Thursday, January 31, 2019

British Army trail 2019

Up the Alternate Incline trail
Thirteen Senior Trailblazers decided today to head to the Upper Trailhead on Blanchard Mountain to reach the British Army trail. Since we are in this general vicinity often during the winter months, we decided to try a different trail than our usual one. We walked up the road until we got to the Alternate Incline trail to start our trip, first to Lizard Lake and then to the British Army trail.
We went from cold to just moderately cold
The weather was pretty nice, considering that the rain that was forecast for the day had been moved to this evening. It hasn't started yet (now after 5:00pm), so that made our day much nicer than we expected. Hardly any wind and hiking uphill meant that we needed to shed some of our gear. We got to Lizard Lake and then went down the British Army trail.
Melanie and Tom pointing out the trail sign
Once we got here, we knew that the trail would lead us back down to the road, but we wanted to explore it, so we headed down the trail until we were ready to turn around. Then we hiked back up the trail until we again reached Lizard Lake. Since it was almost noon, we stopped there for lunch.
Today's lunch spot
Once we sat down, of course we had to don all those extra clothes again. A slight breeze also helped to make us feel a bit on the cold side. But considering how cold we might have been, if it had rained, we were quite happy to enjoy ourselves and even take our time at lunch.
Lizard Lake
After lunch, I walked over to get a view of the lake. It seemed to me that the level is a bit lower than I've seen it in past visits. Al said the lack of rain could be the reason. Well, tonight and tomorrow we are expected to receive plenty of rain, and it'll fill the lake back to its usual level, I suspect.
Turkey tail mushroom
Melanie pointed out this pretty mushroom to me. It's hard, not soft, leading me to believe it's a turkey tail mushroom. I looked it up online (hence the link) and found that it's filled with antioxidants, if one wanted to eat it. To me, it's not very appealing. The link is interesting, though.
Nearing the end of the hike
We walked back following the Lily/Lizard trail instead of returning the way we had come. When we cross this bridge, I think of the hike as being almost finished. In any event, we covered around eight miles and 2,000 feet up and down. A good day, filled with delightful conversation and exercise. And no rain!


  1. The look on the faces says it all. It was a very enjoyable day.

  2. Incredible weather, Jan. Another great day.

  3. You had another great hike! That fungi is very interesting:)

  4. I had never heard of turkey-tail mushrooms and found the link fascinating. Thank you.
    Loved walking with you too (the easy way).

  5. You are all so amazing! And so healthy. That turkey tail mushroom is certainly well named.

  6. British Army trail? Sounds like there's a story behind it.

  7. Always something of interest here...and your commentary is super. Now that mushroom is a new one to me!

  8. Read about the mushroom and I can imagine dicing it up and putting it in soup, for sure. Sounds really good for you.

    Nice dry hike with good company. :)

  9. Wouldn't hurt to have a pack donkey to carry the clothes all 13 of you may wear or no longer need. You have to carry so many options but I know you are used to it. Think I will go check out that mushroom.

  10. Amazing to see greenery during winter.

  11. So much more pleasant in the dry weather. It looks a great walk.

  12. The last day of January was a great day for being outside. Looks like February is going to bring us some wintry weather.

  13. Today is my late husband’s birthday and I wish I could take a walk in nature, but it is not possible. Coming to your block and looking at your beautiful picture of Lizard Lake and reading about your walk helps a lot. My knees are much better but my ankle is not and I cannot walk very far. I am afraid of finding out about an operation, or not. I saw in your earlier posts that you had a Lookout Mountain in your area, just like near Trenton, GA. I’ll have to go and take a look (in my car) at that mountain and take pictures so we can see how different these two mountains are. It is always lovely to come to your blog; I am trying to get back commenting and not caring how long the move will take.

  14. Absolutely fantastic job you have done here. And Thank you for sharing with us


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