Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday morning

Changing colors everywhere
This morning, only ten women showed up for one of our favorite walks around Lake Padden. It figures, since our leader Cindy is in Italy right now, and her energy is always missed when she's not here. Our substitute leader did a great job, though, taking us through two loops around the lake. We've done it so often that there's no chance of getting lost, but we still need a leader. The two loops give us 5.2 miles of moderate terrain, with a nice trail and lots of shade.

We didn't need the shade this morning, however, as the overcast skies and a light breeze kept us on the cool side. Perfect for a walk. Afterwards, Lily and I went to Whole Foods where I got a smoothie (Green Goodness with extra kale) while she had breakfast. Then we came home, where I met SG just as he was leaving. It's funny, often one of us is often coming as the other is going. Our neighbors must wonder if we TRY to avoid each other. But no, it's just that we have different internal clocks. I'm an early riser and he's late to bed. We start our days quite differently.

It's hard for me to believe, but October begins on Monday! What happened to September? It flew right by, and now we are truly in autumn. Trees are turning everywhere, and our wonderful Indian Summer is here, which I will enjoy as much as possible before I must adjust to the rain and dark days. Oh, well, I'm feeling grateful and happy to be out and about.


  1. David and I get up at different hours because he goes to bed late and I go to bed early.

  2. We operate on different time clocks just as you and smart guy do. I am often up three or four hours before himself. And to bed earlier too.
    That does look like a delightful walk.

  3. Yes, signs of Autumn everywhere we look.
    I totally disappeared inside your picture, what a perfect start to Autumn !

  4. September has been a bust. I've never seen a Sept. with all poor weather. I took my potatoes out today as they forecast a low of minus 6 C.

  5. We are not early risers, but I did set the alarm for 7:30 so we would not waste the morning> I got my hour of physical therapy exercises done, and the home accounting done and bills paid before we left at 10:45 for the 1:00 Sounders match. It was a beautiful warm/cool afternoon, and a great 4-0 win!

  6. I can hardly believe it's October already too. However, unlike Seattle, our weather here in Hawaii has been terribly hot and muggy. Not fun. I can just imagine how beautiful the fall colors will be.

  7. Lily is a good friend! :)

    This year has been speeding by so quickly. I was just thinking of how slowly each year went by when I was young. Enjoy the cooler weather! :)

  8. I am loving the cooler temperatures and damp days! Finally a relief from our toasty summer.

  9. Uh, I'm sorry but I am not dune with September yet. Dang, it just got here.
    Funny about you and SG's schedules. However, it should make the time you do get to spend together precious and fun.

  10. So happy to go virtual hiking with you as my hiking days are over alas.

    I loved the Mount Baker pics particularly, I felt I was there.


  11. :) Interesting different peoples schedules.

  12. September came and went with a flash!
    I love seeing all the Fall colors on your blog, I really miss those! The Mediterranean and its beautiful blue are wonderful most of the year, but in Fall I miss the technicolor show from other places where I've lived... You're lucky you've got such a nice place to go on weekly walks, with the changing colors it's always new!


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