Saturday, September 7, 2019

Lovely day for a walk

On the Whatcom Falls bridge
Today several of us ladies (and one man) walked from Barkley Village to Whatcom Falls park and back, enjoying the cool mostly overcast skies, and perfect temperature. I was pleased that my knee cooperated, although it didn't let me forget to pay attention to it. Although I am a little sore from last Thursday's exploits, altogether I'm feeling pretty darn good today.
Typical late summer waterfall
Whatcom Falls roars mightily along in spring and summer, but today it's much reduced in volume since my last visit. It's still very beautiful to see, however. Everywhere around me I can see the first signs of fall emerging. This morning I removed a rather large spider from the rug, another sign of the changing season. It was probably a hobo spider, which are common in this part of the country. Plus I've removed several in previous years at this time of the year. This one was easy to catch under a glass, slipping a piece of paper under it and carrying it to the front porch. It scurried quickly away, hopefully not to make an immediate return inside.

A friend told me about a sale on weighted blankets at a local store, so I bought one and am happily ensconced under it as I write this. They are supposed to reduce stress and feel like a hug. I like it and will let you know if it lives up to the hype.


  1. I remove spiders in just the same way - or sweep them into the dustpan and carry them out.
    I am so very glad that you are on the mend. And add cyber hugs to that of the weighted blanket.

  2. What loveliness, the waterfalls are refreshing.
    I have a woolen blanket made from Scottish sheep wool, it's heavy as a sack of coal, but ooh how warm and cozy it makes me feel :)
    Hope you enjoy yours !

  3. The blanket sounds wonderful. Glad your knee co-operated again.

  4. Good to hear that you're getting back to normal.

  5. You had another good day! I need to check out weighted blankets...not for me but for Far Guy:)

  6. Yikes! The spider would have had me screaming out of the house. I'm so glad your knee is better. I've never heard of a weighted blanket. That would be awful in Hawaii. It's so hot and humid these days.

  7. Please keep us posted on your experience with the weighted blanket. I've heard good things about them.

  8. Glad you made the walk okay and your knee is holding up.

    I'm glad the only thing trying to get inside here in the fall have been a few crickets and flies. I've only had one of each this year so far--but there are dead crickets scattered along the hallway walls every fall since I moved here. Probably from all the nearby construction, but there are less every year. I am not at all a fan of spiders, but when you live alone you have to deal with them yourself. *shudders*

  9. You are kind to spiders. I am not. If they come into my house, watch out, spider!
    I have not heard of weighted blankets. I guess it's a new thing?

  10. I guess the heavy blanket relieves stress, because it makes you feel that you are still in your mother's womb. Lovely photos.

  11. I am delighted that you are getting back in the swing of things. I know it has been so hard for you to be idle. Way to go on the spider relocate.
    Let us know on that heavy blanket. I have seen them advertised and wondered.

  12. I need one of those blankets! I've seen them in stores. Bud surely would call me LINUS ...with my security blanket

    Beautiful waterfall...wishing Autumn would show itself HERE.

  13. Popped over from a mutual blog friends blog, as I always like to meet new bloggers. Gorgeous pictures and does indeed look like a great day to take a walk. I try to walk daily, though of late have been sidelined with Vertigo which is keeping me from my daily goals. Noticed it this am when I stepped on the scale.

  14. Dear DJan, I'm glad you enjoyed your walk, and please do let us know about the effectiveness of the weighted blanket and where you got it. Peace.


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