Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Definitely feels like fall

Pumpkins and mums

Every year around this time, I am once again reminded that as the seasons pass from summer to fall, the flowers that bloom now are much different from the beauties we see in summertime. But still very, very lovely, if I let go of my preconceived notions of Gorgeous. Comes with the territory. 

When I lived in a tropical climate, we didn't even have seasons, much less such glorious bounty as you see above. In Puerto Rico, I remember thinking how cold it would have been with the temperature we have today, here in the Pacific Northwest. It would have seemed uncomfortably chilly. At 61°F (16°C) I am these days right in my element. Sitting in my easy chair inside, I could not be happier with this environment. Perfect for walking, as well as bundling up with a sweater as I sit here writing this post.

I decided once again to skip the Happy Wanderers hike today. They took a ferry to Lopez Island to enjoy a couple of hikes there, as well as arrange a fabulous potluck feast for everybody. They will catch the 6:30pm ferry back to Bellingham. By that time, I'll be winding up my perfect day and enjoying a glass of red wine. I  will definitely look forward to seeing and hearing all about it, but from my easy chair.

Thursday's hike into the mountains sounds really fun, and the weather looks perfect, so I might decide to go with them. But I'm making no promises to myself. Octogenarians don't need to play by the same rules as everybody else! I'm rather liking this ability to mull over the possibilities and choose whatever feels right in the moment.

More fall flowers

I did make an appointment to get my hair cut, and these pretty flowers smiled at me on the pathway to her studio. It was nice to have just one thing to accomplish today, and now I am sitting here thinking it might be appropriate to find just the right quote for the day.
To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization. —Arnold J. Toynbee
Toynbee was a British historian, and in his Study of History he describes the rise and decline of 23 civilisations. His overarching analysis was the place of moral and religious challenge, and response to such challenge, as the reason for the robustness or decline of a civilization. I wonder what he would think about the state of the world today. 



  1. In some ways there's much less stress in your 80's as you are smart enough to pick and choose. On the other had there are some health issues that go with that territory.

  2. Pumpkins and Mums now that is Fall! I watched the local evening news the top three stories were about sex offenders in Fargo ND. There is no safe place for children anymore. and all the offenders should be hung by their you know whats:(

  3. Giving yourself permission to pick and choose and trust your gut feelings is very freeing! You have such a beautiful life whether you climb the mountains or appreciate the flowers and a coffee at your favorite shop. :)

  4. I very much liked that photo of the pumpkins (Halloween is my birthday, you know) and that quote from Toynbee. DJan, I'm glad you're pacing yourself a little. You're taking time to stop and smell the mums. :^)

  5. I enjoyed your post about how much freedom age can bestow upon us. Good quote.

  6. Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. Enjoy it to the max - as I am sure you will.
    I suspect that Toynbee would think/say that our civilisation is in decline. There is still beauty (and kindness) though.

  7. We do enjoy the changing well enough. And winter is fine too but it is v e r y long.

  8. It is cooler here today. I am glad the humidity of last week is gone. Autumn temperatures are more to my liking too.

  9. It's midday Wednesday now. It got cold and wet over night.
    The drought is over. The heat is on.

  10. Love the pumpkins and the changing of seasons. The older I get the more I appreciate making my ownmind up and not living to please others...it is a right of passage I think.

  11. I always loved fall on the mainland and miss it now. It must have been fun to get your hair cut.

  12. I wonder and worry about the future of the young people. They are entrenched in their phones and don't know how to stop and smell the flowers.


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