Saturday, June 2, 2018

Nice Saturday mix

Squalicum Bay
This morning on the walk with the ladies, I saw the bank covered with all those flowers and decided to try to capture it. I didn't do all that well, but still it was worth the effort. The skies threatened most of the morning, but not one raindrop fell, and now it's sunny. However, it's supposed to rain most of the day tomorrow.

I worked in the garden this afternoon and felt too hot in the sun, although it only reached 72°F (22°C). I'm afraid I've become something of a Pacific Northwest hothouse flower, uncomfortable when it gets over 65. And we've got all of July and August ahead of us, with the temperature reaching into the high 80s. I will manage, but I won't be happy with those temperatures.

I realized at this late hour that I hadn't written a post for today, so this attempt is just to make myself feel better about my memory going. Sigh.


  1. Oh dear! Hawaii would be too hot for you, I’m afraid. We seldom get into the low 60’s. I love that bank of flowers!

  2. You are being too hard on yourself. I love that atmospheric photo, the brooding clouds, the flowers and the reflections.
    And yes, 22C in the garden can be tooooo warm for my wimpy self. We are aiming for a top of 14C (57 F)today and I will be happy in the garden.

  3. Looks like some Beebalm about to bloom, a shrub , something purple a heather maybe? and some that might be is a lovely scene. I like 74 degrees, today we were cool and I got out my heavy spring coat again...the one with a warm lining...and was glad for it:)

  4. The photo is lovely as a whole composition.
    It got to 80 here this afternoon. That keeps me in the shade.

  5. That setting is gorgeous.

    Gardening has its issues. The wind was so high here the last few days it almost blew my lettuce out of the ground!

  6. I "share your pain" when it comes to temperatures over 20 C. I think age is one thing that is an influence.

  7. They say that the heat index here was 108 yesterday. All I know is that it was hot and humid. But we did finally get the air condition fixed in the pottery studio! Hurray!
    And I think you captured that scene very well.

  8. I tolerate the heat worse as the years go by. I thought when I got older I'd be cold all the time with the heat turned up and wearing sweaters like I see so many seniors doing. I am still FAR from that so maybe I'm not as old as I feel some days--LOL! ;)

  9. A moody view!

    I don't care for the humidity. Heat is one thing, but humidity is a nuisance. We had a couple of humid days, last Thursday and Friday. Friday night a cold front moved through and washed away the humidity.

  10. Beautiful view, those flowers add a lovely splash of color.
    I'm akin on the hot weather, 75 degrees is my comfort level, I blame it on my Norseman blood :)
    We moved from Colorado to Tennessee.....what a difference in weather !

  11. Love the moody sky! (Have to giggle at your 'high' temps whike in the garden. Wait 'til you see what Corpus' temp 10 in the morning!!)

  12. Dear DJan, I do think we get acclimatized to a new place--as I have here in Missouri after living in Minnesota for 38 years. But also, I've discovered that as we age our internal thermostat changes and we feel the heat and the cold more than we used to--or at least my brother and I do. He and I talked about this just last week. Peace.


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