Saturday, February 17, 2018

Swimming pool dreams

What I miss most about Florida
It's true that I miss my sister when I'm not with her, but I never feel that far away from her, thanks to being able to talk with her virtually via FaceTime, but I sure do miss this swimming pool at her Y. For six days I was able to swim in my very own lane and enjoy the gentle water and feel my arms get sore from the unaccustomed exercise of swimming laps. It was wonderful.

This morning I joined a small group of women at Lake Padden in a howling wind and cold temperatures, and everyone asked how my vacation in Florida was. It's complicated, but I enjoyed myself very much until it began to get so hot and humid that my mind began to think about home, thinking about the more normal temperatures and humidity that we have here. There's always something better somewhere else, I guess.

I went to my first yoga class in two weeks yesterday, and that was a real treat. Wow, I must learn to be grateful for whatever comes my way and learn to appreciate each day for its own special flavor.

Yesterday morning I felt like something flew into my eye and when I checked in a mirror, I had a subconjunctival hemorrhage. I don't know what caused it, but everything online says that it will clear up on its own, so not to worry unless there's a change my vision. So far, so good. Another one of life's little surprises.


  1. I wonder what caused it? They usually look worse than they are and will clear up after a week or so...welcome to a colorful you:)

  2. Hope you eye heals quickly. Aren’t we all creatures of habit. It is always so comforting to be home again.

  3. It is fun to visit friends and family and travel to new places, but it is also wonderful to return home to our favorite activities. I hope your eye feels better soon.

  4. Home is best! We like to go away but it's always good to get back home.

  5. Today's windstorm blew Jill and the Mountaineers Clas she was leading out of the mountains early. Meanwhile we rescued the kids after their power went out.
    Will there really be snow tomorrow? then an artic blast? We'll see.

  6. I did this to both my eyes during childbirth--LOL! Was an enthusiastic pusher--LOL! Whatever the cause it will clear up gradually. Makes you wonder what it was, though.

    I'd rather take the cold than the heat, so I would be glad to be back. ;)

  7. That swimming pool looks inviting. I haven't been in a pool in decades.

  8. Did you check with your doc to make sure it is just a wait and see event?
    Also, is there a Y in your area with an indoor pool? Often they have exercise classes or just free time for swimmers. My area is too small--darn it.

  9. You're a Sadge. You know what's happening with your eye, your body, all of it.

  10. Hope there is no health danger and it DOES clear up on its own!

    Yep, I completely see your point...good visiting...good to get back home...& expected to miss loved ones.

  11. Dear DJan, like you, I'm trying to live in the present and in Presence. To be grateful for whatever the day brings.

    Sorry about the eye concern, but so relieved that all shall be well. Peace.


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