Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Going home today

Norma Jean and I with flamingos
Well, this trip has gone quite quickly, and today I'll head back to my home, which is fifty degrees colder than it is here. It sure would be nice to have something between freezing and sweltering, but I don't get to choose. Yesterday we spent the day at Busch Gardens (picture above taken by Peter) and it was quite humid and overcast, not too bad. Today we are close to setting a heat record for the day, but when I first arrived last week the temperature was close to perfect.
Part of the track for the Cheetah Hunt
It had been a long time since I rode a roller coaster; I think they have stepped up the fear factor by a factor of ten. Peter told me this ride is one of the more "tame" ones in the park, and there were people of all ages getting on, from tweens to seniors, so I figured I'd be okay. I screamed the entire time! Norma Jean is smart enough not to ride these things, and I could hardly walk when the more-than-three-minute ride was finished.
Riders dangling before the plunge on Shiekra
Apparently this ride is the scariest in the park, according to Peter, who has ridden them all many times. He told me that, considering my response to the Cheetah ride, I probably should skip this one. I didn't have to be convinced, after watching for awhile.
Falcon's Fury is the tube on the right
After a very enjoyable ice show, I decided I had to try one more ride. This one takes the riders (visible almost halfway up) up to the top and then changes your orientation from sitting to being face down, hanging there for a short while and then falling like a rocket toward the ground. Amazingly, this ride, while scary, didn't affect me like the other. It had some similarities to freefall, so maybe that's one reason why. I would ride this one again in a minute.
Heading up Falcon's Fury
The amazing part of this ride, for me, is how fast you get going when you are released at the top and how soft the stopping part is. The rider feels your feet flipping out in front of you at the end, and gosh it stopped so easily.

We also saw the show called "Opening Night Critters," with lots of birds, dogs, cats, pigs, a small pony, and all of them performing perfectly. These are mostly rescue animals who have learned their parts to amusing effect. Then it was time to go home, after a brief rain shower. I enjoyed it very much and am very glad I let them talk me into going.


  1. You are very brave going on any ride.

  2. We always enjoyed Busch Gardens with our daughter. I don’t know if I would do that free fall ride though. You are brave!

  3. I hope I never stop enjoying a roller coaster. The bigger the better. But I also realize that now-a-days the jerking and yanking are a little harder to take.

  4. I have never liked roller coasters, you are braver than me! The animal show sounds like it would be fun. I hope you have a safe travel day:) Norma jean looks so thin:(

  5. I've ridden them when I was younger and been OK. Not anymore. I'm so glad you've had such a great time. I wish you and your sister didn't have to live on opposite coasts.

  6. You two are definitely sisters. Loved roller coasters when young. Pretty sure I could out scream you now. Can see why you liked that face down dive though considering your history.
    It's true, time flies when you are having fun--though at our age it does even if we aren't. February is half over??? Sheesh.
    Have a safe and uneventful trip home.

  7. I also loved roller coasters when I was young... but not anymore... too jerky for these old bones. But I do remember the feeling! We went to Busch gardens back when we lived in Florida. My oldest now (49) was in a stroller then. I'm sure things have changed a lot. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. You are so very brave - I couldn't have done either! Have a safe trip home!!

  9. Oh it sounds like you had so much fun. I still like the rides in amusement parks. Three years ago, Jim & I did almost all the rides at Disneyland. We had so much fun. I don’t think I’d do that scary one. Correction. I know I would not do that one. I don’t mind the ups and downs in rides. I like that. I just can’t do the spinning ones. Vertigo would do me in.

    Be safe on your journey home. I’m glad your trip ended so well.

  10. I rode my last thrill ride a long time ago, When no one else would go with Jill, and I went, even with a roaring head ache. then I was done.
    I'm glad you had fun!
    Looks like we might have a bit of rain Wednesday, but your Thursday hike should be OK. Welcome back!

  11. I think you must have some deep adventurous gene in you! Glad you survived the rides though.

  12. You've had great fun but it's always good to be back home.

  13. Totally awesome! Have a wonderful journey home.

  14. After going on the rides at Disneyland, I'll pass.

    Sounds like you had terrific times. Sisters are the best!!

  15. I loved the animal show there. And yes, Cheetah Run was not quite tame! I love coasters, but do wish they weren't quite so insane. Did you go into the bird enclosure where you can hold and feed the parrots? That was my favorite. Happy valentine's Day! Have a safe trip home.

  16. Not one for rides. You are brave!
    I hope you had a nice trip home with no issues. :)
    Oh, and I hope you are feeling better.

  17. When in my few years I left high school to teach in Middle School. We had a reward day and to show my good sportsmanship I always went on the scariest rides with the kids. Secretly I usual closed my eyes during the scary parts and never screamed once...:)

  18. I don't like rides, not even ferris wheels.


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