Saturday, October 6, 2018

Another glorious day

Summit of Church Mountain at 6,100 feet elevation
My friend Cathy sent me a bunch of pictures she took while we were on last Thursday's hike to Church Mountain. I never get her stuff until a day after I've posted on my blog, and this one is so spectacular of some of our group on the top I just had to share it. I wasn't among them, since I did this earlier in the year and didn't want to wear myself out like I did that day. I stopped a short distance from the top and didn't do the last push or the final climb.

Anyway, it seems like we are in the midst of Indian Summer, although it's cool and foggy in the mornings, we've had lovely weather for days now. This morning we ladies walked to Zuanich Park from town, not a long walk, around 4 miles round trip, but sure a nice one in the sunshine. I didn't take any pictures or I'd share them with you.

I just got my flu shot, which I decided to get right after our walk in case I had any adverse reactions to it. I take Sundays off from exercise, and by Monday I figure I'll be back to normal. I hope so, anyway. Linda, one of our regular walkers, is back from a three-week-long trip and had some updates about Peggy's husband Lyle. He is back in the county at a rehab facility, rather than being at the trauma center in Seattle. That's really good news.

It's been a month since he was run over by a garbage truck and has endured numerous surgeries and now seems to be on the mend. I so look forward to the day when I can see Peggy again, knowing that when she returns to her regular routine, it will mean it's as good as it is likely to get for their situation. I think of them both daily, sending good thoughts their way.


  1. That is a stunning view. It must feel amazing to reach that point.
    I continue to send good wishes to Lyle and Peggy.

  2. That is a spectacular photo. Glad you got to share it.

  3. What a summit!

    I hope your friend's husband continues to have a smooth recovery.

  4. That is a spectacular summit shot, but I like your take on it. Once you have been to the top once, why strain to do it again.
    My day was taken up with having an MRI, brunch in the city with Jake, exercises and a two mile walk. Here at home I'm getting ready to decorate for fall.
    Looks like we'll lose our sunshine for a couple of days. Indoor activities that keep me moving are a good thing.

  5. Yes, it's flu shot time again. Ours starts later in the month.

  6. Oh my gosh! I can't believe you went as high as that even if you stopped short of the summit. That is an awesome shot.
    A garbage truck? Yikes! I'm glad he's now mending.

  7. It is incredible to think someone could survive being run over like that. Peace and blessings to Peggy and her husband. You too, Jan.

  8. So glad Peggy's husband, Lyle, has made it to rehab. Another step closer to going home. :)

    Wonderful photo--glad you didn't push it. Enjoy your nice weather. :)

  9. Beautiful shot and marvelous news about Lyle. That poor guy has really had a rough go of it but things appear to be looking up. Peggy must be so relieved.

  10. Great pic! I had to 'save' it. I enlarge all your pics and some are just fantastic. Thanks for sharing this one.

  11. Beautiful Photo! My best to Peggy and Lyle.
    Hope your flu shot went okay...I felt rotten a temperature and ached all over for about 30 hours. It wasn't as bad as last year thank goodness.
    I wonder why you had a hard time commenting on my blog today??? :(

  12. Spectacular image...I'm glad you shared her shsring with you.

    And yes, it WAS hot on our heart walk. And humid. But, no rain!

  13. Dear DJan, thank you for the update on Lyle and Peggy. I keep them in my prayers. You, too, read Arkansas Patti's posting on her reaction to the flu shot. I never realized a reaction could be so severe.

    The weather here is rainy. Yesterday we broke the record for that date with 4 1/2 inches of rain. the same amount is predicted for tomorrow. The New York times today has an article about a renowned group of scientists who are saying that by 2040 there we be some catastrophic weather event. It's all so scary and I do not understand why some people still deny climate change and why our government isn't fully participating with the rest of the world in doing what we can to lessen the effects. It's a puzzlement. Peace.

  14. Oh, it's good to see that your friend's husband is doing better. Prayers for him and his family.


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