Thursday, April 9, 2020

Today's solitary walk

Blue sky and white blossoms
Our state is still under a very drastic social distancing mandate (just extended by our governor until mid-May), and groups of any size are still prohibited from meeting. I'm really not sure why a group of six to ten people, meeting outdoors and keeping our distance, presents any kind of problem, but I have finally reconciled myself to the fact that this is our new normal for the foreseeable future. So today I went for a lovely walk by myself.
Pretty blossoms everywhere
The sun is shining and the temperature is actually almost warm. I did have to scrape a bit of ice off my windshield when I started the car this morning, but it was not that cold, just clear overnight, with a high today of around 60°F (15°C), probably our warmest day of the year so far. I started out with a jacket and gloves, but quickly shed them as I got moving.
Public water fountain closed, but bathroom open
At first I thought I that the bathrooms had been closed, but as I got closer I saw that it's only the water fountain that is inoperable. We are warned on the sign to distance ourselves, wash our hands, and a reminder that the public restroom is sanitized daily. It was a relief to learn that.
I walked from the Fairhaven Village Green up to Taylor Street, with its incredibly steep climb from Boulevard Park (up several hundred feet) to a set of 100 or so steep downhill stairs, one I've done often with the Saturday walking group (which is on hiatus, along with all the rest of my routines). Today just on a whim I decided to go all the way, since I was alone and could stop or even turn around if I felt like it. I stopped several times and took the above pictures while catching my breath, but made it to the top.
Just for fun, I took this selfie so I could see if anybody might recognize me if they saw this masked marauder on the street. But then again, everybody was masked, and with the intense sunlight, most everybody was also wearing sunglasses. It wasn't a long walk, but it was challenging because of the elevation gain, and I immediately felt MUCH better for having gotten myself moving. Not my usual Thursday pictures, but I enjoyed today's solitary walk.


  1. Thank you so much for taking us with you. Love the selfie too.
    I was going for a walk today too (a less strenuous walk than yours). However it is raining. Blissful much needed rain - but because we so rarely get it I don't have clothing which suits.
    Perhaps I will be able to walk later - and celebrate our rain washed worlds.
    Cyber hugs.

  2. I think we are all in the same boat with our solitary walking. Good to come along with you.

  3. I'm so happy to hear that you got outside. It can make a huge difference. I love walking through our neighborhood, by myself, and just looking at all of the yards. Now, if the weather here would just get warmer. We've had rain all week. Which we do need.

  4. It’s good to keep moving even though one may be alone. Masks haven’t caught on here yet.

  5. It just hit 70 here. I sat in the sun on the patio and read for a while after finishing up on my stationary bike. I have been alternating bike and walking each day. Insomnia last night has made me wasted today, but we were up early to go grocery shopping in an almost deserted store. After cleaning everything and putting it away, I baked a berry pie for Jake's birthday. We'll deliver it to him this evening. His birthday is Saturday, but no family celebrating this year. He will probably go to Whidbey for the weekend. He is still working.

  6. Love your look! It is perfect! Glad you got out for a walk and shared it with us!! :)

  7. well that get up is more than incognito. That's just plane scary! That would work well if you wanted to do a masked hold up.

  8. Bandita DJan! We've been suing bandanas too. No masks to be had around here.

  9. To me I'd much prefer walking alone. No one to tell me where to go, set the pace, and no worries about catching anything from someone so near. Guess you could call it a phobia. Love your masked get-up. And your walk, vigorous, but beneificial!

  10. It had to feel great to just get out. That is some get up. No need for sunscreen. We were at 88 two days ago, 38 right now. Keep finding ways to cope.

  11. Love the selfie! At least with your incognito paraphernalia you can go out for walks by yourself. That must be such a relief for you. :)

  12. That is a beautiful scarf. I have not gotten into my car since March 13, the day I went to the ER for an inflamed eye. David does all the shopping now.

  13. Getting outside... even if just for a short walk in the sunshine is therapeutic - especially these days. Life has become strange. But despite it all, it is somewhat comforting to know that we're all in the same boat - not necessarily financially or physically, but possibly emotionally as we contemplate survival through this pandemic. Our priorities are being rearranged.

  14. Your front porch flowers are so pretty. I also enjoyed your walk and your photos. I have not been out of the house since March 15. I can go out on my front porch during the week but my daughter, who is a doctor, asks me not to even go on the porch on week-ends when so many people walk by. I have only seen one person wearing a mask since March 15 – a Chinese lady. My zip code has the highest cases in Nashville but I’m less than 1 mile from Vanderbilt University and Belmont University and see the young people walking, jogging by my house wearing no mask. My daughter sent me the latest research from JAMA (Journal of American Assoc.) saying that 6 ft is no way far enough that the 6 ft is from old data (I’ll forward it to you) as new research show that an asymptomatic person sneeze can reach 23 ft, which would explain why so many more people are sick in the US where masks are not mandatory. They are in France even for jogging or walking around your own neighborhood and fines are given. Here, in Nashville, I saw that some African-American men were kicked out of stores because they were wearing masks, so that does not help either.

  15. All our high-level parks (provincial, regional etc) have been closed. Parks in our town remain open but with warnings about distance, no sitting on benches etc.

  16. It's always good to get out and about and stretch those legs as you say !
    Lots of blossoms and blooms in your area, and I meant to leave you a comment on your beautiful porch flowers, so colorful and inspiring. I've not yet bought any kind of annual since I have refrained from shopping of any kind, other than grocery shops, I'm biting at the bit to do otherwise.
    Hope you have a lovely Easter my dear friend.


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