Thursday, September 12, 2019

Church Mountain memories

Church Mountain trail June 2014
Sitting at home with my laptop as the Senior Trailblazers make their second trip up Church Mountain this year. I'm pretty sure I could have made it to the meadow, if not to the top, except for the condition of my right knee on the downhill. Therefore, I went back in my files and looked at some of my favorite pictures from previous trips to Church Mountain and its meadows.
The meadows July 2018
Last year, we had a cool and mostly cloudy day for our trip up to Church Mountain, and many of us made it all the way to the top, 9 miles and almost 4,000 feet elevation gain. It was probably the last time I will have gone all the way there, and if I had gone today, this spot in meadows would have been my destination. It's very beautiful and I'm hoping that the hikers today are having a good day.
The meadow July 2012
The snowpack varies wildly up at elevation, with these two July pictures showing the difference between years. Sometimes the meadow never clears out until late, but this year it was just the opposite: as you can see from the following picture, this year we had less snow in May than we had previous years in July.
May 2019
If you persevere and make it all the way to the top of Church, on a clear day the view is pretty incredible. This was the summit group back in 2011.
Summit of Church Mountain August 2011
I suspect that any of the group going to the top today won't have much of a view, but it's still well worth making the effort to get there, no matter what the weather. There are so many parts of this trip that really help make one feel happy that we get to live in this part of the country.
June 2014
The incredible green with pretty pink monkey flowers never fails to make me feel grateful for the opportunity to explore these areas years after year, through the seasons when we can make the journey before the snow flies.
October 2018
And long after the flowers are gone, the foliage brightens the landscape. The heat of summer is long gone, and the chill in the air is delightful. Since I am sitting here in my easy chair listening to the rain on the roof, I am still hoping that my friends are getting a good workout, if not a good view! There's always next time.


  1. It does indeed look amazingly beautiful. I feel your regret, but am very, very glad to hear you are looking after yourself.

  2. Wonderful, memorable photos! Cherish those memories, someday they'll be all you have. And I mean that in the most positive way.

  3. Mountain conditions are quite variable. The same thing happens here. It's amazing how much snow is deposited in the high country.

  4. Not to make this sound like I'm enjoying your injury...but, I've been enjoying recaps of previous hikes!!

  5. Yes there is!

    Incredible how the snow can be there In July! Quite a hike!

  6. Wonderful memories with the past photos! Glad you're taking care of your knee, though. :)

  7. Sure is pretty but I am glad you aren't pushing it. No need for a setback. That snow in July surprised me but not as much as the bare legs. Each level on the same day must require special clothing. I'd be bringing my closet with me:)

  8. You are probably doing what I have been doing with my blog - dipping into your blog archive for old photos. Yours are beautiful.

  9. It is always such a treat to look at your photographs of the different hikes you take or have taken. Breathtaking landscape for sure.

  10. You have some really nice photos! Nine miles is a glad you didn't go...but I bet you wanted too!


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