Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September song

Garden bounty
We are at the end of the summer season, and we are gathering the harvest of tomatoes, corn, and some pears from a nearby neighbor. I should go out and gather the final beans out of my own garden and put them on this table for someone else to enjoy.

We have a wonderful gardener who just joined us this past year, Carter, and he is out there most often and brought in this table, as well as lots of straw to act as mulch, and is rebuilding our compost bins. He's a gem, and I look forward to seeing what he decides to plant next year. I won't post a picture of my sad garden spot, which was somewhat neglected towards the end of the season.
Leaves on fire
I saw this tree beginning to turn last week, when we still had blue skies, on my way to the gym for my morning workout. I suspect by now it's even more red, but our skies are mostly cloudy and we are having intermittent rain showers. Even the rain is welcome after a very dry spring and summer. Fall is my favorite season, and I never get tired of seeing the brilliant colors. And the cooler temperatures make me very happy indeed. Hope you're having a good week.

The significance of today's anniversary is also brought home by the commemorations around the country, and I think back to seventeen years ago and how many tears we as a nation cried. It will take many more years before we can look back without feeling our hearts break once again.


  1. Today was a very somber day for me. All the commemorations and remembrances brought me right back to this day 17 years ago.

  2. It has been a slow, quiet, peaceful day here - a little shopping at Costco, a little yard work, watching the dark clouds pile up over the mountains and hearing the rumble of thunder, while most of the time the sun shines brightly on us here in Reeder Garden.
    I haven't spent much time thinking about this anniversary of 9/11. As much as it is so very tragic for those still experiencing personal heartache, it has also been a catalyst for so much hate and war and continuing death, mostly in other lands. I hope by the 20th anniversary we can commemorate without the hate.

  3. Wow, trees are already turning there? Lucky you! Here in Florida, it's still 91...

  4. What a nice gesture to share with others! Yes today is a day that will forever live in history. :(

  5. I like the sharing table! Leaves turning, nights cooling...fall is here. :)

  6. We went to a 9/11 ceremony last night outside Philadelphia ... not a dry eye in the place, including mine.

  7. Amazing how the horror of that day comes back so fresh each year.

  8. Very nice bounty from the earth. And what a wonderful gardener you have as a friend.

  9. I love that your gardener friend shares his bounty with everyone.

    9/11 is one of those days that stays etched in your brain. I remember being in my classroom that morning and children coming in to tell me a big plane had crashed into a New York building. I told them not to worry... that I was sure it was just a small plane and hopefully too many people were not injured. I was trying to reassure them... but then everything broke out and we were all in shock. And how to explain all this to first graders... it was a truly hard day.

    My son was in Mali, west Africa which is a mostly Muslim country as a Peace Corps volunteer. He says everybody kept looking at them and just staring, not knowing what to say or think.

  10. I see some changes in the leaves here in western NC mountains. I love fall and I just hope we don't jump right into winter. Right now our state is getting ready for a hurricane that will hit the coast, but I don't think I will feel much from it. We might have flash flooding in the lower areas. I am half way up a mountain side. Yes, 9/11 will always be a day to remember.

  11. I think sharingharvest is a kind gesture. I no longer wish to recall the horrors of past events. I now try to focus on the more positive ones. Positive thoughts are needed now. Did you know there is another 9/11?
    In 1989 , on 9 /11 the wall came down and communism of Russia came to an end? It is not mention much now yet it was an amazing peaceful historical event.


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