Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A major change in the weather

Golden leaves

This is a favorite tree that I like to watch as it moves through the seasons. It's one of the first to sprout leaves in the spring, and one of the first to change to gold in the fall. And we have received so much rain in the past few days that it's gotten a little soggy on the trail. I didn't go with the Senior Trailblazers this morning; instead I just went on my usual 3-mile walk through Cornwall Park. This tree is in the neighborhood. The picture was taken last week before the rain started, and I noticed today that many of those pretty leaves are now on the ground, creating a carpet of gold.

On Sunday I went on a really nice walk to Fragrance Lake with one of my new hiking friends, Barb. We went up to a place that I visited often with Melanie, and it made me feeling wistful, remembering.

Magnificent straight trees

On the road back down from the lake, I always love to see these beautiful straight trees, and once again I captured them to remember the day. It looks like our High Country hikes are over for the season, but you just never know for sure. I'm happy with the many places available around here without having to drive very far. This stand of trees is on a trail less than a half-hour's drive from my home.

One of my sisters just had a birthday (they do come around more quickly as I get older, it seems). My sister Markee is now 62! That's the age our father was when he died, which seems not so long ago, but it's been 44 years. And Markee is now a grandmother; just recently this gorgeous creature, Evelyn, came into the world. I would be over the moon if I had been so lucky to live closer, but in any event, meet our latest family member:

Born June 25, 2023

Isn't she just adorable? She was more than eight pounds when she was born, and perfect in every way possible. I don't know when I'll get a chance to meet her in person, but I'm happy to welcome her today, squeezing those little cheeks in absentia and hugging her from afar.



  1. Cute. And ya know . . . she looks just a little bit like you!

  2. Loved the golden tree at top, and those straight trees are something else; but my goodness look at that precious girl. Gee I love the name Evelyn, and what a head of hair! She is a doll!

  3. A few days of heavy rain will change things. the old tree is a good thing to go by for the seasons.

  4. What a cutie and look at all that beautiful hair! What a blessing!

  5. That tree sure looks impressive and stands out so much.

  6. Evelyn is adorable! The expression and the hair! Priceless. Enjoy the rest of the week, Jan.

  7. She is just so cute! The trees are turning here, too. But I was surprised at how few when I was out and about yesterday in town. Fall is coming quickly, though.

  8. Little Evelyn is absolutely adorable!

  9. We haven't had much rain around our area... and although occasionally we get temps in the 70's in the morning, still in the 90's most of the time.
    That baby is adorable!

  10. Adorable baby!
    I just read that El Nino will affect your state with warmer temps and less moisture this winter. It remains to be seen.

  11. Our first rainfall in over five weeks, I think you may have shared your wealth with us :)
    What a beautiful baby, he has the sweetest face.
    Autumn is my favorite season, less heat and humidity,
    the color of the changing leaves is intoxicatingly beautiful.


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