Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Brand new year 2019

Gathering at Lake Padden
One of the traditions that the Saturday walkers has enjoyed for years is a gathering on the first day of a new year to walk around the Lake Padden and then share leftover holiday food and hot coffee and chocolate. Cindy (our leader) always brings lots of thermoses filled with hot beverages and a couple of delicious homemade goodies. The rest of us share whatever we feel moved to bring, or even something we really want out of the house as we start the new year.
The tasty spread
I stopped at the grocery store on the way to buy those mandarin oranges, some of which were eaten, but mostly all the cookies and cakes were polished off in a flash. It was really nice to see everybody, along with some friends I hadn't seen in awhile, like my friend Rita.
Me and my dear friend Rita
Rita no longer hikes with us on Thursdays because she's a dedicated dancer, and her tap dancing class was changed to Thursdays, so she has to make priorities, as do we all. But it was simply delightful to see her again, and to find out how she's doing. It seems she's just as active as ever: bicycling, dancing, and walking when she finds the time.

It's a fun way to begin a new year. The Polar Bear Club has probably splashed around in the lake by now (I think it starts around noon) and the relatively mild temperature means there were lots of people taking the plunge. We skedaddled away long before, although there were some who decided to take another trip around the lake first. But I had eaten more than I should have, and Lily and I headed off for home instead.


  1. Hooray for friendship - and wonderful traditions.
    A Very, Very Happy New Year to you dear DJan.

  2. Happy New Year, DJan!! I'm happy to hear you were able catch up with Rita.

  3. A little social activity like this helps to keep the group together.

  4. We had a the traditional polar bear plunge here also. 40 degrees outside & water temp 67. Crazy!

    LOVE the photos & LOVE mandarin oranges!!

  5. Great way to welcome the New Year and nice that Rita could join in. Good food and good company, perfect.
    Hope you took some of those oranges home.

  6. Such a great tradition and a great way to let go of the tempting treats!

  7. What a fun tradition! I'd never join the Polar Bear Club, though--brrr! ;)

  8. I'm a day late to your post. I forgot to even check blogs on January 1. Hmmm. Well, I'm back at it now, as we settle into a new year.


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