Monday, April 13, 2020

Sunshine and the garden

The beginning of the planting
I am so grateful to Carter, who is our new gardening guru, for all the work he's done on our community garden so far this year. Instead of having discrete plots for our veggies, this year we will have different plants in different plots, but everybody gets to eat them as they ripen. That's my old plot in the middle of the picture, which will have carrots, radishes, and tomatoes, and whatever else I might have room to add. Carter got a yard of compost and added some to every plot.
Strawberry plants
Yesterday I watched another community gardener planting these strawberries, and I know I will be enjoying them when it's time, although I won't have done much to help. There will be plenty of weeding to do all through these plots before too long, and I promise I will do my part in order to earn my share.
Raspberry plants
We have several places where the raspberry plants began to take over, and Carter pruned them back mercilessly. However, we will still have plenty when the time comes. I didn't have any idea that they proliferated so quickly. Still, there should be plenty left. In the background you can see the colorful fence at the back of the area peeking through. It is now several years old, but so far shows no signs of fading.

We have been enjoying intense sunshine for several days, with more to come. It's not as critical to me any more, since there's little difference between one day and the next. Sometimes I almost forget what day it is, with no routines to help keep me busy. I saw one comedian remind us that there is no longer a Saturday or Sunday, there is only today. One day follows the next, with little to differentiate one from another. I am taking two Zoom yoga classes a week, but that it pretty much it.

This will pass, but I am caught between cabin fever and spring fever, and I'm wishing that we could get back to some semblance of normal one of these days. But when? And how? It's an interesting time to be alive and I think we'll be talking about it for years to come.


  1. Garden play keeps me sane(ish). I am so glad that it is an option open to you are well.
    And yes, the days do blur into each other a bit.
    As always, non-contagious hugs and oceans of caring are flowing your way.

  2. Looks like a wonderful community garden to get out into!

  3. Your community garden looks so nice. I wish our neighborhood would start one.

  4. Gardening does help. I am hoping to be able to do my share here on the Reeder half acre.
    I have established a sort of new routine, with walking one day and riding the stationary bike the next. I also have two PT exercise routines that alternate, but none of that helps me keep track of what day it is.

  5. Enjoy your sunshine and even your spring fever.

    It is bright enough here today but will only rise to 7C/45F today along with wind and a bit of snow possible overnight.

  6. That's a different idea--a true community effort with sharing. Nice!

    We had snow. You have flowers on your balcony. Enjoy! ;)

  7. That Carter is a true find. You all are so lucky to have him. Now is the perfect time to veggie garden and you have such a great area to do it in and love the sharing attitude. That gives you great variety that you couldn't plant on your own.

  8. Routines now are uninteresting for sure. They keep us safe though. That keeps me going!

  9. Sounds like your group has a plan. Yes everyday is just a day in tomorrow or yesterday. 4 degrees here this morning just a tad chilly! Today I make vegetable soup to freeze and enjoy in the summer:)

  10. Some of those plots look good, but what I hate about gardening is all the bending and stooping you have to do. Back breaking labor.

  11. I am so glad to hear a more positive tone in your writing. Yes, get out there and work in those beds. It will be good for your physical and emotional well being. My grandson is channeling his great grandfather and becoming a farmer! He has turned a corner of their yard into a veggie garden. I sent him money to buy some supplies he might need.

  12. Just be thankful there will be a garden. This is truly a trying time with no normalcy, I agree. But, I try to see it all thru rose colored could be worse.


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