Thursday, October 18, 2018

A different kind of Thursday post

Twinkly lights on our trees
I captured these pretty blue lights on the trees in our downtown on my way to the coffee shop. Yes, I went there this morning since I still cannot hike long distances on my injured knee. Well, I can, but I sure couldn't do the one Al scheduled, with an elevation gain and loss of 4,400 feet over 11.6 miles. We did this in the past, and it wore me out, and that was in 2013, five years ago. Check out the description here. Around nineteen Trailblazers are attempting this today. From that link:
Excelsior Pass to Welcome Pass via High Divide Trail is ... a point-to-point trail located near Deming, Washington that features a river and is rated as difficult.
I would go along with that: it's difficult partly because Welcome Pass is hard to hike in either direction because it's so steep. In 67 switchbacks, it's impossible not to shred my knees going up OR down, even when they are in good shape. Nope, not for me today. Instead, I walked gently around Lake Padden and got some wonderful pictures of the fall colors, like here.
Lake Padden's fall show
I went back in my blog archive to see if I could find any pictures of the High Divide trail, and I found this one, which I still love because of the mist.
High Divide August 2009
What the group is doing is a car shuttle, with the majority doing the entire hike and going up Excelsior Pass, walking the five miles along the High Divide and then descending via Welcome Pass. A smaller group decided just to hike up Welcome and meet the others and when everyone is together, mosey back down to do the car shuttle.
High Divide October 2014
They are likely to see pictures like this one, because the weather is perfect for such an attempt, partly cloudy and cool, with lots of fall colors. Me, I was happy to see Lake Padden this morning and will visit the acupuncturist in an hour.
Calm and peaceful Lake Padden this morning
Once I get some pictures from this hike and a description of how it all went, I think on Saturday I'll fill you in on the adventure. I'm curious about it all, too. I love it when old people push themselves to the limit, as long as it all turns out okay. I suspect it will fine, because everyone knows what they are getting into. Right? What could possibly go wrong?


  1. It sounds like your friends had a good day to get out on the trail. Hopefully you're up to it again down the line.

  2. With that elevation gain and that distance, you are smart to opt out and instead enjoy a lovely walk around your lake. It's important that we know our limits.

  3. Such a demanding hike! Wise to avoid that one today, Jan. Give your knee a chance to heal.

  4. A very demanding hike. I am pretty certain it is beyond me.
    Loved the pictures from your gentler day - which would probably still challenge me.

  5. It's hard to take it easy on this knee but that's what you have to do.

  6. Give yourself and the acupuncture time to heal that knee. You still managed a nice walk and good company at the coffee shop. Loved the 2009 shot. Looks like you are above the clouds.

  7. Lake Padden and the acupuncturist sound like a much better choice for you right now. But I know you're glad you have been on that hike before...and so very many more to remember while you are resting your knee. ;)

  8. Love the picture with the mist... always reminds me of Merlin and the dragon's breath.

  9. I love that mist photo with the Fireweed...oh so pretty! I am glad you stayed off the hike this week sounds like a tough hike...good choice! I hope you knee is a bit better:)

  10. Well good luck. I love your photos, all very pretty.

  11. Just hope you"re not jinxing it and all is fine with some beautiful scenery as well.


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