Thursday, June 7, 2018

Noisy Creek 2018

Maidenhair fern
Today twelve Senior Trailblazers gathered to make our annual trip to Noisy Creek on Baker Lake, a LONG 75-mile drive one way, but well worth it. This particular hike along the lake takes us from the trailhead to the Noisy Creek campground, with incredibly lovely views. I am a fan of maidenhair ferns, which grow in profusion along the side of the trail, always near water.
Melanie and Victoria in front of Hidden Creek
We cross many roaring creeks on the way to the noisy one, but they are ALL remarkedly beautiful to look at. We had several hikers who had never been here before: Victoria was one of them.
Peggy stopping for a quick picture
The sun came and went all day long, mostly cloudy but occasionally the sun would light up the trees, as in this picture. But whether we were in sun or clouds, the lush greenery filled our hearts with gladness. We made our way to the campground, where we would have lunch.
Our lunch spot
We found a nice sunny spot for our lunch break, while some of our number decided to make a short hike up to the magnificent Old Growth trees. I was tired and had already seen these trees a few times already, so I enjoyed a leisurely lunch instead.
Baker lake
There was a pretty good breeze whipping up the lake, and although we only got a glimpse or two of the mountain, we all enjoyed the company and the amazing views as we spent a fairly long break at the lake. Once we were all together again, it was difficult to make the decision to start back the way we had come. This is an out-and-back hike, at least five miles each way.
Trail to the Noisy Creek bridge
Since some of our hikers had never been all the way to the Noisy  Creek bridge, they followed the path down this trail to enjoy seeing it. The water really is that pretty turquoise color. And then it was finally time to make the return trip.
Peggy and I taking a quick break on the way back
As often happens, the return seemed longer than the trip out. We like to call this the result of the "trail stretcher" that sometimes appears to make us notice how tired we are on the final trip back to the cars.
Victoria and Louann
I did ask these two hikers if they would allow me to to take a picture of one of my very favorite trees on the way back. It's a magnificent cedar tree that is probably older than all three of our ages added together. And it was a fitting end to my chronicle of today's wonderful excursion into the beautiful wilderness we visited today. Now I am happy and just took the last swig of my wine as I finish this post. I hope you all will enjoy this as much as I did in experiencing it today.


  1. I am now heading into bed, at an early hour. :-)

  2. We made it back home today from our stay at Rockaway
    Beach. I will have some catching up to do on blogging, reading, commenting, and publishing. You are first! Love that big tree!

  3. Sleep well.
    And thank you so much for showing us the beauty. And the wonder.

  4. Being out in such beauty must be energizing when you are there. I can understand the weariness on the way back though. Sleep was well deserved!

  5. Baker Lake looks like a welcome sight!

  6. Oh I love those ferns, too. That turquoise water is amazing. You can tell this hike was definitely worth the drive to get there. :)

  7. That area of the forest and that cypress tree are both amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Finally ... I'm beginning to really appreciate the beauty, serenity and companionship of your walks. We took a walk along Oregon's Powder River today. Amazing!

  9. What a nice hike, but a long one. Is this the easy group or did you give up on them?:)


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