Thursday, February 15, 2018

Raptor Ridge via Huckleberry

Richard, Frank, Richard, Sue, MaryLou, Kirk, Melanie, Peggy
Nine Senior Trailblazers met either at the Senior Center or drove to the trailhead to start one of our usual winter hikes: to Raptor Ridge. There are many ways to get there, and today we decided to take the Hemlock trail until it splits off to Huckleberry Point and beyond. The picture above was taken at the Point, since there was no view looking out the other direction.
Geezers in the mist
I am still not completely recovered from whatever I have been suffering from, so when I stopped to cough, Frank offered me some of his cough drops. I had never heard of them, but they do work great. He shared his Fisherman's Friend lozenges with me, and even gave me half of his supply. While we were stopped, I looked up to see the others waiting for us in the fog. At this point we were free of snow, but that was not to last.
First signs of snow
We encountered fresh snow on the way up to the turnoff to Huckleberry Point, but I thought it would be intermittent. But no, from this point on we had snow underfoot, and in some places overhead, as the fresh snow fell in clumps from the trees to fall on us and work its way down the back of our necks.
Raptor Ridge viewpoint
This is the place where we have spent many a day basking in the sun, but today we had to take turns to come over and look at it. Those footsteps in the snow were made by some more adventurous hikers than we are. Usually at this point there is a strong wind, but today it was calm. A nice change, but there was no place here for us to stop for lunch.
You can see the fresh snow on the trees behind Peggy. We had a discussion at this point about whether to find a spot out of the snow to have lunch, or just turn around and start back down the trail. We decided to make a loop out of it, but by the time we got to a point where we could make it longer, the majority of us decided to skip having lunch and just head back down to the cars.
Indian plum beginning to bloom
Peggy pointed out the first blossoms on the Indian plum bushes on our way back down, which seems early to me, but I guess not. We saw both lots of snow and the first signs of spring today. We climbed up and down around 1,800 feet of elevation (550 meters) and eight miles before we climbed into our cars and headed home. It was a good day, and I managed to get rid of much of my chest congestion through exertion, as well as a little help from my friend.


  1. How interesting ... lots of snow and first signs of spring!

  2. Glad you were able to make the hike... and that between the Fisherman's friend and the exercise, you got rid of some congestion. Stay well!

  3. First sign of spring! Yay! Welcome back home!

  4. With the dampness in the air, it is cold! I'm sure you needed your layers today. I'm glad you got a good hike in. I know you missed doing it last week.

  5. You're a feisty bunch to slog through the snow. It can be a challenge.

  6. You're obviously safely home and back to hiking!

  7. Snow and spring all in one hike! I am glad you went. I hope you get rid of your cough soon, mine seemed to linger and I am just rid of it the past two days, so that make a month for me coughing. I thought it would never end:(

  8. Welcome home! It must be rather weird to go from such warm, shorts weather to cold or freezing again. I love the mist.

  9. Cracked up at "Geezers in the mist." Know you are glad to be back in your element--just wish that cough would leave you alone. I hear it lasts a long time and glad you now have a helper in Fisherman's friend. Think I will go check that link. Thanks.

  10. I have tried Fisherman's Friend cough drops and they are really strong! Whew! Too bad the cough is still with you. Maybe you'll be lucky and it won't hang around for weeks and weeks. I hope so. :)

  11. Home again, home again, clipetty clop.
    I've eaten Fisherman" Friend cough drops since I was small, my dad used to keep them in his car console, and they also come in a liquorice flavor, which is not quite as strong.
    Looks like a grand hike, beautiful pictures.

  12. Eight miles in snowy seniors are courageous & tough!

  13. That one spot looks a little slippery and a long way down. Well at least f me and my vertigo...

  14. Wow, what a difference in scenery. Florida vs. Washington.


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