Tuesday, June 19, 2018

It won't be long now

One of my three zucchini plants
I think there will be enough zucchini if they continue along at this pace for me to feed the entire community. I'm so pleased to see them doing so well, since last year they didn't flourish like this. Hence, my decision to have three plants this year. I remember the first time I grew zucchini, I saw an enormous yellow blossom and was thrilled. The next day when I went into the garden, it was beginning to shrivel up. Why, I wondered, is it not working? Well, that is when I discovered that the zucchini emerges from the flower itself. I am a much more experienced gardener this year, and our bounty will be shared so that nothing is wasted.
First raspberries beginning to turn color
And look! Our raspberries are continuing to ripen, and I'd guess that in another week I'll be harvesting some of them. I love this gardening business, I really do.
Too many books
I also put in a request on line at the library website when there is a book I'd like to read. Sometimes I know it will be a long wait because the book is new or popular, but most of the above books were recommended by someone, and suddenly they all showed up at once! If no one else has requested a book, I can renew it, but if anybody wants it, I cannot. So, between puttering in the garden and my regular exercise routine, I'll have at least one of these going for the next few weeks.


  1. Your garden is flourishing! It looks like a great harvest is around the corner.

  2. Look at your green thumb! Everything is flourishing!

  3. I still have not eaten zucchini in any form.

  4. Loving your garden - and the books.
    And thinking about stuffed zuch flowers now. Also tasty.

  5. It was feast or famine with the books!
    Looks like feasting time!! So happy.
    I love love LOVE a good book....
    We didn't plant a garden this year....first time in a long time. I am giving the Farmer's Market our business...(we just waited a little too late to get our seed in the ground....our fault.)
    But....we still enjoy the bounty of someone else's harvest. It's still delish!!
    Hugs and love to you....

  6. Yes, our food crops are beginning to show promise!
    I take forever to finish a book, too much other stuff going on. The library system would never do for me. I am currently reading "The President is Missing", by James Patterson and Bill Clinton. I'm going to get back to it right now.

  7. Three zucchini plants will give you zucchini for the rest of your life!

  8. GOOD JOB!!! Look at you and your green thumbs!!! :)

  9. You will have zucchini coming out your ears! :0 I am not fond of it. Here they make breads and fry it in a pan...:) I don't think it tastes like anything. Your raspberries are being coveted! They are looking really good.

  10. I think this will be a perfect summer for you...gardening & reading good books! (Not to mention your senior hikes)

  11. A successful gardener must have friends to share with. It is almost impossible to grow for one or two but so much fun to share.

  12. I do love zucchini bread, but that's about it. Like FarSide said, I don't think it has much taste. The garden looks great and you have lots of read! Good times! :)

  13. I recently got a spiralizer and I've enjoyed making zucchini noodles. Sometimes I ate noodles made from butternut squash as well and it's really good!
    I hope you enjoy reading your library books. I love going to the library!

  14. Nice to have fresh veggies from your garden. Your happiness runneth over.

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