. Enjoy your perfect Saturday. And many more like it.

  2. I envy you having such good friends that you get to see on a weekly basis. That is very special, and I think it's good for your health.

  3. Senior groups such as your walkers are just as valuable for social interaction as physical exercise.

  4. That's quite a gaggle of walkers and talkers. Glad you have dry weather and fun.

  5. It's great to hang out with a bunch of old friends, esp. if you're walking with the wind and slightly downhill!

  6. Quite a lively and colorful group. Love that little dog. Those falls are awesome. Bet they make quite a roar.

  7. LOVE the photo of Whatcom Falls! And, to answer your question...those animals in the tall grass are javelina.


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