Thursday, November 1, 2018

More rain this week

Chanterelle trail this morning
Well, last week seems like it was dry in comparison to today's hike. We knew from the forecast that it would be wet, and of course we were ready. It was already raining when ten Senior Trailblazers showed up at the Center. Ten? Really? What a dedicated group! I was more than a little surprised. I had to wrestle with myself all morning to decide to go ahead and brave the elements.
Melanie's delightful mushroom picture
Melanie took some nice pictures; this is one of my favorites of hers, with the mushrooms and greenery showing that even when there are no grand vistas, looking closely at the ground will give rise to some beauty, even when it's wet.
Dave, Jim, Joy, Al, Kirk, Tom, Mike, Chris
This is the overlook on the Chanterelle trail, where we would normally have had a good view. You can tell from our clothing that it was wet. A steady rain fell the whole time we were hiking.
The view from the overlook
This was the view, which was better than I expected it would be. Those low clouds are full of rain, too, and we only continued a short distance up from this spot, just to make it a round trip of five miles and around 1,000 feet up and down. 
Me busy taking pictures
Both Melanie and I are not in the group shot because we were busy being photographers. She took this one of me, which shows that I'm dressed for the weather. However, I did find that my raincoat is no longer doing its job. With this much rain, I ended up quite soggy underneath, while both Joy and Chris were dry. It turns out they both have raincoats made of the same fabric. I'm going down to REI to see if I can find one for myself, before our next adventure in the rain.
Our lunch spot today
Most of us had lunch at the Senior Center (Mike took off for home instead of joining us), where we were warm and dry and could actually relax instead of huddle somewhere trying to eat something fast and get moving again before getting too cold.

It was a really nice day, even if on the wet side, and I'm glad I got some exercise with these great colleagues, and that we were able to enjoy the great Pacific Northwest outdoors together. And now I'm dreaming about finding that perfect raincoat.


  1. We're driving in the rain tomorrow. Ugh. I'd rather be walking.

  2. The rain does make for a rather dramatic view from the high ground, I think.

  3. You are a hardy soul, Jan. Hope you find that raincoat you need.

  4. Is there a new fabric that's both breathable and waterproof? Most rain gear that is not rubber or plastic based will soak up eventually. Do share what you find.

  5. Rain? Jealous thoughts.
    Happy for you, but jealous too.

  6. Hiking in the rain is doable. Once you've gone a mile it ends up being quite pleasant.

  7. You all always end up in a nice, warm place afterward, where there seems to be a lot of camaraderie.

  8. good luck with the raincoat search! Did you dry out quickly before lunch? I'd hate to go indoors somewhere still soggy to eat. But I'm a wimp. LOL

  9. Smart to take an indoor lunch. Hope you find a good raincoat. The right gear is the difference between smiling in inclement weather and just tolerating it.

  10. Although the weather looked miserable the company made up for it.

  11. Still was a beautiful view! Love the mushroom shot.
    That's the nice thing about hiking with friends--you can find out what the best equipment or clothing is to buy. I hope you find a nice raincoat! :)

  12. You have the best of times with your hiking friends, rain or shine :)
    Spectacular views on your journeys.
    Thank you for sharing such beauty.

  13. Good luck finding the raincoat. I like that photo of you.

  14. It was a good choice to eat inside. With all the rain looks to be chilly? My favorites today are the 'shrooms & YOU!

    Thanks for your kind words last week! So VERY much appreciated...


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