Saturday, February 9, 2019

Family members to Florida

Fia, Bob, Markee, Norma Jean
Most of you know that I visit my sister Norma Jean in Florida once every winter to get some sunshine and reconnect in person. Well, it turns out that my sister Markee and her husband Bob have just bought a home in Apollo Beach, Florida, about an hour's drive south of my sister's home in Zephyrhills.

Markee and Bob bought the home very recently, and Norma Jean drove down a day before they arrived in order to open the house to accommodate the arrival of their new furniture. I took this picture using FaceTime when they had all arrived last Wednesday. Fia and Markee are close, sort of like Norma Jean and I are. Fia lives in Texas and flew to Tampa to join them for the grand unveiling.

Since I didn't know about all this in time for my trip to Florida last month, I'll need to wait until next February to join them for a family reunion. Bob and Markee live in Canada and will enjoy having a place to warm up after a cold spell in Alberta, where they live. They will be "snowbirds." Fia says she wants to hurry up and retire so she can move to Florida, too. It's cold right now in Texas, where she lives, but nothing like what Bob and Markee were experiencing in Canada: it was –44°C when they boarded the plane. What a difference it must be for them now!

Anyway, at the moment I'm listening to the windstorm roaring outside. We were supposed to get snow last night, and we did get a little, but nothing like south of us, where more than a foot was dumped! Instead we got this awful windstorm, which has given us gusts up to 60 mph (96 kmh). Since it was okay to drive, I went to meet the ladies for a windy walk, but once I got there, we decided to forget the walk and enjoy some coffee together instead. We've had 15–20 women most Saturdays, and even today 7 of us braved the weather. I was glad we skipped it though: our temperature right now is cold enough, with the windchill, to take it down to single digits. Next week will be soon enough!

Speaking of cold, I found this online and had to share it:

Minus 4 degrees


  1. You can understand why Snowbirds go south - fleeing -44°C!

  2. You will have a fun time next year and probably will stay two weeks! :)

  3. So we have many options. I don't think I'll ever be a snow bird. It's become very costly.

  4. Smiling at the car sign.
    I think I would be a reverse snow bird and try and escape the heat.
    I am glad that your family reunions are growing.

  5. Because of the toilet suggestion, I had trouble seeing anything else, and it took a bit to see the -4. :-)
    Your winter trips to Florida will be even more special now.

  6. Yay! More family to visit while in Florida.

  7. So you'll have more options for your Florida trips now!

  8. Shame you missed the get together. Next year for sure. They will now have the best of both worlds. My brother does it every year and loves it.
    Cracked up at the person on the toilet:))

  9. OMG! I laughed and laughed when I saw the person sitting on the toilet!! We've warmed up a little here. It's -2 degrees and supposed to hit 20 Monday and Tuesday! Then back down to single digits. The wind chill can make it too cold and be just too violent to be out walking. Be careful. I'm glad you ladies decided to have coffee instead. ;)

    You will now have more family to visit in Florida next year!! That's fantastic. They look so excited. :)

  10. Minus 4° THAT made my day D J. What a hoot.

    I love a calm ocean breeze (cold or warm) bit not the kind you have to hunker down to stay upright. A chat at the coffee shop sounds like more fun.

    I bet you'll be counting the days to next February/Florida

  11. I used to hang out around Sarasota and Bradenton, just south of Apollo Beach. Nice area.

  12. Funny joke. Love the photo, and what you say about Florida just warms my heart.

  13. Dear DJan, I'm glad you listened to your instincts about walking in such cold and windy weather and went for coffee instead!

    And thanks for sharing that photo. Because of this compromised vision that is part of my life now, I wasn't sure what I was looking at. But then things came into focus and I recognized minus 4 degrees! I laughed out loud. Thanks! Peace.


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