Thursday, April 23, 2020

Making my way through

Staying safe in the garden
No hike in the mountains today. Our Monday excursion will have to count for this week, although I did take a nice walk around the neighborhood in order to get enough steps to assuage my guilt. This morning was raining, so I let that be an excuse not to go somewhere to commune with the trees.

Someone posted this funny picture of the flamingos, even if they are not six feet apart, they are definitely not giving the coronavirus to one another. I would give credit to the photographer, if I knew who it was, but I don't. Now that we have been given the strong recommendation to wear face masks when out and about, almost everybody is doing just that, including the lawn ornaments. Today I ordered two face masks created by a skydiving friend who makes jumpsuits. He's not getting orders for any (since the sport is on hiatus like the rest of the world), so he's offering something that most of us can use during the pandemic.

I'm really wishing things would change sooner rather than later, but I suspect that it will be quite awhile before we stop dealing with this virus. It's getting a little scary out there, and I'm beginning to wonder how bad the economic hit will be for many of us, before things begin to open up again. I know that my monthly annuity check will be smaller, but how much smaller is not clear. I'll know in a week, and I've lost a good bit of sleep worrying, for all the good it does.

So many people have lost their jobs, 26 million in the US so far, and it's got to be just as bad in many other parts of the world. I see that a few countries are beginning to lessen their lockdowns, but it will take a good long time before any place will make any financial gain. Sometimes I allow myself to look at the situation clear-eyed without flinching, and I try to stay positive and look for the affirmative, heartening signs that we are through the worst of it.

The best part of my own situation is having my life partner going through it with me, and friends and family who keep checking on how I am. Of course, it's partly because they feel a need to keep an eye on the elders, of which I am definitely one. It's hard to fathom how much everything has changed in less than two months. How are you holding up?


  1. We wore our masks to the grocery store this morning, way too early. We had the store mostly to ourselves at 7:30, but the people who were there seemed to park themselves in the middle of an aisle and waiting for them to move made me cranky. I'm afraid Tom bore the brunt of some of that. We hadn't shopped for two weeks and the list was long. From now on we'll go every Thursday so there is not so much to deal with. I always hesitate to complain about anything since we have things so much better than so many others.
    My sciatica was bad this morning, which didn't help, but with movement and exercises, it got better and we went for our walk in the park this afternoon. There we met an old friend, a fellow parent from our kids' high school days. We visited for a while. I had to count my blessings again when I learned she had just lost her husband in January. It would be so hard to be alone.
    Isaac stopped by this morning, needing some stuff for a science project. This afternoon I called Irene on Face Time. I hadn't done that before, but I just wanted to see and hear her. Jill joined in too.
    When I read the newspaper and listen to the news, it sets off my worrying about how long this will last and what the long term damage will be to our economy and people's livelihoods. Then I just have to move on because I can't do anything about it. I have made several donations to Northwest Harvest as well as my regular monthly donations to the homeless and foster kids.
    We are doing well, we are very fortunate, and we know it.

  2. I'm getting a bit stir crazy just knowing that darn virus is out there lurking...
    Normally this time in April I have my flowers planted, but this year, I've not even bought any annuals, a tradition gone by the wayside.
    Thank you for your friendship and encouragement DJan times will surely get better.
    Hugs back to you,

  3. All is good here in sunny California. I got boxes of strawberries from our local college today. (It's an ag college, by the way.) Made 12 jars of jam. Put two quarts in the freezer. Gave my neighbors a box. And we still have some to eat. Although I am tired at the end of the day, it is a good tired and I feel accomplished. Sounds like you need some projects to help your days go faster.

  4. Heartfelt hugs to you and SmartGuy.
    My government is being slow and careful about reopening the country - which I am fine with. We have lost less than 100 people to Covid 19 which I believe is because we entered lockdown early. The financial impact has been/will be huge, but I believe that lives are more important.
    Stay safe, stay well.

  5. The longer the beast goes on the more questions we have. We are all forecasters. Whatever happens will happen. I don't think we can make predictions.

  6. I’m glad you and your Smart Guy have each other. It has to be awful for people who live alone. Still, I know Art is getting rather antsy. He’s so used to just being able to go off and doing things. While I’ve been so single minded in doing my mask making, it’s kept my mind off of the situation. However, I’m about to be done with it soon and then it will probably hit me. I’m glad Art and I have each other along with mom to share the days with.

  7. We're holding, like a marriage is all about the vows...for better, for worse...for richer or poorer, etc. Strength & will power will get us through this.

    You hang in there girlfriend.

  8. They have a notice in our building for everyone to wear masks if they go outside their apartments. Since this may last for quite a while I am going to make some masks for us after all.
    Even though we have a small number right now they're not the ones meant to last and be washed. Oh, and the flamingos are pretty funny. :)

  9. We are still isolating quite rigorously. Our province seems to be beginning to plateau in community cases, but the LTCs are still being hit hard. The weather is warming a bit, but it still tends to be quite windy.

  10. Loved the flamingos:)) We are still isolating here in tiny town. Lots of masks. The few forays into a store for supplies made me realize noses, mouths and chins are no longer in style. If you don't know someone really well by their eyes or hair, you will walk right past a friend. Ready for it to end but holding on till it does.
    Stay safe my friend.

  11. I am holding up quite well. I read that China has been hit with a second wave of virus cases so they are reverting to previous restrictions.

  12. We are home except for a daily walk and shopping every two weeks. Every day feels like a weekend day but we are safe and healthy. This too will pass.

  13. I'm holding up well here because staying at home like this is not that different from every day for the disabled.

  14. We are doing just fine. I used to be the one going inside most places, yarn shop, grocery stores, farm supply stores, dime store so I miss going INSIDE. Far Guy rarely went in anyplace...we do miss our weekly date at a place in the boonies that serves great burgers...we always went on Thursday afternoons because they were never busy in mid afternoon...many times we were the only ones there.
    So...very little has changed for us compared to other people.
    We are thankful we live in the boonies!
    One day at a time...I cannot change anything by worry. God is in charge anyways:)

  15. I read your blog often, our only graduated from WWU and we love B-ham as I call Bellingham..we live at the very tip of Washington right across bridges from Oregon..we adore the beaches and the eastern part of the state and also up your way, not being able to travel has made us antsy but don't see it opening anytime soon..what can a person do? many are suffering so badly here no work, unemployment checks delayed the pandemic had changed the way people will shop and work forever I believe that..maybe Mother earth will recover since most people won't be driving like loons like they used to do and hiking and biking and the earth will renew itself..just saying!


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