Saturday, June 23, 2018

Magnificent Saturday

My front porch favorite
This morning I woke to overcast skies as I headed down to Boulevard Park to meet the ladies for our Saturday walk. It looked like it might rain, but it didn't, as we headed up the dreaded Taylor Street hill. I huffed and puffed but made it a bit faster than my usual speed; don't ask me why some mornings I have more stamina than others because I don't know.
Clematis vine and Ellen's mural
By the time I got home and went out to check the garden, it had turned to full sunshine and a temperature right around 65°F (18°C), and it should climb to maybe 70 before the day is over. The clematis vine is in full purple, with a stray ripe raspberry giving it a little bit of red. Behind is the lovely mural that Ellen painted for us last year. It's still very brilliant.
My beans and snapdragons
My gardening neighbor Rob received a bale of hay from his son for Father's Day, which he's managed to spread around to keep the weeds down. My beans are all coming in strong, along with sugar snap peas and raspberries. I've got to go out and pick some of both today. The bumper crop of fruits and veggies has begun!


  1. That looks like a great harvest. I love the colors in that mural.

  2. It looks absolutely wonderful. Exciting, bounteous and beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful pot of flowers, absolutely stunning.
    Your garden always does so well DJan, of course it's tended with care, and it pays off in your abundant harvests.....
    Sounds like you are enjoying your weekend.

  4. Such a wonderful harvest and it’s begun so early! I an picking lettice and spinach now but it will be a long time before anything else is ready.

  5. I get pleasure out of watching the garden plants grow and then there's nothing better than produce right out of the garden.

  6. Just swinging by to say that another blogger gave me a solution to the comments thing which worked for me. You can find his solution HERE.

  7. Beautiful planter of Lobelia and Petunias! I like that color combo. You have become quite a gardener! Your snapdragons should be beautiful! :)

  8. Front porch my favorite too.

  9. What a nice greeting on your porch each day. Lovely planter.
    Hope that hay is seed free.

  10. Getting a bale of hay for Father's Day just makes me smile!
    The garden is looking delicious and healthy. :)

  11. I have a bag of sugar snaps in my fridge right now. I'm making a Thai pasta salad for lunch. Plus, I had raspberries from our garden for breakfast. I love this time of year!

  12. Dear DJan, so, over the weekend, did you have a lovely meal featuring the sugar snap peas and the raspberries? Both are taste delights. Peace.

  13. June 25, 2018
    Hello my friend....
    What a beautiful garden!
    It is 105.4 here today...(and might I mention: humid.)


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