Thursday, September 13, 2018

Two Dollar trail and beyond

Start and end of today's hike (somebody lost a strap)
Because of the rather rainy forecast for the day, we (fourteen Senior Trailblazers) decided not to make the long drive south for our scheduled hike. Instead, we ventured into the Chuckanuts for what is fast becoming a favorite trip: up the Two Dollar trail, skirt around Fragrance Lake to hike up the South Lost Lake trail, up the Rock trail to Gates Overlook, then returning via Fragrance Lake (adding a loop around the lake), and then back down the Two Dollar trail. Many thanks to Melanie for suggesting this trip today.
Up the wide trail to the next turnoff
Although rain threatened and we got an occasional drop or two, it wasn't ever enough to make us stop to put on rain gear. We're hardy Pacific Northwesterners, after all. The overcast skies made it cool and delightful hiking weather.
South Lost Lake trail in the mist
The misty fog came and went during our time outdoors today, but the wet leaves by the side of the trail told us that it had rained here recently. However, the weather gods were on our side.
Today's group, with Melanie our photographer
Melanie took this picture of us on the Rock trail. As you can see from the way we are dressed, it wasn't cold and/or rainy, as we expected it would be.
Magnificent rock in the mist
The Rock trail is really beautiful at all times of the year. We talked about having been here after an ice storm, with great sheets of ice sliding down off these walls, or in heavy rain with everything dripping wet. But today it was just perfect, if you ask me. I had no trouble with the pace, keeping up easily with the others, thanks to the cool temperature.
Looking at Bellingham Bay
Then we reached Gates Overlook, at the top of the Rock trail, and wonder of wonders, we actually had a bit of a view! It came and went while we stopped for lunch, but there was little wind and we were quite comfy as we shared a leisurely lunch. It was then time to return to the cars, which we did by making a trip down the Fragrance Lake trail from the road, and then making a loop around the lake before rejoining the Two Dollar trail.
Fragrance Lake
We stopped for awhile and admired the lake and watched the little water bugs skipping across the water. Nobody was in a hurry to get anywhere today, and because we were right in town and not having traveled a long distance, we knew we would be back home early.
Golden maple leaves
There were signs of fall everywhere, and it made me realize once again how soon we will be back in the Chuckanuts without any more chance to visit the High Country. There are worse fates than having to spend our time on this trail, don't you think? We covered almost nine miles and just over 2,000 feet up and down. And the conversations I both participated in with others, as well as those I overheard, were very interesting. What a fine day!


  1. There are DEFINITELY worse fates than spending time on that beautiful trail - with companions of choice.

  2. Fragrance Lake is particularly beautiful.

  3. Fall is in the air. Fabulous pictures. Nine miles - wow!

  4. Lovely place and the name Two Dollar Trail cracks me up.

  5. That looks like a very pleasant hike. Good for you for managing 9 miles!

  6. Conversation amongst my birders happens the same way as your hikers. It's never quiet.

  7. It is gorgeous there! Perfect place, weather and friends!

  8. Looks like a marvelous day!! :)

  9. Love that your group of friends hikes every Thursday, rain or shine.

  10. Had to smile as I noticed you are the runt of the bunch. Me too. That sounds like a delightful day with great paths, decent weather good company and nothing hurt.

  11. Nice hike and the weather sounded okay good for you!

  12. I love the idea of Fragrance Lake. I'm wondering if there's a strong scent there.


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