Thursday, January 25, 2018

Trailblazers go rogue

Peggy, Mike, Heather, Kirk, Chris, Sue, Linda, Ward
We had no leader again today, and nobody was exactly thrilled about driving more than a half hour to walk in the rain at Deception Pass, which was what was on the schedule. I had in mind that I'd join the second group today, but then heard from Chris that maybe our group would decide to hike somewhere closer to home. I headed down to the Senior Center to see who showed up, and here are the culprits, plus me behind the camera.

We decided to drive the much shorter distance to the Chanterelle trail near Lake Whatcom, since we didn't have a sign-in sheet, and it was pretty much up to us what we would do. Rain was in the forecast for either location, and this hike can be shortened or lengthened depending on how we felt.
Moss and ferns growing right out of the tree
We do live in a very wet part of the country, and these scenes of licorice ferns and moss-covered trees have become a familiar sight to me, but I am still not so accustomed to it that I don't still love to see and share these scenes with you.
Snow on hills, Lake Whatcom behind the tree
The Chanterelle trail leads to this viewpoint, and I tried to capture both the fresh snow on the opposite hillside and the lake below us. We climbed to this point and decided, since it wasn't raining yet but snowing lightly, that we'd continue on for awhile until we were ready to turn around.
First snow on the trees
As we climbed, the snow continued to fall, a distinct improvement on rain. It's funny how much less daunting a few snowflakes are than a similar amount of precipitation in the form of rain. By the time we reached the power line section of the trail, the ferns were covered with snow.
Ward and Linda in front of white ferns
Moisture in the air makes these power lines sing. We were treated to loud buzzing and humming as we crossed under them, almost sounding like a roaring waterfall. Sometimes they are quiet, but not today.
This was our turnaround point
By the time we had climbed into the open areas, the wind was strong and the snow kept falling. We decided to turn around, giving us somewhere between 6.5 and 7 miles of hiking by the time we reached our cars. We stopped for a quick lunch at the viewpoint, but as usual when we stop, we began to get chilled so we hurried on back down the 2.5 miles of the Chanterelle trail.
Heading back down
We were back to the Senior Center not long after 1:00pm, making a short day for us, and by this time the rain was light but steady, with no sign of snow in the lower elevations. I'm very glad I went; the day was enjoyable and the company, as usual, was perfect.


  1. I never tire of your photos and adventures, Jan. The snow on the ferns is spectacular!

  2. Yes, snow is much more fun than rain. It is possible that we might get a bit of snow here on our hill in the morning, but I don't expect much more that "slushing".
    The moss and fern covered trees still attract me too.

  3. I never tire either. I kinda admit I do a little 'vicarious living thru' with you on these posts...

  4. I really like to hear you say , "I'm glad I went." We have to keep challenging ourselves to get out.

  5. I'm not used to those ferns and all tnat moss yet! They just seem amazing to me. The ferns look great with the snow on them.

  6. The ferns look wonderful with snow on them! What a delightful hike! I enjoy seeing all your moss and ferns:)

  7. Love that nature textured tree and the snow covered ferns especially. What a day! :)

  8. I have never heard our power lines sing, ever. Lol.

  9. I bet those ferns are gorgeous year 'round!

  10. I bet those ferns are gorgeous year 'round!

  11. Oh how nice that nature decorated everything for you. Snow is such a great addition to any landscape and was just enough to be pretty, not a challenge.

  12. Good for you for continuing your walk. The snow was a bonus as far as scenic views go.

  13. I actually love hiking in cold weather. Glad your group got out and enjoyed the beauty of nature.

  14. Enjoy the photos . . . you have a good eye with the camera.

  15. Snow does make things look pretty. If only it weren't also so cold. Art just said your photos are beautiful!


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