Thursday, January 17, 2019

Busch Gardens 2019

Peter and Norma Jean on the way to Busch Gardens
This morning we three all left for Tampa's Busch Gardens, with me as the honored guest of Peter, who is an annual pass holder. We drove there to spend the day at the place I visited for the first time last February. The two of them visit several times a year. And I didn't even get on one ride.
The Falcon's Fury ride
Last year, I did ride this one with Peter (Norma Jean does not do such rides), and I enjoyed it. Insteady, today we watched a couple of shows and saw ABBA, along with a lovely ice skating show, incredibly well choreographed. Lots of costume changes and flawless performances.
The Serengeti Plains
Then we enjoyed a fun train excursion to the Busch Gardens' version of the Serengeti Plains, with lots of animals like giraffes, zebras, and rhinos. You could choose, if you wanted, to take a closer look with a pricey safari, but instead we took this one, which was included with the regular price.
Enormous rhinos from the train
It was a fun day, very different from my usual trip with the Senior Trailblazers, but we did a fair amount of walking, and Norma Jean and I had also walked almost four miles earlier. We weren't able to swim today or yesterday because of the cold weather, but tomorrow looks to be on track for a good swim, my first of the trip so far. From here on, it should be smooth sailing as far as the weather goes.
A ride I didn't take today
It seemed a little strange not to get on any of the rides, but in some ways I was relieved. No need to get overly frightened today, and the company with the three of us was wonderful. More on Saturday.


  1. Falcon's Fury would be perfect for a sky diver. So glad you're having such a great time, DJan.

  2. Love that place. Always fun even without the rides.

  3. I have never been to Busch Gardens. It looks like a place I should visit.

  4. We spent a day at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg many years ago when my kids were younger than my grand kids are now. We did go on cray rides. I wouldn't now though.

  5. It does look lovely - and you didn't need to tell any of us that you are continuing to get your exercise. We would be amazed if you weren't.
    Have fun.

  6. It is a fun place! Hope you are getting some warmth and sunshine:)

  7. Been a long time since I was there. Enjoy all the animals--who needs to be scarified on a ride?

  8. My folks took Dagan and I when he was just ten or eleven (44 now) and there was no Serengeti adventure or ice skating show or exciting rides. I seem to remember a water skiing show and ladies wandering about the gardens in long, colorful, hooped dresses carrying matching sun parasols (seemed a boring job--mostly there so people could take pictures of them). Seems a lot more exciting place to visit now! Enjoy your precious time with family!! :)

  9. What a nice place to relax and enjoy the environment and animals. Wish I were there right now.

  10. When we lived in Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida (back in 1968 -1970) we went to Busch Gardens. I imagined it has changed a lot since then. Glad you are having a good time... and enjoying the warmer weather!


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