Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Tuesday post is late

Lilacs in bloom
I got sidetracked today, partly because it was such a nice morning, with the sun streaming in and not a cloud in the sky. I got this shot yesterday, so there's raindrops from then. This morning was sublime, but by this evening the rain is supposed to return, although by Thursday, our hiking day, it looks like it will be nice again.
Sugar snap peas planted
I got my sugar snap peas ready to climb that strange trellis that John made for my tomato plant last year. I figured it would get double duty if I could use it for the peas and then perhaps use it for the tomatoes later. I've gotten a little kale planted, too, and some zucchini plants, but we really must do something about this flower:
Dandelions gone to seed
Yep. Those pesky things are almost as annoying as buttercups in the garden. We don't want to use anything toxic to get rid of these guys, so they must be pulled and gotten rid of one at a time. We're working on it! The garden is beginning to look awfully nice, mostly.
Early 2017 garden
I think I'll plant some flowers in my area this year, some pretty bee attractors, for sure. I've got the gardening bug coming on strong!


  1. A great start with your garden, I love sugar snap peas :)
    The lilac shot is gorgeous, and I just bet it smells heavenly !
    Seems like a gardener's work is never done...lol
    Have a great week DJan.

  2. I'm jealous of your sunshine. We had no such luck here, but we walked and gardened under a cloudy sky as the temp gradually warmed up to 60.
    That's a cute little tomato cage that should keep your pea vines under control. It will be fun to watch them climb.
    The trick with those pretty yellow flowers is to not let them go to seed. Ooops. Too late for that one.

  3. Your garden is moving right along. I have not seen a dandelion here yet!

  4. I think we've got all your rain here! Wet, wet, wet!

  5. My hubby just planted our garden last weekend. Look forward to seeing the progress of your little garden patch.

  6. I have a huge case of envy now at your gardening fun!

  7. LOVE the lilac. And was bitten by the gardening bug years ago. Definitely addictive.

  8. If pulling weeds hurts your back, try a stand up weed puller. I showed photos of it in a previous blog post. David bought it at Home Depot for $30.

  9. I have been bitten a little, myself. Going to have planter boxes on the patio this year!! :) Can hardly wait to see how your garden grows. :)

  10. It is looking good already.

  11. Love that snap pea trellis and yes, it should do great for tomatoes. Snap peas are my walk around eating veggie. Yum.
    Flowers in your garden is a great idea. I planted Dianthus in the concrete block holes at the end of my raised beds and they come back each year. Once and done.

  12. Dear DJan, I can remember when you first started gardening--digging in the earth and making rows and planting veggies. You've began a dab hand at all this.

    We are having a lot of rain here. Overcast most days. Little sun. In south-central Missouri there is bad flooding. But according to the meteorologist, May is going to turn warm and sunny. We have needed rain, but now we need sun so the crops can be planted.

    Take care. Peace.

  13. I'm in the midst of gardening myself - but my garden doesn't produce yummy veggies...just plants - but it brings me joy when it all comes together and looks pretty. That lilac photo is gorgeous. I may have to hunt down one for my yard!

  14. Your garden area is looking good! And those Lilacs are beautiful! :)

  15. Oh my! This is going to be so fabulous! I love sugar snap peas. I do love that trellis. It looks perfect. Flowers sound like a good thing to attract bees and will add beauty too.


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