Monday, June 15, 2020

The rain continues

Lunch break
Yesterday, I was able to have a nice walk and saw these local residents out for their lunch, it seems. The little one is still has spots, but they didn't show up all that well in the picture. Today, however, I'm inside, staying dry. Last Thursday we walked in the rain, but by late afternoon the skies had cleared and the sun was shining. And it was also lovely all day yesterday.

It doesn't look like that will happen today, however. I'm reconciled to getting my daily exercise, if I decide to, in a Health and Fitness video from my local Y. Somehow it's just not that much fun. I'd much rather be outdoors. But I'll survive.

I got a call from the office of a hematologist, which had received a referral from my doctor. That was a little bit of a surprise, since she suggested that I see one, but wanted me to first get another blood test a couple of weeks after the original one. Since I was able to ascertain that I only need to pay my usual co-pay to see this mysterious doctor, I'll go ahead and do it all. Apparently my doctor is concerned about my low white blood cell count and wants to rule out any underlying conditions. I appreciate her thoroughness, but it was still a bit surprising, since I had already decided that the second blood test would be perfect. Ah well, who am I to turn down a visit to a new doctor?

When I tried to add the above picture, I again had difficulty finding a way to insert it. I tried lots of stuff and then went online to see if others are having problems. One person suggested clearing the cache on my browser, which I did without any success. Then I went over to the HTML tag and was able to add a picture using that work-around. Sigh. If anybody out there has any other ideas about how to fix this problem, I'm all ears.


  1. I'm not happy about another rainy day, and probably another tomorrow, but we did get outside yesterday to tour gardens, and it looks like it will be lice again next weekend.
    I had my last dentist visit this morning and helped Tom with the housework. I'll get some exercise on my stationary bike this afternoon. We make do.

  2. Good luck with your bloods. I hope the next test IS perfect.
    Love the lunchers. My what big ears you have Grandma...
    And, as always, feel free to send your rain this way.

  3. bummer about the blood work, and the WBC concern. I hope it's nothing major.

    p.s. apparently I had my blog locked down from last year, so it looked like by invitation only. I've opened it up. dur. LOL

  4. I’m glad your doctor is being thorough. Our doctor is asking us to get our semi annual blood check too. We were avoiding going to the hospital, but will have to make a careful trip over there.

    We keep getting off and on rain which is driving my laundry hanging mother bonkers.

  5. It is great you have an appointment time t so quickly. Good luck with it Jan.

  6. Is there not an option to revert to the old blogger?

  7. Blogger has given me issues in the recent past weeks. Pictures either won't upload or VERY slow. I went back to basic blogger (option link at bottom left of blogger admin)...that got it back to normal.

    Hope the testing shows nothing abnormal/scary

  8. Glad they are being thorough and hope it was just a fluke. Love those lawn ornaments. I'd gladly sacrifice some of my plants to enjoy them in my yard.
    Tried the new, didn't like it and am back with the old.

  9. I hope the white blood cell count is nothing but it will be good to know for sure.

    I'm not looking forward to changing over to the new Blogger format! I had troubles yesterday without even changing anything and it all looking the same.

  10. Good luck with your doctor appointment. Hope all is well with you and nothing serious. I have to see my PCP next month and will have a round of blood tests and a urinalysis, too.

  11. If you're talking about the new version of blogger, I too have had trouble uploading pictures. I hope it's just a learning curve. I guess if it turns out it doesn't work, then like Patti, we can go back to the old.

    1. I tried to go back to the old, but after I'd tried the other, it didn't work, either! Some sort of code was added to the post. I took it out and it worked much better, but I still don't like the new one. :-(

  12. Go To Design in my window it is above and to the left on my homepage.
    On the left side there are many things go to Settings then scroll all the way down to Use Blogger draft and move the slider to on. That worked for me.

    Frustrating I know, not sure why they want to do new stuff when the old stuff works.

    Good to see a hematologist. :)

  13. I don't know why blogger has to change things. I don't like the new one. It just doesn't seem to work.


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