Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Garden coming along

Beans and tomatoes
I've got a beanstalk or three, as you can see here. And in the background is my tomato plant with flowers! Now that we are in the month of June, the garden is filled with bumblebees and gardeners, happily looking forward to lots of good things to eat before long.
Salad greens galore
Remember those spicy salad greens I planted? Well, here they are in their full glory, and some of them have begun to blossom. Time to go out there and snip a few. And they are spicy, I must say. Most of them have quite a kick.
Corn and zucchini plants
Here you can see some corn starts, a tomato plant, and zucchini in the upper left corner. What a haul we're going to have. And then there's the raspberry plants! Take a look at the blossoms:
Raspberries coming soon
I don't know how long it will be before they begin to ripen, but the stalks are loaded with them. Oh, yum!
Carter's lovely plot
One of our new gardeners, Carter, has been painstakingly caring for his plants, and they sure do look healthy and in well-ordered rows. My plot has never looked like his, since I don't plant in such nice rows. The vegetables don't seem to care, but I must say it sure looks nice, doesn't it? Yay for gardens!


  1. You've certainly got a green thumb!

  2. A very big HURRAY for gardens. And gardeners.

  3. You garden is doing well. You’ll enjoy the fruits,of your labour soon.

    I planted lettuce but the wind was so high it almost blew out of the ground. Then I had to cover it because of frost. It’s been cold despite the sunshine.

  4. I'm one of those gardeners who has rows...maybe not straight , but rows.

  5. Looks so promising, not long now, and you'll be reaping the rewards :)
    I'm impressed !

  6. We're getting spinach and lettuce from our garden. Hooray for fresh produce!

  7. Your plants look great! Always fun to see stuff growing! :)

  8. Cold April and May here so the gardens are running behind schedule....

  9. Looks like the raspberries will be early this year. That Carter is a serious gardener.


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